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Quentin Adams has been in love with his best friend for years. And although their happily ever after happens only in his dreams, he’s not one to give up. For so long, he had been willing to do anything to make his dreams come true and never had he even thought about anyone else.

But everyone has a breaking point. And unfortunately, after seeing the love of his life with someone else, he’s beginning to lose hope. Now, after years of waiting for impossible, he’s ready to move on. Find someone else. Be happy. But while trying to do that, he starts to realize that it’s harder than it sounds.

Later he finds himself trapped in a situation with an unexcepted stranger who might as well be what he never knew he needed. It’s now up to Quentin himself if he’s ready to take a risk and get his heart broken again.

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When you look at me, what would you see? Probably a girl with the black hoodie over her head along with her black skull candy earbuds in. This girl would hardly show her face; she would rather sink into the bottom of the ocean than let anybody into her life.

I am that girl.

Willingly, at most, I would show my hands; however, once you get to the start of my wrists you see nothing. I hide from the world; after everything that has happened, I prefer to stay under the hoodie and rest with the influence of music. It makes me forget the pain I have caused everyone. It makes me forget what happened last summer.

When I caused everyone pain and I felt none. Scars roam over my body, mentally and physically. Day by day I fight an inner battle; I wonder if I did the right thing, pushing myself to my limits. I want to disappear.

This isn’t living. This is unliving.



A supernatural, dark, science-fiction which follows the trauma-filled livelihood of an escape experiment from his intergalactic handlers.


Reached highest rank #1 in Teen Fiction on the Hebrew site

How far are you willing to go for a game?

Dare Me

For a long time Allie feels afraid going after what she wants, saying what she thinks and standing for what she believes in.

She’s the girl behind the scenes, the one no one notices (especially not Keith, her one and only crush.)

But all that changes overnight, when Allie gets involved in a dangerous game of challenges that will make her fall all the way down, literally.

And when her path crosses Keith’s again and again during the game, it won’t take her so long to realize she is not the only one who carries a dark secret in her heart.

"That's what they do. They get every piece of information about you;
They know what you're afraid of, what you're hiding,
and what you're dreaming about. 
They try to pull you away from your safe zone, to challenge you. 

And they chose you for a reason."

A story full of suspense, action and romance.
This story is complete and being translated from Hebrew, my native language.

Open to Read for Read with feedback if you are willing to do the same, just PM to let me know :heart:




Stella Sharp has just moved to Clyde Hill from Spokane to escape her horrible past and start off new. She’s an incredibly perceptive girl with a passion for painting. She hasn’t had friends in almost 3 years and doesn’t plan on making any. It’s evident that she’s not a typical teenager. She is broken but strong.

Asher Scott, on the other hand, is a typical high school bad boy. He throws amazing parties, is arrogant as hell and is a player always surrounded by girls. He also holds a past that has shaped how he lives his life now. He’s hiding an amazing talent and lives for annoying the hell out of Stella.

“You’re an arrogant jerk, Scott” she yells.
“You’re a bitch, Sharp” he growls.

Secrets are revealed, past comes back to haunt, friendships are formed and broken, but the drama is never missing as Stella goes on with her life trying to live normally.

Read to find out how two totally different yet weirdly similar people find each other and try to break free from the mess that’s their life.




Book: Roomates
Summary: After flunking out her freshman year in college, Abigail James is forced to move in with her brother, Spencer, and his best friend Jace. What happens when old feelings threaten to resurface?'s-note


Title: First to Know
Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance/LGBT+
Author @My-Sweet-Darling101

Rowan is close to being sent away. He’s a delinquent who just faced a trial for almost murdering a mugger. He’s proven innocent on the grounds of self defense, but he must attend therapy and anger management sessions. In his mind he knows things like that are still found upon so he tries to stay hidden as much as possible. Things aren’t so simple when people start to figure out just who he was protecting and why; when its shown that Rowan feels more than he should toward his best friend.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


I originally wrote the short for a Creative Writing class and I’m thinking about adding to it. I’d love for someone’s thoughts. :slight_smile:


Title: Overtime
Genre: Teen Fiction, Action, Drama, Romance, Adventure
Status: Complete

For more than half their lives, five boys and one girl have been excluded from the rest of society, only known as the members Project Overtime. In a desire to experiment, The Professor took in orphan children and equipped them with technological replacements for various limbs and organs, hoping to perfect what could be the peak of the human species for fighting crime.

Having been perfected for thirteen years, the final stage of their experiment has arrived: their implementation. If the six are able to merge with normal human life, all while demonstrating how successful and operational their abilities are, their experiment will be deemed a success and thus will make The Professor millions.

What better way to test the exposure to normal life than by being throw into the most criminally charged high school in the district: the ultimate test of their loyalty and capability.

Merging with the outside world has proven to be difficult after years of captivity, but The Overtimers refuse to let the mission of their lives be deemed a failure. After all, they’re always working overtime if they’ve never been off the clock.


“What time is it?” Raymond asked, rubbing the sleep out of both of his eyes before sliding his hands through his frazzled hair.

“7am.” The Professor chimed back, oddly cheery despite his tone the day previous. “Students should start arriving for school within the next hour.” He paused his carting of boxes to smile at the group, sending a shiver of anxiety down Raymond’s spine. “Which is why, as soon as I get all of these boxes in, we’ll begin training.”

Just as he turned his back to the group, all their shoulders fell. Much to their expected horror, life had gone back to normal. They were no longer on their mission, they were no longer to be treated as average high school students, they had defaulted back to experiments — to lab rats, his tokens.

Slamming another box against the ground, watching his pupils jump at the noise, The Professor’s gaze fixated bitterly on their resting bodies. “Everyone up. Into your line.”

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Story: Fast Times
Author: Me, @authorjessrach
Genre: Teen Fiction, Romance, New Adult
Status: In progress - updated on Fridays
Description: Elijah Summers and Danielle Erickson have been best friends since a twist of fate paired them together as exchange student partners as teenagers. But when romantic feelings got involved and boundaries were crossed, their friendship was put to the test. Now in college, the two must find a way to navigate through life together and determine if a relationship, let alone friendship, is even possible for them anymore.


Story: Strangely Perfect
Author: @FamousGiraffe (me)
Genre: Teen Fiction, Romance
Status: Ongoing
Description: It wasn’t love at first sight, nor did I consider him as someone to love. Just a friend of a friend. We saw and and encountered each other on a daily basis yet never gave the other a second thought.

Until the summer before senior year.

I was with my two best friends when it happened…

“It’s such a strange combination…” I pondered.

“But it goes well together,” he added on.

I nodded in agreement. “It’s like, it’s…” I paused in search of the right words.

“Strangely perfect.” We said in unison.


Sydney Johnson is your average high school senior if you ignore the fact that she isn’t.

Her life revolves around track and her two best friends, Sam and Nick. Sydney is determined to have the time of her life before moving to California to attend her dream school, UCLA.

Her life is flipped upside down when not one, but two new guys move to her school. They are determined to give Sydney a senior year that will go down in history.

Nothing and no one is ever it seems in this tale about a seventeen-year-old girl who discovers the true meaning of friendship, love and forgiveness

1-2 chapters a week!


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Title: Guys Like Him
Author: @Mazebow
Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance

After a near-death experience, Emmy runs away from her hometown and escapes to an elite private school near London where she meets Matt - a guy who pushes her away yet can’t seem to leave her alone. Despite his arrogant attitude, Emmy feels things for Matt she’s never felt before, but he has his reasons for keeping her at a distance. Reasons that will badly affect Emmy’s future if she chooses to stay. Will Emmy discover Matt’s secrets before she falls too hard? And will she be able to stay safe from the revenge of her enemies by hiding inside the walls of the boarding school? Unpredictable, full of drama, suspense and compelling romance, this story will have you in knots!



Your book seems so relatable, lol. I wanna read it.




Tutoring the President’s son
Nicki O’Hara has always been a smart girl, her mother is one of the most brilliant scientists in the world and her father owns a multi millionaire warfare industry so you can see where she gets her genes. Nicki is your average teenager, but when she has to become the President’s son’s tutor will things change?

Blake Reed is a womanizer with a charm, his face is always in the media. Duh, being the presidents son you need to right? Well even though his looks are an A+ his grades aren’t. With sleeping around, being the most popular guy in the USA and having to put up with the media all the time will Blake actually listen to his parents and take his grades seriously? Is Blake really who everyone thinks he is?

Can Nicki survive this new tutor job full of drama, scandals, sex, and one egotistical,annoying majorly attractive Blake Reed?
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Hotel Raven
The seniors at North-Haven High school, for their school trip they got more than they bargained for.

A haunted Hotel, class of 30, 4 teachers and 5 days at Hotel Raven.

Rhea Alastair and the ones around her, expected a little drama. For instance Adrian Knight falling down a flight stairs (In Rhea’s dreams) but what they got, no one was ready for.

“Great, we’re officially living one of those horror stories big sisters tell to scare their siblings” -Rhea 2k16
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Hi there! Feel free to check out my story- and if you do, thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed it! :blush:

Username: @r3latableth0ughts
Title: Undercover Love

Here’s the cover :heart:

and the description:
Agent Hale, undercover agent, has been working with the force since she was 18, with the passion to live up to her father’s expectations.
And the moment comes when fate comes knocking on her door: University.
Paired with a criminal, stony-faced Isabella Hale is forced to cope with Alex Harrison, who always has a smile on his face to hide the sadness behind it.
The two put their differences aside for the case, and after spending time together, they realize they’re both broken.
And maybe, they can fix each other.



Title: The Universe In Her by Nathalia Bracamonte (Carabelliza)
Summary: Gabrielle Sanchez has this charm that attracts people around her, known for her positive vibe as she always sees the good in everyone. Despite the goodness in her, not everyone knows that she is keeping a tragic past. It has always been hard for her because she doesn’t remember anything at all but the feeling always stayed inside her.

Ethan Jackson loves to draw, he can see things that other people can’t and he can turn it into something beautiful. His demeanor is mysterious and somewhat eccentric which adds up to the reason why people admire him but the thing is, nobody knows who he truly is.

“The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are. The second greatest is being happy with what you find.” -Auliq Ice

What if they find out who they truly are? Will they find happiness with what they will discover? Will they be able to accept the truth that they will uncover?