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The Complications Of Love

LOVE : A four letter word with infinite meanings.

Love is your brightest smiles, the shine in your eyes, the warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach. It’s the high of a drug, the relief of ice cold water on a hot day, the satisfaction of New York’s famous cheesecakes. It’s the thrill of a football match, the confidence of Jimmy Choo high heels, the uniqueness of a Harry Winston diamond.

Love is all things wonderful.

But it is also the reason behind your loudest cries, the tears in your eyes, the constant sob stuck in the back of your throat. Love is also heartbreak, love is sleepless nights. The reason to keep you from moving forward, by haunting you from the memories of the moments gone by.

It’s easy, it’s difficult, it’s high, it’s low, it’s hot, it’s cold, it’s fun, it’s thrilling, it’s satisfactory, but it’ll also keep you hanging.

Love is complicated.

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(Completed) [Finalist, Tassy Walden Award, Young Adult Novel, 2018]

Wilhelmina of the Netherlands has had enough-attacks from clockwerks of destruction are on the rise, the Council and Regent treat her like a child, and her maid is incompetent at best. What’s a young Queen to do?

'Tis no accident that Bakianto of Java has made his way to the Netherlands. A set-adrift lad such as himself can miss no opportunity, and what better opportunity than an apprenticeship in werks? Especially if it allows him to settle a grudge with the father who abandoned him.

With her sovereignty on the line, Mina must choose an alliance with Germany or Britain. With a possibility of a new future at his fingertips, Kian must decide whether to abandon his quest for revenge. When Mina and Kian cross paths, everything changes.

Working together, their skills could save the whole of the Netherlands-- if they’re not first beset by vile werks and killed in the process.

My cover was made by the talented @MelodyBerlin-- she’s fantastic.
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Going into senior year is going to be the best. At least that is what Natasha thought as she made her way into the new year with her perfect boyfriend, Jake, perfect elite boarding school, amazing friends, and overall the perfect life. Although the year starts off this way, things aren’t always what they seem.

Natasha finds out her parents are getting a divorce, her boyfriend cheats on her but now wants her back. Lastly, her friends start backing away when she needs them the most.

Then comes Colton, here to save the day and be the friend that her so called “friends” were supposed to be. For she has known him for three years now, but things start to heat up as they get closer. Colton has always looked out for Natasha. They weren’t the best of friends, but he always cared for her.

Now, Natasha needs to get her life back on track with everything falling apart around her. Not only that, but she needs to figure out if she wants to give things another try with Jake or if she wants to explore what she has with Colton.

Find out what happens in The Distance Between Me and You…

Updates Every Other Day!

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For the first time in years, Travis felt peace. He felt alive. The moment his eyes fell on her innocent smile, he fell in love. She was his first love and it was his little secret. She was perfect and everything he was not. But little did he know, behind that beautiful smile was a girl who was fighting her own battle. She was broken by her family, declared an outcast who brought nothing but shame.

They had their own rules that were about to be broken. Their lives were about to be changed and a new storm was about to enter their lives. Walls were about to crumble and their emotions were about to waver.

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Clickable cover! Fancy.

Every year, one hundred girls are chosen to marry a member of the royal family. Of course, not all will make it to the wedding. They are subjected to the grueling Eventide. In the daytime, a competition of beauty, and in the night, a competition of life and death.

Sixteen year old Abel Bradbury is well aware of these facts, and knows that being chosen for the Eventide is a death sentence.

Her older sister, Malia, got out by the skin of her teeth. But the poison she ingested ruined her body and made her incapable of performing her role as a policeman.

Bitter and angry, Abel’s sister intends to use her as an unwitting pawn in her revenge scheme. Abel has no intention to kill anyone. But in the Eventide, she may not have a choice.

*Disclaimer: please don’t comment “This is a ripoff of The Hunger Games/The Selection/some other YA dystopia book!” It’s like that on purpose. I wanted to write a parody of dystopia novels but things got off the rails, and now I’m writing a real book. If you read The Selection and said, “hm, this just doesn’t have enough manslaughter,” give this a shot.

Updates daily.


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High school is supposed to be the time of our lives. The brief period of years between childhood and adulthood that make us who we are and shape us for who we want to be. As a sixteen-year-old girl about to start her junior year, I’ve been through it all. Friends. Boys. School. And let me tell you none of it ever gets easier. My first two years were no walk in the park and I had plenty of ups and downs to go around, but they have made me the person I am today and I wouldn’t change a thing. This is my completely true, unfiltered, teenage confessional of what my first two years of high school were like and I hope that by reading all my triumphs and failures, you will not only learn about me and my experiences but about yourself too. Here’s to growing. Here’s to learning. And here’s to life as I know it.




“I am what I am, you can’t change that…”
Her mother is the love of her life and moving out into the country provides her with a refreshing spark of clarity. Although life isn’t fair for a flower that only blooms for a short amount of time. But who said that a flower that doesn’t last long can’t make a difference in other peoples lives. A worried and loving mother, a cold and distant boy, a odd house across the street, and fitting into a new school bald-headed are the only things to really worry about, right?

This story is not completed it only has 4 parts to it as of so far. I would just like feed back as of how it’s going so far.



The Shipping Treatment.(Completed)

For some reason I can’t post the cover or a link to the story so if you’re interested, click on my account and it’ll be on there. Any votes and feedback are happily welcomed.

“It’s official then. Chris, I will get working on your new match. Chrichelle is a go!”

Shipping is something which affects many people in secondary school and Chris is no exception. It’s like being sociable with people of the opposite gender is a crime punishable by being endlessly annoyed by your friends. This time there’s a new girl called Michelle who has been hand-picked by Chris’ friends and they are determined to make Chrichelle work without making it end like it has every other time.




Tina saw it all happen. Her still innocent, nine year old eyes have been scarred, seeing her classmates being brutally attacked by strange monsters. Now she’s alone, trying to survive the apocalypse by herself, her only comfort being her diary, “Jenny”, whom she could blurt out all her feelings to. Inspired by Thomas Jenner and Angelina Perkins’ “Kellie’s Diary” Series, this book will let you view an apocalyptic world through the innocent eyes of a nine year old girl, through her diary.

(This story is ongoing and I would like readers to help me as I write!) ^^


Mac has pretty much had enough of life. But that’s okay, because life doesn’t much like him either. He’s dying and boy is it dragging.
There’s nothing else he really wants to do with his 3 months left. He’s tattooed himself to high hell, taken every drug he could (some he couldn’t bear to give up) and told his little old grandmother that he loves her. That sounded alright to him.
That is until, Kathleen. A stand alone, take-no-shit kinda girl. She’s abrasive and rude, and sometimes he wishes his disease would kill him sooner. But she’s dragging him around New York.
And she’s not aiming for some Make-A-Wish Disneyland bullshit, Kat’s got something way worse in mind. 28 things, to be exact.
28 things on Mac’s bucket list before he finally kicks it. And it’s all her fault.

Ranked #225 out of 1600+ !!
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Enjoy!! :sunny:


The souls of Skille are only known to be completely good or completely evil. The only one ever known to be both is named Reve Statera and he is infamous among the badlands. At birth, it was prophesied that Reve is destined to save the world or to destroy it. Reve’s only wish is to outrun his destiny, but unfortunately, destiny has a way of catching up to you.



I love the cover, how’d you make it?


CHAPTER - Letting Me In

I just sat there for what seemed like forever, dazed and confused.

Jake had just told me we were going to meet his biological father and my mind could not wrap itself around the words.

I knew his biological father left his mom, pregnant and broke.

It was his current father who raised him, gave him everything he has and made him the man he is today.



Tuesday lives with her aunt after the death of her mother in a car accident, following remission from cancer. Angry at the world, she rebels against her guardian, her education and her nervous peers, and it isn’t until she meets Max, with his own burdens to bear, that she begins to learn how to navigate the tumultuous waters of college, friendship and love once more.



Imagine pairing two people who have never been in love before, you’d expect a honeymoon period and a fairytale. But what do you get when one person loves too much and the other doesn’t seem to love enough?


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Title: Discovering Sun

Eva’s Senior Year of high school started with her boyfriend, Alex, cheating on her. It resulted in the loss of those she thought were her friends. Among her social problems, a glimmer of hope shows up with her new internet friend: Sun.
The mystery behind the unknown boy will follow her through the chaos in Eva’s life as he will become her most loyal confidant.
Old friendships that come back to stay, new loves and much more trouble made her last year of High School interesting in many ways.


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