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Read the next installment here➡️

When hard rockin’ Loretta Olsen is paid to babysit dissociative mental patient, Virgil Simos, she can’t help but see it as an easy score. Yet Virgil is a dissociative on a mission. Terrible secrets lie buried in his psyche, with Virgil determined to remember what he’s forgotten and why.

As he delves into his past he begins to fall for Loretta but when Loretta steals three hundred thousand dollars from the Bakken Cartel she and Virgil are forced to run. Ageing fixer Avan ‘Avalanche’ Jones is hired to hunt them down and return the missing money. Avan is a man on the edge and has as much need of three hundred thousand dollars as anyone else. In his way, Devils Lake police detective Karin Dietz, a woman unable to sleep yet determined to stop what is coming.

As their broken lives converge, Virgil must risk his fragile sanity to uncover the truth. Can he finally remember his terrible secrets and free himself from the past or is he about to learn what happens when you cross the Bakken Cartel?



The disappearance of a friend and millions of Francs worth of wine interrupts David’s buying trip in France when he pauses to assist and comfort his friend’s wife, Catherine. Their lives are threatened, the intensifying circumstances draw them closer together, and they uncover their buried traumas, insecurities and longings. This is a tale of mounting tensions, realisations and passions, woven through a gripping crime thriller on the Burgundy canals and in the French wine business of the 1980s.


What happens when you end up in a waiting room with no idea how you got there…with no escape?

When Tracy Hill mysteriously ends up in a strange waiting room with five other people, she must figure out how she got there and why she’s there. With a mysterious doctor that keeps coming to the waiting room and taking people one by one, Tracy must find a way to escape before she herself gets taken.

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Her Bleeding Heart

Woman’s obsession with her ex-boyfriend leads to extreme behaviors. This is a short story told through the eyes of a sociopath. A woman completely unable to feel anything for others in any meaningful way. She only sees her own wants and needs while confusing love with desire. This is not a love story. It isn’t even a revenge tale. This is about rejection and the total inability to accept it. You can run, but never far enough.

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Rebecca’s Bad Day
Daddy’s girl is going through some things.
After being abducted from a party she wasn’t supposed to go to, Rebecca Sterling finds herself discovering dark secrets about her family and her past.
Who is the woman who kidnap her ? Can it be that her whole life is nothing but a lie ? Can this fourteen-year-old withstand all the darkness? Or will she end up giving in to it and following a path to madness?
For now, let’s hope she can survive the day.

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There were two things Thana knew.
First, she didn’t kill her grandmother, despite being arrested for murder.
Second, she wanted revenge, and she didn’t know how she would get it.
Thana means death which is ironic because all she thinks about is to cause revenge on the person who wronged her, even if it means killing them.

Never trust a psychopath. Eventually he’ll get to you, too.

Flash Fiction

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For the residents of Fredrick street, life is just perfect in their small community. They have everything they ever wanted and more.Sarah has the family and the body she has always wanted while Jessica is a popular high school kid with grades as high as her popularity. Albert is retired with his wife of 60 years. Mark is one of the world’s best surgeons and his wife Kim, with her A-List movie start career, is expecting their first child. They have absolutely everything they ever wanted and live on the street with the kind of houses they dreamed of when they were little kids.Until the visions start and the memories that don’t belong to them are remembered.For the residents of Fredrick Street, life is just perfect and just perfect is just so. Unfortunately, the world has other plans.

Part I: The Strangeness of Fredrick Street is now available to read in full! Would love to have people read and let me know what you think!


When Lead Detective Eve Johnson and her partner are assigned to a case involving a gruesome murder of a young woman; she begins to uncover lies, deceit, betrayal and secrets. Things are about to take a dangerous dark turn for her when the truth begins to unfold. Is Everything always what it seems?