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dancing through sunflower fields

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when dancing in the rain causes you to catch a cold, then why not try searching for four-leaf clovers on hot, sunny days? take my hand and never look back, my little dandelion

expect to find characters with strong personalities, one too many hot chocolate breaks, and maybe even a few confessions.


Title: I Won’t Shed a Tear For You.
Genre: Teen fiction
Synopsis: Lilly doesn’t know if she should be feeling something about her freshman year, but, so far, she can’t think of anything. An introverted bookworm, she knows little about life outside of her bubble and her two best friends. Although reading, writing, and thinking about high school romance is great, her admitted insecurities and the superficiality of relationships at this age is enough to make her stick to the sidelines for now. Why go out and get your heart broken when you could avoid it all together, right? However, when she meets him, she slowly starts to wonder if her philosophy is in need of a rewrite.
Alejandro has it all; smarts, looks, popularity, and money. And that should mean he’s not taking any baggage with him into his sophomore year. The only thing is, last year he was normal, and now he’s not. After being diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder last summer, his life switched from polychromatic to a dull monochrome grey. Right before his eyes, his life seemed to soar to the stars, only to come crashing back down to Earth a month later. But he’s better now; he even has a therapist and bottles of pills to prove it. However, an old flame from the blurry days of mania makes a surprise appearance in his life again, forcing him to make decisions to keep her at bay.
Jordan has known Alejandro since they were six, and has always been his loyal best friend that’s willing to go to any length to protect him. Through Alejandro’s highs of mania and lows of depression, he was always there and ready to roll with the punches. However, he has an ulterior motive for being so faithful that’s starting to eat him alive. The problem is, no one knows that yet. And maybe they never will.
I Won’t Shed a Tear For You is a story following three high schoolers struggling with new love, old wounds, insecurities, moving on, and learning from mistakes as their lives become hopelessly intertwined.
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~ TITLE ~ Falling For The Suspect
Chase Rivers is anything but safe, or at least that is how he is painted in his small home town. As the number one suspect in the sudden disappearance of Brett Reed, the towns golden boy, all fingers point to him as the culprit.

Sage Hill is the new girl in town, dragged there by her father who has been employed as the head detective in the Brett Reed case. All she wants is to coast through her final year and a half of school, counting down the days until graduation.

She has no clue what she is getting herself into when her path crosses with the mysterious hot-tempered Chase Rivers, and she soon finds herself falling for the suspect.




Title: Ways to go
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Mystery, Teen fiction
I felt like time has stopped, I am no longer aware of my surroundings, I hear sounds around me but I can’t process what they say, all I see is the empty walls, the are gone.

The thing about trouble is that you never know it is coming, but here I am, in the middle of all of this mess.

I would have never guessed that the Mia Wilson who barely cared about anything, will be in for a ride where things go missing and never come back .

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Emerson Davis is smart, comes from a good family and has amazing friends. She looks like she has everything, or so it seems. What people don’t know is that her parents are always busy leaving her to raise her younger brother and her older sister who’s “always traveling” got kicked out and is probably sleeping on a strangers couch.

Owen Johnson is your ordinary 17 year old boy who runs into Emerson on a cruise by chance. Together they had the time of their lives spilling secrets and showing sides of themselves to each other they have never shown anyone else knowing it was only for 10 days and they would both walk away afterwards on their separate paths.

Or so they thought.

But what happens when Owen gets transferred to Emerson’s school and their paths are intertwined again?

For better or for worse Owen helps Emerson let go of her fears and truly overcome the challenges life has thrown at her and who knows maybe they share a kiss or two.


Why hello,

Why not take a moment to give this story a gander. It might be the one you’ve been looking for your whole life. It’s new, three chapters in and adding new chapters once or twice a week. I’m a fance of exchanging reads.


Sidney has all the normal stuff to worry about. A mother who’s on her case about where she goes after school; math homework she forgot to do and the boy with the blue eyes and the curly hair that just might like her. Sidney has all the abnormal stuff to worry about too. A father whose all god and part dragon; a sword and a shield too heavy to carry and evil twin siblings hell bent on ending the world.

Just another day.


She is a broken girl trying to escape from her inner demons, he is a broken boy trying to escape his reality. Will they be able to heal each other wounds or make them worse?

Alexandra Martinez is sure her life will get better after she decides to go to Boston for a school exchange, leaving behind her lifestyle in Mexico for a year seems the best option to take a break of all of her problems. Suddenly, she ends up in the same place as some acquaintances from years ago, two boys and their sister that will make her year memorable.

A new friendship.

One attraction.

One love.

Promising herself a fresh start, she will need to overcome her fears and put her constant demons aside, but wounds are still fresh and everyone knows how emotions can be nothing less than a time bomb. In the middle of her chaos she will have to learn to trust her heart and, with the help of someone, let go and live.

Beneath Us by undefined


Positive feedback is very welcomed, also if anyone has a suggestion or just to talk about anything (really tho) you can always message me <3

Read here:


Teacher’s Pet

Fresh out of college with no job offers in sight, Ryan Sharp began to wonder if he would ever be able to teach his own class. That is until St. Rose’s Preparatory School for Young Ladies called for an interview and practically begged him to take the job.

But no one could have warned him about Lilith Green, the beautiful girl who would do ANYTHING to protect her friends.

Will innocent Mr. Sharp survive Lilith’s advances and proclamations of love, or will he end up with their previous teacher, in a jail cell?'s-pet



“Just because you can’t see something, Rylie, doesn’t mean that it’s not there.”

Rylie Dalton’s life got flipped upside down when her boyfriend of a year broke up with her. Losing your boyfriend is one thing, but losing all your friends at the same time was an experience she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy.

She becomes a shell of her self, pretending that he’s not there by making sure she doesn’t make eye contact with him as well as pretending his name isn’t spoken or that someone brings him up to her.

Though, maybe bad boy Calvin Prince is just enough to show the sophomore that a boy shouldn’t be the center of her world.


I am not allowed to post a link to my story but I have a whole collection of short teen fiction that I will be posting over the next month. The first 4 are available on my page. Sad that I can’t share any links.:disappointed_relieved:

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Hey, guys! I hope you like this beautiful story. It’s totally finished.
A teenager who loves speed but a disease changes everything.

Until she could change her way of being, with whom she thought she detested, could Danna realize that it is not hurt but love? What Nick feels for her?

A teenager whose freedom was speed until he recognized his feelings. He realized that his freedom was her!


Can Nick and Danna put aside their pride and get to admit that they love each other?

Or maybe life does not allow them, maybe destiny.
Discover it

Because life is a race that you must fight to win …