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Hi Wattpad Community,

Would really appreciate if you could take a moment to check out my book!

Thanks so much! Ana xx

Agent 411 works for the most powerful law enforcement body in the country, The Agency. After investigating a suspicious information breach at a murder scene, she stumbles upon an enemy greater than any she has ever confronted, a traitor in the ranks. The traitor has enlisted a serial killer to carry out contract killings. Can she find the killer before he finds her? Can she find the traitor before it’s too late?

Laura Reid is a teenager from a community town who finds herself traveling a journey she never wanted to take. Her high school sweetheart disappears after committing a crime against the state, leading to her town falling under the watchful eye of The Agency. Can Laura convince her community and the agency that she was not a coconspirator? Can the traitor be found before it’s too late?

One bird will fly, one bird will fall, and one bird will rule them all.

Book 1 of the series.

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Luke Ross led a perfectly normal life. Then he got hit by a car and suddenly everything changed. Forced into another kind of life and time, can Luke use his skills to evade the feds and change everything, once and for all?

I probably won’t post any new chapters till Wednesday, or Friday because I’m busy updating all the chapters I’ve already done.

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Ashley Everson is a young man with a dangerous job, but he lives for the thrill of stunt and daredevil work.

Until he came face to face with death.

The recovery was largely uneventful until Ash hears another voice talking in his head. Only there’s a small problem: he can’t understand a word it’s saying. As he comes to terms with being a host to this presence, Ash discovers a world beyond his own, where he’s hunted for reasons that may be tied to the being living inside him.


The disappearance of a friend and millions of Francs worth of wine interrupts David’s buying trip in France when he pauses to assist and comfort his friend’s wife, Catherine. Their lives are threatened, the intensifying circumstances draw them closer together, and they uncover their buried traumas, insecurities and longings. This is a tale of mounting tensions, realisations and passions, woven through a gripping crime thriller on the Burgundy canals and in the French wine business of the 1980s.

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No Good Neighbors READ HERE

Mr. and Mrs. Banks move to the suburbs, into the house of their dreams. At the same time, mysterious disappearances are being reported in their new neighborhood, with whispers of murder in the air. Having just moved in, the couple is labeled innocent by mostly everyone, but the police are firm in considering everyone as a suspect. As the investigation proceeds, the killer is nowhere to be found, but the secrets of the other residents slowly come to light. The Banks try their best to keep everyone calm, but in the face of a potential serial killer, their safety isn’t guaranteed either.

Updates every Monday & Thursday (or more!)


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