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Title: S.I.N
Author: @Mystical2002

Life is an endless cycle.

Birth. Growth. Death.

That’s what every human on earth has to look forward to.

Yet somehow along the way we still end up falling in love.


Love is non-existent and useless all it brings is heartache and hurt.

If you love to hard you end up broken and if you don’t love at all you end up alone.

I guess us humans can’t help falling for the trick of love.

It’s a poison that is so sweet yet sour and kills you silently with no cure to help you in the end.

My name is Samaria Indigo Nate AKA S.I.N and I don’t believe in love and never will.

Or so I thought…

S.I.N may have some abusive content, violence, suicidal acts and strong language that may be triggering to some readers so please take notice of this before reading.



Emma’s life was normal and peaceful. All that changed for the her when some nude photos of a girl that look similar to her was sent around her whole High School.


Hey guys, I made a new story called “New Beginnings”

Just incase the cover doesn’t pop up, here’s the blurb:

“I woke up one day and felt different. I realized something. That maybe, I should stop overreacting over the little things, and start looking at the bigger picture.”

  • Jasmine :heart:

Society can make us want to be somebody we’re not.

That was the problem with Jasmine Farahani, an Iranian girl growing up in San Fransisco, California.

As Jasmine grows up, she struggles with learning to accept her image, and deals with a variety of problems in her life as she goes through elementary, middle, and high school.

:heart: :heart: :heart:


Check it out if you have time, comments appreciated


The new world that Christina has to cope with isn’t a typical one, the one everyone would expect to change her in another version of herself; a version that would allow her to fit in her surroundings. Christina’s strong nature is one that stands out, molded over a war between her feelings for the new hearbreaker in her life and her mind. This uncommon character won’t fight for her place in the new school, but will try her best to change others in her unique ways. If she will succeed through her ways, that remains to be seen…


hi do u have a link to ur story?



Nicole Watson finds herself an obedient soldier on one side of a war of pranks. Frankly, she’s tired of
being marginalized and overlooked and treated as an extension of someone else’ arms. She begins
to question the war and why she and everyone else are following the leaders in a battle they
don’t even know the reason for. Nicole decides she doesn’t want to be a background character
in her own life anymore, she wants to take over the story.
But when things go sideways and the school begins to resemble a prison, the armies begin to
fall apart. Does Nicole have the strength to take matters into her own hands and become the
hero in her own story?



Savannah is your typical quiet girl. She doesn’t enjoy confrontation and she was always in the shadow of her greatest rival. Well that is after the departure of her closest friends. Before she was very outspoken and didn’t dare let anyone or anything get to her.

Carson is your popular, hot boy. Everyone loved him. Girls wanted to date him and guys wanted to be him. That also included his twin brother, Cole. If you weren’t one of them then you weren’t important.

Their departure was the hardest thing for Savannah to deal with, but what happens when they finally make their return? Will this be a happy return or will things get complicated? More than they already were.

Get ready to be enticed by this weird, yet sweetest journey to love.

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