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❝It’s not meaningless if he has the power to break your heart into a thousand pieces❞

When Quentin Adams realizes that his best friend wouldn’t return to his feelings, he knows that it’s time to move on. The new handsome student with attitude problems should be the last person to help with that but it doesn’t stop him from being with him. Together they start something that means more to him than he ever thought was possible.

Theodore Peterson has always been sure that he’s straight. Being raised by a homophobic father, he knows that getting involved with Quentin wasn’t acceptable. Still, the past is hard to remember when all he could think about is that red-haired boy and the way he makes him feel.


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Title: A Kiss Across Borders (Open Novella Contest 2020 Longlist)
Status: Complete
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance, Adventure, Coming-of-Age
Description: Javier has had a crush on his friend, Caroline, for the last two years. But he’s never told her how he feels. One morning, Javi decides to take Caroline on an adventure he hopes she’ll never forget, even if it might land him in jail.

It’s the last summer before university, and Javier Giordano is in Monaco, spending most of his time on his dad’s yacht. But for Javi, the best part about being in Monaco is getting to see Caroline. They’re just friends, but he wishes they were more. One night, Javier throws a party on the yacht, and things were going well until he danced with a girl who Caroline cannot stand. It was a momentary lapse in judgment, helped by some beer, but now he wants to make it up to her. So while Caroline is asleep in his room, Javi comes up with a plan to go on an adventure around the Mediterranean Coast. But on their impromptu trip, Javier, Caroline and their friends discover more than they bargained for.
Link: Read here



This book is complete!

After recently losing the love of her life, Harper Brady goes back in time to high school. She finds that her ten-month-old baby has time traveled with her as well.
Harper is delighted to find that her soulmate is still alive. She believes she’s been given an opportunity to save him, but when people start getting hurt, she can’t help but start to worry.
Maybe time doesn’t like being messed with.

Link: The Time of Your Life


unnamed (7)

Kameryn Anderson found a home in Trent Rivera’s arms the moment they met one summer night before her sophomore year of high school. They were not only smitten with each other, but anyone who knew them fell in love with their undeniable chemistry.

Until the night at the bonfire.

Now, when Kameryn’s mom sends her to live with her aunt Emma the summer before she heads off to college, things start becoming clearer. The relationship she’s always told herself has been perfect starts to get muddy, and with secrets that slip through the cracks she’s forced to finally open her eyes. She can’t hide anymore.

Cue also meeting her aunt’s cute neighbor Boyd Lewis and a family secret that’s bound to change her life forever, and suddenly she’s found herself in for quite the ride.

Will she go running back to the past or take a chance at the brand-new life ahead of her?

(Updated Every Tues, Thurs, & Sat!)
// Full Novel Completed in Drafts :heart:

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Title: It’s A Bit Odd
Author: euphornium

Summary/Story Blurb:
Set in the most diverse city in all of the US: Vallejo, California.

Ethan Salazar is a troublemaker, to say the least. One day instead of giving him a direct punishment, his professor asks him to take care of Theodore Adams, an exchange student who would be staying with his family for 6 months.

They are forced to live together and Ethan constantly reminds himself that accompanying the guy is just an obligation.

He’s not supposed to be close to him.
He’s not supposed to be obsessed with getting his attention.
Hell, he’s not supposed to think about kissing him.

Why can’t he stop?

He admits, it’s a bit odd.

Warnings/Ratings: PG-13 (Lots of swearing)/ BxB (LGBTQ+)
Cover: Original artwork by me and my friend <3 Would appreciate some comments/suggestions to aid my growth!






She’s the one who timidly hides alone in the back of the library, her nose buried in countless books. He’s the one who’s surrounded by heaps of fellow students, mindlessly causing destruction with every chance he receives.

She’s the one who can never overstep her own boundaries, in fear that she will lose everyone that she loves around her. He’s the one who doesn’t know his own restrictions, silently hoping that everything won’t crumble to bits before him.

What’s the only similarity two polar opposites share? Traumatic pasts continuously haunt them every living moment of their lives.

Both individuals have secrets that they don’t dare to tell anyone, but how can broken hearts ever recover from the past without learning what comes in the future?

Can a self-conscious, naive girl and a selfish, conceited boy balance each other out and learn the true meaning of love and life?

Teen Fiction | Romance | Drama


  • “I absolutely love the way you made your characters. It’s truly endearing.”

  • “I love that Avery is such a relatable character… Wow, I really love all the imagery here. I feel as though I’m literally there. Your writing is amazing so far, I absolutely love it!"

  • Where Life Takes Us was a fun read filled with cute, lovable characters… As for Wade, he is an amazing character and we’re seeing him grow. All of your characters are magnificent in their own ways. It’s one of the things I love about this book.”

  • “My favourite thing so far is the relationships you have created between your characters. They are very easily believed and really help your reader become assimilated in the storyline. Great work!”

  • “You’ve created an amazing drama, which I’ve come to love… I love your writing style because it is extremely descriptive and emotional. It just lets one look through the eyes of the characters and feel exactly what Wade and Avery are feeling which is a quality that is not to be found in many stories I have read yet.”

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Through All Seasons

Hello fellow writers and readers,

thank you for reading my post here. There are so many, so I am really appreciate it.

I started my own teenage fiction novel. Yay, another one. But I try my best to make it unique.

I know, I know :slight_smile:

Anyway, I love writing it but I would love to have some interaction with it as well. So if you have a little spare time, you might wanna read a few chapters and tell me what you’re thinking.

My work is about a girl named River and a boy named Collin. Both are juniors in high school.

Collin, a that-good-looking-boy, loses a bet and has to be part of the yearly drama play, alongside River. River, that-invisible-nobody-notices-girl, acts in drama class since the beginning. It’s a cliché, but two words truly collide. I promise drama :wink:

Follow them through all seasons.

By following this link :slight_smile:


P.S. I am also looking for feedback-buddys :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 9.41.30 am

Title: Ratbags and Scallywags
Tags: Disabilities, growth, poetry, trauma, comedy, healing, LGBTQ.
Chapters: 14
Status: Ongoing
Link: Click here
Blurb: Charlie Rascal accidentally exposes Aubrey’s deepest secret: That he is profoundly deaf and blind in one eye. Now Charlie has a lot of making up to do.

Since the time of his near fatal crash four years ago, Aubrey Keats keeps his internal struggle as quiet as the world around him. After being paired with Charlie, he is forced to adjust and readjust the walls he has built around himself.

With only poetry and empathy to guide Charlie closer to his deeply misunderstood classmate, he learns about this dark world in which Aubrey is forced to live.

And now, all he wants to do is make it a little brighter.

Chapter review:

This beautifully expresses Aubrey’s desperate desire to be ‘just like everyone else’ and there was a lot of tenderness in the way he describes Charlie. It was beautiful :") I love that Charlie learns to show things, and he is a little softer towards him. It’s clear that both of them misunderstood each other and are seeing each other as different. Wonderful character development, simultaneously.


The Eighteenth Year

Genre: YA, Rom-com


’Whosever name she picked out of the jar, he would become her future husband.’

Madison Summers, wealthy heiress of the Four Seasons Hotel, is getting married.

At eighteen years old.

To a man she’s never met before.

You would think she’d realize that this spells the perfect recipe for disaster, but this hopeless romantic strongly believes in fate and its many plans for her. She intends to go through with the marriage, full speed ahead. Who cares if her candidate isn’t the most good looking guy out there? Who cares if he isn’t exactly the sweet guy that she had envisioned him to be? Who cares if he doesn’t really add up to be her perfect Prince Charming?

She could learn to love him, right? It’s what fate decided after all.

As long as she could get married and rub it in the face of her father’s aggravating right-hand man, that’s all that mattered. But it seems that the twenty-three year old-James Knightly-has plans of his own, and that’s to make the whole marriage process a lot harder than it already is.

Chapters: Ongoing at 6 chapters, updated weekly


Title: Rough Waves
Status: complete
Blurb: Whoever coined the phrase opposites attract obviously never had a best friend, like Maddie’s best friend Hunter.

Growing up together in a large seaside town in New Zealand they are practically inseparable, their main passion, surfing.

As they get older Maddie starts to see Hunter in a different light until she can no longer deny the fact, she’s in love with him.

But while Maddie struggles with her feelings, wanting to keep them a secret for fear of ruining their friendship, Hunter begins dating the new girl, the total opposite of Maddie.

Will she keep quiet about the way she feels or will Hunter’s increasingly flirty, confusing behaviour towards her finally make her crack, revealing all?

Title: Today, Tomorrow, Forever
Genre: Mature Romance

Status: Ongoing

Blurb: Boy meets Girl, they instantly fall in love and live happily ever after…? Scratch that.
It wasn’t love at first sight, nor was it a ‘story-tale’ love story. But it was great love, and it was sincere, true, life-changing. Above all, it was real.

Ever heard of ‘falling in love unexpectedly’ or ‘unconditional love’…? She has.
Not only has she heard about it, but she’s also had it, experienced it, became its definition… All until one day, it fell apart, and she was never the same again…
They met in a country, that was not yet, but had still to become her home. New lifestyle, a different routine, unknown faces… and him - unexplored, unfamiliar, unique.
A story of love, lust, hope, and jealousy. Race, money, drugs, family, acceptance, and rejection, devotion, and hate… How will these come in between them, change the course of their love?

Find out now!

click image for link! i do r4r


After Luna and her Mom settle in a new town, it’s a new start for them. All Luna had planned was to go to school, like a normal teenager. What she wasn’t expecting was to meet Evan Moore, the player of the school. Instantly she wants nothing to do with him, but he seemed to have a hard time accepting that. Luna doesn’t want to start seeing him as more than a friend, because she has a secret she didn’t want to reveal. Luna looked perfect on the outside, but what no one knew was that she was deaf.'t-let-me-go

Skjermbilde 2020-05-21 kl. 17.19.11

Title & Link: Colors of the Wind
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

The thing about life is that it can change at any moment. You can be happy and carefree today, but tomorrow might be filled with heartbreak and sorrow.

Summer always thought that one thing would remain constant, her friendship with Leo. They had planned a future together, sure that nothing would separate them. That was yesterday.
A few words said, tears spilled and an unbreakable bond broken.
Today she will have to brave a new world, one without Leo by her side.
Losing a best friend is hard enough, but having to see him around campus, laughing with new friends, makes it even worse.

Colors of the Wind is a coming of age book filled with pain, and heartbreak, joy, and laughter.

This book may involve strong language, sexual scenes and mental health issues.


> The Promposal (4)

The Promposal
Ongoing Novella

At some point everybody begins to get tired of the monotony in their lives. In my personal experience it has caused me to make stupid decisions. One of these decisions of mine was made in the end of my junior year in high school. At that point, I was done with being depressed. So I went right up to my crush, whom I had not spoken to much in the past, and asked him to go to prom with me.
Let’s just say I was in for one crazy ride.

I.H. 5.

Ava Carter has what you can call a perfect life.
Awesome friends✔
Caring family✔
Matt- the school’s oh so ‘bad boy’ as her boyfriend✔

Being the popular girl of the school, drama surrounds her.
Zachary Brooks is devoted to his goals. He just wants to graduate high school, staying low
What could go wrong when she’s assigned to do her assignment with none other than Zachary Brooks?
What will happen when both of their paths intertwine?
Ava realizes she’s falling for Zachary. As she spends more time with him, she second-guesses her life choices.
But realization comes with a cost.
Can they accept their reality, overcome their difficulties and see their lives in a new light? Or they will retreat back to the start?


Bathe in Color (boyxboy) by Eli Cartwright (Completed)

Bathe in Color

:two_hearts: Featured on @cupid “Love Conquers All” reading list.
:two_hearts: Featured on @CupidsBookClub “Eros” reading list.
:two_hearts: Featured on @CupidsBookClub “Cupid’s Arrow (Summer 2020 Edition)”.

Paris Wills is a dreamer. His Father always says he got it from his Mom, an artist who was like no other. Her virtue was painting, and Paris’ is poetry. No matter where he is, Paris finds inspiration for his poems.

In the summer after his sophomore year of high school, Paris finds his largest inspiration yet, one even larger than his Mom’s untimely death. Paris has met Grayson Pierce, the new boy next door, who is not only friendly but incredibly cute. With his blond waves and charismatic smile, Grayson has found a new place in Paris’ heart.

Still, Paris can’t help but wonder if his budding love for Grayson is merely one-sided. For now, Grayson’s only friend is Paris. Yet, when school starts back up after the summer, will he stick around? In order to ensure that Grayson stays, Paris must make one of the most difficult choices of his life. Should he play it safe and ignore his romantic feelings or take a chance and let himself bathe in color?✓

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featured on @L149019 's Please Support These Hidden Gems reading list

“‘It’s Sloane. Jones. Sloane Jones not Sloppy Joes but he’s my cousin’, I say catching myself drooling over his adam’s apple like a weirdo. Are you comparing yourself to Sloppy Joes, Sloane, ew ew ewwww.

Sloane isn’t your everyday novel lead, she isn’t drop-dead gorgeous or sassy or the popular girl or the bullied kid. She’s just Sloane, the girl you’ll forget all about. She isn’t perfect or anywhere close, neither is he.
Jay isn’t popular or hot enough to make you drool, at least not for most people.
But what happens when you meet someone so…right for you? Get married and have 2 kids, live in a lavish house? That’s not this story, you’ve read plenty of those. Girl meets boy, instant love, one problem, happily ever after, right?
But that’s not realistic, that’s a FANTASY. Stop indulging in fantasies and indulge in untold stories, look through life without a clouded judgement.

Sloane isn't your everyday novel lead, she isn't drop-dead gorgeous or sassy or the popular girl or the bullied kid. She's just *Sloane*, the girl you'll forget all about.The dorky kid, you'll love one day and forget the next. She isn't perfect or anywhere close, neither is he.  
Jay isn't popular or hot enough to make you drool, at least not for most people. He's just Jay. Insightful, considerate Jay. Just another boy.
But what happens when you meet someone so...right for you? Get married and have 2 kids, live in a lavish house? That's not this story, you've read plenty of those.
Girl meets boy, instant love, one problem, happily ever after, right?
But that's not realistic, that's a fantasy. Stop indulging in fantasies and indulge in untold stories, look through life without a clouded judgement.

Click this link to start reading!

Hear what everyone reading is saying:
“Love this so far! :revolving_hearts:” (@sincerely__ren)
“I started reading it and was like holy fuck this is good” (Jadzia Carter)
“Yooo ur book is :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:” (Vassvi)

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 10.58.03 am

Ava is no stranger to heartbreak and pain. Her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with her so called ‘best friend’ and the people who she thought cared about her, turned out to be toxic and fake. To make things even worse, Ava’s father treated her cruelly and made her believe she was worth nothing.

Ava decides to flee the town she once called home, in search for a fresh start. Upon arriving in St. Ray, Ava vows to leave the past behind, find herself again and maybe even love?

When she starts at a new school, she meets Daniel, a sweet and charming boy whose parents are going through a messy divorce. It doesn’t take her long to realise that he needs a friend just as much as she does. Figuring that there can’t be any harm with hanging out with each other, Ava lets her guard down.

Both lost souls, looking for something they didn’t realise they were searching for until they found each other.

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