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Fictional Fantasy

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There are five classes of vertebrates, Amphibian, Bird, Fish, Mammal, and Reptile. While your world’s evolutionary tree may have ended up with humans from the mammal class, this is a world wherein each of the five classes have produced a somewhat dominate life form. Follow the familiar “mammal” humans of Yuki and Rachel as they discovered the outlawed use of magic.



This is my story for the Open Novella Contest II which made it to the 3rd round and I’m currently waiting for the results of the contest. It’s a completed story so you don’t have to worry about waiting for updates in case you actually decide to, I don’t know, read the story.

This prompt I used for this story is Romance Fiction (1) which is: It started out as a dare - a kiss that didn’t quite go as planned. Only you and your one other person are witnesses to the truth behind a rumour that gets out of hand.

This story is about two high schoolers, Caitlyn Stewart and Edward Nicholson. The school they attend revolves around gossips and rumours. You probably already figured this out but they kiss because of a dare and then some stuff happened. If you’re curious, go read the book :))

One person commented: “I loved the entire book!! It just gives the perfect punch of school dramas with friendship and dissimilarities between other classmates. It was indeed a good read with some amazing humour added. Nicely done.”

The reason why I want readers is that I want feedback on my story and advice on how I can improve it. I can’t really edit the story because I already submit it for the contest so I’ll make use of the feedback to work on other stories so they can be better than the previous one!

I hope you can give me a hand and read my book. I do read-for-read too!


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Thanks, Tim.

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“Thanks,Tim.” is the coming-of-age story of a young man who yearns to make a connection.

When 17-year-old Jack Folley meets Timothy Harper, he is given the chance of a lifetime: to belong.

Dealing with social anxiety, grief , the journey towards self-acceptance and finding true friends, this story takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions with a clear destination: a path towards realizing we all matter and should feel nothing less than worthy.

And your link: Thanks, Tim



Full blurb:
Winter Scott thought she had the perfect life. Being that she was finally able to overcome the recent death of her father, everything was going swell. Perfect boyfriend? Check. Perfect best friend? Check. Perfect family? Check.

Apparently, not even close.

Winter has a wake up call when she figures out everything her best friend and boyfriend have been doing behind her back.

But, the wake up call may have been too much, considering it nearly sent her towards her death. Now, stuck in a coma between life and death, Winter must travel back five days prior the accident to find where she went wrong, a revelation, with the help of a guardian angel.

Sometimes, you need to die a little before you learn to live.




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~The new world that Christina has to cope with isn’t a typical one, the one everyone would expect to change her in another version of herself; a version that would allow her to fit in her surroundings. Christina’s strong nature is one that stands out, molded over a war between her feelings for the new heartbreaker in her life and her mind. This uncommon character won’t fight for her place in the new school, but will try her best to change others in her unique ways. If she will succeed through her ways, that remains to be seen…

“It’s been so long since I saw you smile.” he said while caressing my chin.
" Well, it’s not thanks to you. If you excuse me, I’ll go first." I coldly said. “Have a good night!”
" How can you be so cold? How could you forget me so easily?" he asked confused.
I wanted to leave without answering, but I changed my mind, since I decided this was our last conversation. I turned my head in his direction and looked straight into his eyes. I felt a pain in my chest as I thought about my decision. But I couldn’t let him see that, so I ignored any compassionate feeling I had and returned to my sober self.
" You left. Seems like she had had so much power towards you. I just don’t like to waste my time. I wait for no one. And I don’t look back, ever. Good bye! I answered and quickly left, not waiting for a response.~


two years ago

He leans in closer and the music is playing and then they kiss. he is kissing another girl.

“Lerato………. what are you doing here?” Sebastian said

He kissed her why would he kiss her, we just started dating and why would he do that it just doesn’t make any sense.

“why would you do that………Why would you ask me out just to kiss another girl?” I look at him with this blank look on my face I make sure not to show any emotion.

“who are you?” says the b*tch all up in my man’s mouth. and that when I see who it is my best friend.

“Megan…… why are you kissing my boyfriend

You see Meagan is my best friend, we have known each other since we were toddlers we became friends because we have superpowers but we stayed friends because we became sisters or that is what l thought before this.

“your boyfriend kissed me! "she says trying to look all innocent.

“I did not kiss you doll you kissed me and we did so much more last night," Sebastian says with a smirk on his face.

“it is over between me and you Sebastian so go f*ck yourself”

** What l lost**



“Never, under any circumstances, tell anyone the truth.”
That was the number one rule.

After changing their identities and starting new lives, Lydia and Jaxon hope to find safety from their dark past that is looking to come back to haunt them.

However, things get complicated once Lydia meets a mysterious bad boy with secrets of his own.

Will Lydia let herself fall for a boy she knows nothing about when she knows she needs to keep a low profile?

Will Jaxon get too comfortable and spill all their secrets, putting them all in danger before Lydia can stop him?

“Why do you always look away when you catch him staring at you?”
“Because it takes courage to look in his eyes and not fall in love with them.”

~Previously titled “Getaways”~

#1 in RISING 1/28/19
#49 in SECRETS 3/1/19
#509 in DRAMA 2/7/19


Depending if you have passed the certain goal things on your account, you should be able to attach a link to your story. If not you can still mention the title of your story, genre, and summary and ask kindly for people to check it out :smile:



Dylan Jemminer earns Varsity letters and admirers while Lauren Fillips is that one girl from that one class nobody pays attention in. Neither were expecting to end their night at a party in handcuffs - especially not to each other. Thanks to a prank gone-awry, Lauren and Dylan are caught in a bind with all of the chain links but none of the S&M. Unless they want to be stuck together forever, they’ll have to navigate through the night in a search-and-rescue mission for the key, or figure out another way of escape. With nothing but inches between them, Lauren and Dylan are about to get to know a whole new meaning of “close”.

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When your world crumbles around you.

When everything is snatched away from you.

No home. No name. No life. No one.

What do you do?

It’s happened to you once, will you let it happen again?


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All Grace Wilson wants to do is dance ballet. When auditions for “Swan Lake” begin at her high school, she sees it as a chance to win the role of her dreams.

But with dreams come challenges and expectations. Auditioning shines a spotlight on Grace, and suddenly other people notice her existence, like Daniel Night, the guy she’s always had a crush on. And like the other students, her competition.

She’s painfully shy, but if she wants to be cast as Odette, she must overcome her shyness and her fear of being known. They say the last year of high school is the best, but for Grace, it may also be the hardest.



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Protecting Olivia

Olivia is homeless and is doing her best to survive on the cruel streets of New York City. She has managed to surround herself with some really great friends but what she can’t control is fate. Fate led her to Ethan Grant, a ruthless crime boss who’s very presence put her in harm’s way. He gets her off the streets but what are his true intentions? Will he truly protect her or does he have other plans for Olivia?



His Beautiful Secret

Sky’s home life was a little piece of hell on earth. She often had to fight past the pain, but she always found a way to become stronger. When Jake came into her life, he changed everything. She knew from the start that theirs would not be a fairytale romance. They came from two different worlds but could Jake find a way to make her part of his?


It would really mean a lot if anyone could check out my story, Dancing Through Sunflower Fields. :wink: Dink, isssaaa link: @TheLADream