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Hi everyone! I’ve really enjoyed writing my story and love sharing it with people. Every read means a lot to me and every vote means the world. I’m finishing up my fourth chapter to publish tomorrow. When I write, it’s mostly putting my day dreams into words. I’m currently writing a teen fiction/romance book called “Opposites Attract” and it’s been super fun. I’m actually enjoying myself as I’m writing.

In short, this book is about a quiet girl who goes to an all girls boarding school. It’s her senior year and all she is worried about is her grades, college applications and her equestrian team. She relies on her two best friends, her horse, and watching Friends to keep her sanity during this crazy time. When she thinks she has everything figured out, a new difficult roommate gets thrown into the picture. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Author: @DillonIsMine
Genre: Teen Fiction / Romance
Updates: Every Thursday
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It’s the year 2153.

The world has fallen into a state of monarchy. Every country has a king and queen. And every king and queen wants to increase their ties.

Diana Greene, Princess of England, is engaged to the man of her nightmares in order to increase ties with the Americans. Diana’s whole life had always been controlled by her parents and by her title. That was, until she met Ryder Underwoods.

Ryder Underwoods hates the Royals. They placed Ryder on the death row for a crime he did not commit, leaving him with only a month to live. His own people fear him. He had no hope for changing his fate. Until he met Diana.

Together Diana and Ryder, set course on an unexpected quest, uncovering frightening secrets of the past. The more they learn, the greater the uncertainty for a bright future become and the higher the stakes reach.

Status: ON GOING
Genre: Teen Fiction/Mystery
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Emily is on the Autism Spectrum, and she’s very bright academically (skipped the 8th Grade) but lagging a bit socially/emotionally.

Her parents are divorced. Her Dad is remarried and bought a new house in suburban New Jersey. She lives with her Mom in Brooklyn and attends an all-girl private Catholic School.

Up until ten months ago, her older brother lived with them, but then petitioned the court to live with their Dad.

Emily goes to visit her Dad’s house for the first time in over a year and everything in her world starts to change…



Rasul. The boy with the lip piercing, the dark eyes, and the swimmer’s arms. The boy with all the secrets. Mist has been watching him for a while now, noting each time she sees his wheelchair waiting outside of a classroom, and becoming more infatuated with his intricacies with each passing month.

She hasn’t spoken to him once, but that’s about to change.

After the summer of 2208 C.E., Mist is going back to school again… and Social Sciences and the Art of Persuasion isn’t just one of her new classes. For Mist, it’s a matter of capturing Rasul’s heart for once and for all before he runs.

This is one shot she can’t miss.

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Olivia is a homeless teen that is doing the best she can to take care of herself. She has managed to survive and even surround herself with some really great friends but what she can’t control is fate. Fate led her to Ethan Grant, a ruthless crime boss who’s very presence put her in harm’s way. He gets her off the streets but what are his true intentions? Will he truly protect her or does he have other plans?



The thought of him going to the other room and leaving me, literally made my body ache, didn’t he know how much I needed him?

I wasn’t going down without a fight.

Slipping my t-shirt off of my shoulder, I gave him my best pouty face and pleaded with him, “You wouldn’t leave me all alone in this big, cold bed would you?”

He shot me a look that I can only describe as a warning, “Fight fair Sky, I am only human!”

Sky’s home life was a little piece of hell on earth. She often had to fight past the pain, but she always found a way to become stronger. When Jake came into her life, everything changed. She knew from the start that theirs would not be a fairytale romance. They came from two very different worlds but would Jake find a way to make her part of his?



Ethereal Temptation

After knocking over a fellow classmate in the hall, high-schooler James Cater notices something unique about the young girl’s eyes: they’re stunningly, yet inhumanly white. Though normally impossible, James is positive he knows why. Helped by the acutely intelligent Eleon, the Goddess of Time herself, the two begin setting things in motion to help this unknown girl from fatal consequences.

Physics and metaphysics, morals and responsibilities, love and hate, all collide in ‘Ethereal Temptation’ as relationships - and lives - are put on the line.

Tags: young-adult, relationships, mystery, goddess, goodgirl, male-protagonist

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Vengeful Hearts

A Short Novella about love, hate, and the twists and turns that follow after an innocent night of reckless choices. Emery is beautiful, adored by all and completely naive that all actions, no matter how unintentional they may be, have consequences.

What will happen when she crosses paths with someone who finally decides to hold her accountable? Someone who’s sick and tired of being the victim? And someone who will do whatever it takes to make sure that this time, they come out ahead?

Dive into Vengeful Hearts to find out!



There are some things people never let go of, and for Luke Armstrong, he could never let go of his feelings for Chloe Claire.

My Obsession with Chloe Claire is a cheesy teen fiction that is sure to leave you cringing, laughing, and relating to its two main characters: Luke Armstrong and Chloe Claire. It contains a healthy romance, unrequited love, true friendship, and not to judge a book by its cover. It is a classic curvy girl meets popular guy with an unexpected twist.



Based on the album “Collide with the Sky” by Pierce the Veil, a group of young adults connected by pain and loneliness trying to navigate life together. Some come to the rescue while others are pushed away. In the end they all have their scars.

In more detail: This story is mostly about highschoolers and college students who are all connected by one person and are dealing with things like drugs, alcohol, depression, suicide, and sickness.


Good morning! My Short Story is a prequel to a novel I’ve written, which is on sale now. The Finding of the Ice Princess is a YA Contemporary Fantasy set in an isolated Alaskan Town.

Be careful what you wish for.

Ophelia’s had a wicked crush on Martin since they were kids, but she was always just his geeky little friend. Then, on the first day of her junior year, he’s suddenly and wildly attracted to her. She can’t imagine what’s changed. Nevertheless, she thrills at shocking her small school’s social order.

At first.

Ophelia meets Adrian right after and true love extinguishes the wicked crush. In secret, he inspires her courage against a specter threat.

Tristan Li is pale and hungry and draws Martin’s immediate ire. He knows things about Ophelia which she assumes are delusions brought on by an aggravated illness like her own, diabetes.

Ophelia has no idea she is ground zero in a turf war between Tristan’s ancient race and Martin’s new blood. However, she is beginning to realize her own exceptional senses are not exactly human.


The Disease Called Men

Who needs boys? Certainly not Aldenbury Girls Grammar School!

Just when everything began to finally fall into place, it falls apart - at least, for student council president Cerise. Cerise will do everything in her power to prevent Aldenbury from becoming co-ed. That includes bribery, coercion and maybe even the use of blackmail (which she may or may not have orchestrated the events herself). Along with her loyal, albeit reluctant group of friends, she has one goal in her mind:

Eliminate this disease called men.

updates: Thursdays/every 3/4 days

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Title: It’s That Biker Chick
Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance/Humor
Author: @truthfulmistakes

Florence Elizabeth MacIntyre is the daughter of James MacIntyre - CEO of MacIntyre Inc. which is the largest and most famous architectural firm in the world. It’s known for its exquisite, intricate designs especially when all of its clients are either celebrities, wealthy people or very powerful political figures. It’s clear that she comes from an extremely wealthy family and has a pretty exquisite lifestyle. Even her name sounds fancy.

However, despite being raised in a posh home life, Florence, or Flo, as she would like everyone to call her, is a delinquent. She breaks rules, she pulls pranks and she makes insensitive jokes at the most inappropriate times. And to add the cherry on top, she’s been expelled twice within the same year for skipping classes, failing all of her tests and causing excessive damage to school property. Her relatives think she’s a disgrace, girls think she’s a bitch and boys think she’s just some badass biker chick.

Flo wasn’t always like this though. Now the question is, why? Why act this way when you have everything and anything anyone could ever wish for? Leo Archer soon found himself wondering this exact thought after having an encounter with the biker chick herself. He should be offended by the rude comments she’s made but behind that anger, lies pure intrigue for her story.


link:’s-that-biker-chick 1

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Book: Strangely Perfect.
Author: @FamousGiraffe
Genre: Teen fiction, Romance.
It wasn’t love at first sight, nor did I consider him as someone to love. Just a friend of a friend. We saw and encountered each other on a daily basis yet never gave the other a second thought.

Until the summer before senior year.

I was with my two best friends when it all happened…


“It’s such a strange combination…” I pondered.

“But it goes well together,” he added on.

I nodded in agreement. “It’s like, it’s…” I paused in search of the right words.

“Strangely perfect.” We both said in unison.


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on the other side.

fate was always there.
no matter how much you hated it.
it was a force powerful than anyone could know. fate led our lives, it brought us together.
fate painted shapes on our wrists, pairing us with someone in the world. fate, no matter how much you tried to resist it, was always there.

every 1,000 years, there would be a crack in the system. things would alter slightly, and fate, would bring a thousand people out of billions staring into the eyes of their soulmates.

it could happen to anyone.
anyone like kemala and zara, that is.

this is the story of a girl who is drowning in her own culture and another, who is too afraid of love to admit to it.


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The 21st of December the world’s gonna come to an end. According the ancient Mayan prophecy. This phrase echoes in the head of delusional, 17 year old boy, named West. Due to a traumatic event in his past, he carries disdain for human interactions, leading to his complete alienation. With the end approaching, he sees no point in finding friends, nor dreams, contrary to his mothers plies. Aimlessly roaming through life with no purpose, loneliness and boredom sip within and the wish for end grows stronger. With nothing to do he decides to write a diary, his last testament, the proof of his existence. With three months to go he decides to spend the remainder of his life, as uneventful as possible. Little does he know that life doesn’t go as planned and little by little things change…people enter his life and he starts to fear that maybe he might need them by his side, when all comes crashing down.