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Ever since she was born, Amelia Callahan has lived her life in Stuart Hall, her grandfather’s plantation. Cuddled and pampered, she has no idea of the world outside her grandfather’s estate, much less about the harsh realities facing the colonists and the revolutionary spirit being born.

At only ten years of age, she is just now beginning to change her innocent ways and preparing to accept her place in Maryland society. The summer before she starts her gentlewoman lessons, she meets her father’s new apprentice, Andrew Harlow. The charming, yet bashful, fourteen-year-old architect’s trainee that Amelia can’t understand why, whenever he comes around, she can’t focus on anything else but his chestnut eyes. Throughout the years of teenagehood, their friendship grows and becomes something more; something a lot like love.

But with the American Revolution nearing every day, the relationship they once found easy to keep, is tested as Amelia’s sheltered upbringing conflicts with Andrew’s fighting spirit for justice. Things become even more complicated when their class distinction is even more evident as Amelia becomes of age and must take her birthright part in society, a place where Andrew doesn’t have a role in.

Will they overcome these obstacles or will the revolution and their different social classes push them to believe what they had was a simple youth affair and nothing more?

Two new chapters each week



Jasmine was hoping buying a used Jeep for her seventeenth birthday would be the start to a great year. Things were looking up until she caught her ex-boyfriend Elliot cheating on her at Prom. It didn’t help that she was already facing an eating disorder and trying to overcome the fact that her father left when she was younger. Thankfully she had her best friend Regina with her at her side.

Life changed that fateful day when she noticed a strange light in the park. Her poor judgment told her to visit the park and she did. Little did she know that touching that light would give her a power. An element if you will. She had the power to bring things back to life. This new power completely changed her life. Would she be able to trust anyone with these powers?

At best her secret was probably safe with Regina. But Elliot was a different story. In fact, he was already out to make life miserable. There would be no telling what Elliot would do if he ever knew the truth. The fate of the world is in Jasmine’s Hands.

New chapter every Friday!
Winner of a Blue Rose Award! Teen Fiction, 3rd Place


Newly college grad Liam was just hired to write the next great YA Novel for the struggling company Mid Mills Publishing.

The problem? He’s hasn’t written much in his life nor does he know a lot about teenagers. Shouldn’t he already know a little something about teenagers? Perhaps if he was experienced in actually writing YA or anything else at all.

With this new job, he and his fiancee move to Pacific City and live with his old friend Jaxon and Jaxon’s Sister Giselle. Giselle is getting ready to graduate high school. Through Giselle, he just might understand teenagers.

Story arrives April 19th!
You can read “Info and Characters” and “Small Preview” now to get ready!
Be sure to add this your reading list!

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Gage eats lies for breakfast. At Jeffrey Scott High School, gossip is a competitive sport, and she can’t seem to win. At least she’s not alone on the field; problem child Slade Beckett probably understands what she’s going through. He might also be the only person who could help her get to the bottom of all the rumors that have been circling her since freshman year. It’s too bad that he isn’t very friendly.

Gage doesn’t just need the story behind the rumors. She needs to undo years worth of pain and resentment, starting with her drunk mother and estranged best friend. She needs to tie up all the loose ends that strangle her. She needs a silver lining.

Maybe, after all this time, the years of loneliness will come to bear fruit, and she won’t have to make the journey alone. After all, they say the coldest winters turn into the sweetest of springs…

COMPLETE! Read here!



Rasul. The boy with the lip piercing, the dark eyes, and the swimmer’s arms. The boy with all the secrets. Mist has been watching him for a while now, noting each time she sees his wheelchair waiting outside of a classroom, and becoming more infatuated with his intricacies with each passing month.

She hasn’t spoken to him once, but that’s about to change.

After the summer of 2208 C.E., Mist is going back to school again… and Social Sciences and the Art of Persuasion isn’t just one of her new classes. For Mist, it’s a matter of capturing Rasul’s heart for once and for all before he runs.

This is one shot she can’t miss.

COMPLETE! Read here!


Of Attraction & Its Collateral Damage

When Alexander Raines’s overprotective parents finally agree to let the 17-year old go on his prestigious school’s annual Junior two-month trip to Germany, he imagines a summer full of laughs, adventures and well-deserved independence next to his beautiful best friend, Madeleine. What he doesn’t expect is the frustration and confusion that both Gene —his annoyingly charming and risk-seeking roommate— and Mads —the fun and unpredictable girl whom he’s known for all his life— cause day after day.

To top it off, he’s got to bare with the nonstop dose of jealousy, snob gossip, teenage angst and petty drama that inevitably comes with traveling with rich kids throughout Europe. At the end of the day, Alexander knows that for better or for worse, this will be a life-changing trip; because when it comes to teenage attraction, it’s all fun and games till someone gets gets hurt.

Or worse.


When your life is falling apart, how in the world are you supposed to believe in a fragile little word like forever? Amanda Thomas has been promised forever and watched it fall apart more times than she can count. Her mother would comfort her forever, her boyfriend would love her forever, her friends would be there for her forever. It was all lies told from uncautious tongues. People don’t understand the promises they’re making when they use a word like forever. Forever’s a long time, so be careful when making a promise. You never know when your life will become so heartbreaking that you start to question, what happened to forever?

Falling For The Scientist Daughter

Not having my phone on me, I was lost when all the phones of the guest went off simultaneously. Summer grumbly reaching out to her phone to see what the whole fuss was about, sprung to her feet immediately after seeing whatever it was. Knowing my best friend and knowing that only a few things in life could get her this sober and alert quickly, my interest was piqued

“What’s wrong?” I asked my best friend who was now quiet starting from her phone back to me.

Not being able to articulate whatever it was that she read, she handed me her phone. Bring the phone up to my face; my suspicions were confirmed; it was indeed scandalous.

Although the fonts were small, the news was catastrophic.

“Breaking news, all is not well in the Luthors household. GMC heard from a credible source to the family that the heiress might not be the heir after all. It seems like Jake wild days are back to hurt him with the emergence of his bastard, the oldest and only son has driven the matriarch of the family Elizabeth away from her home and now about to shatter Alex dream of inheriting all that she thought would be hers.”

I could not believe this was happening right now.

I was reeling, my mind spinning.

Only a few knew about it and almost everyone who knew where bound by NDA not to disclose anything whatsoever regarding the Luthor leaving one suspect left


Marching out the hall with all eyes trained on me, I found the culprit standing by the pool in her bikini talking to some girl with no phone in sight.

With every fibre of my being screaming not to what I was about to do due to the semantics of it all, the guest and paparazzi and most importantly Lisa and everything she has taught me about de-escalation and manners, I refused to heed to the voice of reasoning.

Blindsiding her, I slapped her.

Walking away with her screaming at me from the pool and the cameras going off like crazy, I weaved through the crowd desperately needing to escape all of this.

It’s Not About The Destination
link -’s-not-about-the-destination


Sabrina Williams is gone…
No texts, no calls, no any information expect that her location on Facebook changed from Bedford, Pennsylvania to San Diego, California.
And it’s not the kind of information Tyler expects to get from his long term girlfriend with whom he hoped to spent the rest of his life.
That’s why Tyler decides to take on opportunity and drive to California with his long term annoying neighbour - Mia who happens to drive there in her old Toyota.
With both of them being opposite poles this road trip will be full of ups and downs, arguments, makeups, adventures, playlists and fast food chains.
And maybe even, somewhere in the middle of the road, they will find the meaning of true love.

The Ivy League
If universities were people.

(Since Wattpad doesn’t allow me to post images or links 'cause I’m new)

Story Link Here

“Stay out of the sun, darling. Plastic melts.”
Nevada Easton, 17, is in deep shit.
Moving back to LA after three years in New Zealand, all she wants to do is put her head down, and get through her senior year. But that falls apart when she is pictured in a suggestive position with Kaius Bellemont, basketball superstar, up and coming model, and school heart-throb.
Even worse, her ex-best friend is basically denying her existence and has moved on with Kara Steele, daughter of Hollywood royalty, resident mean girl, Kaius’s on-off girlfriend and Nevada’s #1 hater. Luckily for Nevada, three years on a ranch means that the ugly duckling has finally swanned.
She has a clean slate; turns out life is pretty sweet when you’re hot.


Crazy Are People Too
After the sudden death of her father sixteen year-old Calista Roberts is now trying to navigate the world around her all whilst trying to keep her family from falling apart. With her mother struggling financially and her brother Lachlan withdrawing further and further away from her, she swears that this year she leaves her own personal life behind. No boys, no drama.

When Calista meets Kit Harvey in the waiting room of a psychiatrist’s office after losing his best friend, she tells herself to stay away. He’s seeing a psychiatrist - he must be crazy, right? But when Calista finds herself connecting with Kit in a way she can’t understand, staying away from him will prove harder than she thought.

Each live different lives.
Each have their own battles to fight.
But everyone needs friends.

After all - ‘crazy’ are people too, right?

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Quentin Adams has been in love with his best friend for years. And although their happily ever after happens only in his dreams, he’s not one to give up. For so long, he had been willing to do anything to make his dreams come true and never had he even thought about anyone else.

But everyone has a breaking point. And unfortunately, after seeing the love of his life with someone else, he’s beginning to lose hope. Now, after years of waiting for impossible, he’s ready to move on. Find someone else. Be happy. But while trying to do that, he starts to realize that it’s harder than it sounds.

Later he finds himself trapped in a situation with an unexcepted stranger who might as well be what he never knew he needed. It’s now up to Quentin himself if he’s ready to take a risk and get his heart broken again.

Read here:

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Title: Temporal Exploring 101 - First Transit
Author: @CaitlinTureaud
Genre: Teen Fiction / Boarding School Story / Science Fiction

16-year-old Catherine (Cathy) Hart, a girl of the 23rd century, is sent to a 1960s’ boarding school for girls on her First Temporal Assignment. Her task will be to investigate another student at that school, Natalie Fogg, who may or may not be the same person as the mysterious Natty Fogg, author of the Red Notebook which contains mathematical results that turned out to be crucial for the development of time travel.

Cathy soon finds out that life at a 1960s’ boarding school differs from what she expected. She makes friends and enemies among the students, and she gets into trouble with teachers and prefects way too often.

To complicate things further there is Mallory Carmichael, the girl whose irreverence and mischievous playfulness confuse her and throw her off her guard time and again.

Just when Cathy thinks that she has adapted to her strange new environment, her investigation takes a dangerous turn.

The world of the early 1960s. A traditional English boarding school for girls, complete with tutors, prefects and disciplinary spankings. A bright genius girl, threatened by a dark menace. A young visitor from the future, torn between the demands of her assigned task and what her heart tells her to do. The girls of the Upper Fifth. Intrigue, adventure and an improbable friendship.

Book One of the Temporal Exploring 101 series
Updates to Book Two titled Cultural Immersion will be uploaded this week


Book Three: The Beautiful Hue series (Can be read as stand-alone novel)

Ash and Tony’s triplets Noah, Anthony, and Zoe are now in Senior High.

Ayesha McKinley, Greg and Kelly’s only daughter, is torn between her first love, Anthony Green, and her long-term adversary, Noah Green. These twin boys are complete opposites, a contrast between black and white. Dark and Light. Despair and Hope.

Will Ayesha choose the one she loves or the one who loves her? Will she choose Black, White, or Gray by keeping both of them in her life? Is that even possible?

The Beautiful Hue Series can be read individually.

Book One: Green-minded (completed- Ash and Tony’s story)

Book Two: Blue Sky Hunter (ongoing-Sky and Hunter’s story)

Started: January 29, 2019

The Other Side
:diamond::diamond::diamond: Read “THE OTHER SIDE” here: :diamond::diamond::diamond:

This is a coming-of-age story about Alexandra who lives on the wrong side of the tracks, where the harsh side of reality shows. She has always wondered how her life would be if she lived on the other side, the right side, where money isn’t a problem and where everyone seems to have a future.

Soon, her wonders will be up to her to figure out, and life as she knows it will never be the same. Will she still be accepted by her community if she starts hanging out with those rich kids on the other side of the tracks? Will her best friends, Carter, Brett and Luke still see her as the same Alexandra? But most importantly, will she be true to herself and follow her own path in life?

:diamond:This is a teen fiction, so of course will LOVE and DRAMA be a huge part of the story :diamond:

Another huge element in this story is the question: Where do I belong? which I think a lot of us teenagers ask ourselves daily. For the main character Alexandra, this question has a deeper meaning, because her background isn’t fully American, and when she starts hanging out with people from the other side of the tracks where there’s no diversity, the feeling of being part of something gets more important to her.:exclamation:

XOXO NattiDior :hibiscus:

Slipping onto private property, Adam is surprised with the hostile welcome he receives.

She’s heard about his kind, however, and isn’t taking any chances.

Daddy warned her about guys like him.

They’re never up to anything good.

Short Story


The scandalous and vigorous lives of the rich Pennsylvanians can only be found here.
When there are all money and no care, what happens to Taylor Grey when she turns from reading on late nights to partying all night. In a rich society area, there are always secrets and lies getting out, but Taylor never notices this until now. Her long-teen crush, Spencer notices her but before she can do anything her best friend gets him before her. Can she be happy for her BFF, or gets revenge. Will she Survive or be sucked in like everyone else?

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All she wants is to live. But soon, it becomes harder than ever, as her life treads the thin line between darkness and light. And amidst this darkness, arises love.

What happens when two people fall in love but there are endless obstacles? What happens when they realize that they aren’t meant to be?

Because their past is catching up at a fast pace. Just as they were about to move on, a person dies. And they are again thrown back into a place where their memories haunt them.

What happens when their inner demons keep chasing them?

Will this love survive hatred, dark pasts, conflicts and burdens more than their shoulders can carry?

Or will it perish?

(If you’re expecting a straight cliche, this is not the one you’re looking for)


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Title: The Super Chronicles: Byong Ki-soo

BIO: I am Byong Ki-soo, from Seoul, South Korea. I applied for a writers’ internship at an entertainment company, though I ended up being the secretary for this super hot, jerk. Even though he was a jerk, he somehow still got to me, and I started liking him. At the same time a forgotten criminal, came out from their hiding, coincidence…I think not.

Genres: Romance, Mystery, Young Adult, Fiction, Supernatural, Multi-Cultural

Languages: English (Official), Korean (Official), Japanese (Unofficial)

Rating: Some Mild Humor, Mature Themes, Some Very Mild Sensuality,PG-11 (Recommended)

Author: Park Pasta


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