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Marvel fanfiction story - if you’d like to read-for-read with me, feel free to PM me on Wattpad :smile:


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Formerly called “Some Things are Meant to Endure”


Formerly called “A Warrior’s Heart”







Formerly Called “Please Stay”


First Place Winner in the Fallen Angel Awards for FanFiction
First Place Winner in The Excelsior Awards in the Mixed Category
July Winner in the Mystical Awards for FanFiction
Third Place Winner in the Fireworks Awards for Fanfiction


Second Place Winner in the Heavenly Awards for FanFiction
Second Place Winner in the Angel Awards for FanFiction

Coming Soon


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Title: Sailormoon: Reloaded

Fandom: W.I.T.C.H. / Sailormoon Crossover (Amalgamation X’over)

Summary: Everyone yearns for a new life at one time or another. For one particular girl and her five, fellow friends, this desire comes to full fruition, as they suddenly find themselves experiencing the adventure of a lifetime . . . or two.

Link: Sailormoon: Reloaded


Title: W.I.T.C.H.E.: Evolution

Fandom: W.I.T.C.H. / X-Men: Evolution Crossover (Amalgamation X’over)

Summary: A group of young women discover one by one that each possess extraordinary, and radically unique superpowers, and while they gradually learn to better harness these tremendous gifts, a yet to be detected evil vies to make the ultimate power his own. . . .

Link: W.I.T.C.H.E.: Evolution


Title: Harry Potter and the Collided Worlds

Fandom: W.I.T.C.H. /Harry Potter/Bishoujo Senshi Sailormooon Crossover

Summary: Every story has a beginning, and this one isn’t any different. ‘Certain’ letters addressed from a ‘certain’ school are arriving to two sets of ‘certain’ girls . . . while a ‘certain’ fated hero collects his thoughts within preparation for his final year at said ‘certain school. . . .’

Link: Harry Potter and the Collided Worlds


Title: The True Measure of Character and Confidence

Fandom: Barbie Movies

Summary: She successfully learned that no one can make her feel inferior without her consent. Now, she’ll soon learn that having courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace. They all will. [SEQUEL TO “BARBIE: PRINCESS CHARM SCHOOL”]

Link: The True Measure of Character and Confidence


Return to Middle Earth and meet all of our favourite dwarves again!
Where she is right

Tolkien/The Hobbit Fandom
This is the story of Dís, dwarven princess and sister of Thorin Oakenshield.WpTitelklein

Ach… Und übrigens! Es gibt die Geschichte auch im deutschen Original:
Wo sie recht hat


After Caroline Forbes wakes up as a vampire, she must learn to adapt to a whole new definition of “living”.

Learning how to survive without wiping out the population of Mystic Falls on a hunger binge would be impossible without the help of her friend, Stefan Salvatore… someone she craves more than blood.

When the brother of her history teacher goes missing, Caroline must overcome her fears, doubts, and insecurities in order to help her friends solve the mystery surrounding his disappearance.

But as they investigate, Caroline realizes there is a much bigger problem: a 500-year-old demon has awoken from its slumber.

And it’s hungry.

Open fanfiction - no prior knowledge of the TV show is required. Timeline is my own.
Chapters with graphic violence will always contain a warning.


:1st_place_medal: - Fanfiction - Bookiestars 2019
:1st_place_medal:- Fanfiction - The Dream Awards 2019
:2nd_place_medal: - Fanfiction - Love For Writing Awards 2019
:2nd_place_medal: - Fanfiction - Zodiac Awards 2019
:2nd_place_medal: - Fanfiction - 2019 Doughnut Awards
:2nd_place_medal: - Vampire - The Creativity Awards 2019
:2nd_place_medal:- Vampire - The Chaos Awards 7
:2nd_place_medal:- Vampire - The Cleaved Awards
:3rd_place_medal: - Fanfiction - 5th Ohana Awards

Read the story here!

book cover by andressavan
story ad by weirdpurplepanda


My Crush was a Monster Boy (Rantaro Amami x Reader)

Un petit one-shot inspiré par la chansons:
“My Crush was a Monster Boy” chanté par Gumi des vocaloid, interprété aussi par Fukase


Hope’s Peak Maternelle

Une petite série parodique de danganronpa.

Bienvenue à la maternelle de l’espoir!

Kokichi Ôma x OC
??? x Celestia Ludenberg x Nagito Komaeda (futur)


La voix des morts (Rantaro Amami x Reader)

(T/P)(T/N), Ultime Médium, se retrouve coincé dans un jeu de tuerie, avec seize autres étudiants, et elle est bien décider a empêcher le plus de meurtre possible. Mais tout ne vas jamais comme prévus…

En cours

One Step Closer

Link :

Genre : Fanfiction | Tragic love story

Status : Complete

Description :

❝Scared of losing her, lied to keep her safe.❞

A mafia’s love story full of regrets, depressing, anger and confession.

The story started when Park Jimin, a mafia’s heir fall in love with a cold-hearted girl, Min Y/N but everything changes with an incident. What will happen to both of them?

“Jimin, what am I to you?” - Y/N

“You’re my best friend of course. You’re like my lil sis y/n”. He lied knowing that his heart and hers will be going to break into pieces. To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful.


Link :

Genre: Thriller

Status: Ongoing

Description :
Little did Jungkook know that he was the caused of all this. The caused of all the pain that the girl had been through in her life. How can the man look so innocent when he was the one who caused this mess?

Jungkook started to fall in love with her but he felt guilty and worse, fear for the things that he had done. He afraid that the girl won’t forgive him for his sin. The worse nightmare that could bring his entire life downwards. There’s a demons live inside him.

How can he asked her for her forgiveness? How they can walk on the flower path together without hurting each other?


A fanfiction of the famous Norwegian TV series SKAM (which translated to a Shame in English). The story would follow the same plot but would include variations time to time.

Season 1 features Adriana coping up with the hardships of her relationship with Hans.

Season 2 features Brendan dealing with the struggles and acceptance of his sexuality.

Street Fighter: Fighting to Fight


Disclaimer: **THIS IS A FANFICTION OF THE FRANCHISE STREET FIGHTER. The story I tell here about my character and the other main characters in Street Fighter is my own invention, and it is not purported or believed to be part of Capcom’s story canon. This story is for entertainment only and is not part of the official story line. I am not profiting financially from the creation and publication of this story as this is purely for my own artistic expression and entertainment purposes. **

This story starts out with a 16 year old orphan named Erin in Killarney, Ireland. She was arrested for disorderly conduct at a local pub and was sent back to the orphanage after the owner of the bar decided not to press charges. After she was sent to her room, Erin had enough and ran away. She goes on an adventure to become a professional fighter and live in secrecy in hopes she will not get caught by the Irish authorities to be brought back to Ireland. While on her journey, she meets an unlikely ally, can she get along with them or will she have met her match?

Special Agent Loki Laufeyson

(Marvel/NCIS crossover)

After the devastating invasion of New York, the war criminal Loki is being punished. He has been sentenced to work for a mortal law enforcement agency, and S.H.I.E.L.D. has been given the task of choosing exactly which agency to send him to.

They chose NCIS.

Agent Gibbs and his team take on the rehabilitation of Loki Laufeyson reluctantly, not knowing what to expect from the Asgardian god of mischief. But Loki and the team get along better than anyone could have ever expected, to the surprise of both the team and Loki – and the timing is perfect, for the murder case NCIS is attempting to solve just got more complicated than anyone could have foreseen.

And Loki might just hold the key to solving it.

As NCIS might just hold the key to saving him.

@MarvelSocietys Marvel Book of the Month for November

Reviews: “The dialogue is very realistic…I really like how Loki’s lines all sound like something exactly he would say…my head automatically reads in Loki’s voice.…I felt like I was watching a movie….Your story is amazing and well written, and utterly hilarious. You have me on the edge of my seat….Everyone in Marvel is in character…At some points I forgot I was reading a fanfiction since you are so good at writing and grammer…This, this is amazing. I cannot stress enough.…this is gold, pure gold, please don’t ever stop!”


Contest of Champions

(A Marvel AU with a Hunger Games plot line)

In a galaxy where Infinity War happened about forty years before it was supposed to, Thanos rules the remaining population with his Infinity Gauntlet. And to celebrate the Balance he has brought to the universe, as well as his defeat over the rebel uprising that followed his victory, an annual Contest is hosted where two contenders, a male and a female, are chosen from each of the districts. They must participate in a fight to the death for the honor of the everlasting Balance, where only one can triumph above the others.

When Loki becomes a contender for the Contest, he is determined to do whatever it takes to win and fulfill his promise to his best friend. But to win, he will have to decide who he really is, who his allies are, and if he can even trust the advice of his enigmatic and seemingly hypocritical mentor.

Welcome to the Contest of Champions.

Reviews: “This is spectacular! I am in love with your writing….You deserve an award!!! Gosh, I wish I can vote for chapters more than once because ALL OF YOURS would have a million votes! How has this book not had 100k reads yet?”


Oswald Cobblepot, once king of Gotham, now left for dead by a man he once considered more than a friend.

With The Penguin’s empire taken from him, Oswald is left with nothing. Until he is saved by a mysterious woman who claims to only speak the truth. Sincerity Lovewell seeks to help Oswald rebuild his empire and take back his throne.

There will be death along the way. Heartbreak too. Oswald knows these things better than anyone, and he’s coming for the crown.


A stand-alone fanfiction for the TV show, Gotham, set in an alternative plotline to season 3.

Recommended for fans of the show, but available for any reader.

Click here to read:


Captain Hook is a man bound by a thirst for revenge, a dark-hearted villain who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. So when a mysterious young woman crosses his path with a way to kill the very man Hook despises, the pirate captain senses his moment of victory is near. But this beautiful, fiery woman is not what she seems, and Hook’s revenge may cost him more than he could ever have imagined.

This is a story of magic and murder, with a dash of betrayal, deceit, and lashings of fairytale villainy.

Fates collide, fantasies unravel, and stories are changed forever.


A Once Upon a Time fanfiction set in an alternate universe untouched by the Evil Queen’s Storybrooke curse. Featuring Captain Hook, Rumplestiltskin, and characters from fairytale and fiction.

Click to read:

The Revamped Nancy Drew Mystery Series is meant to act as an addition to the original series much of us grew up with a still adore today. Additionally, the books all have haunting and mythical undertones in them that add some extra excitement and wonder to the stories. Prepare yourself readers for a Nancy Drew Series unlike any ever seen before.

Revamped Nancy Drew Mystery Series in order

1.The Mystery Of The Ghost Maiden


Strange noises in the night and disappearing objects was not what Nancy Drew expected on her trip to see her great Aunt. After asking for details she learns of an old legend that states the house is haunted by a beautiful young ghost that looks like Nancy. Can Nancy, Bess, and George unravel this one-hundred-year-old mystery?

Click the link below to read.



Nancy Drew takes off on a trip for a much-needed relaxing vacation. Instead, she’s greeted by a strange gift shop, filled with hundreds of strange antiquities. Among them is a hidden mermaid figurine in a bottle, and quickly learns of its ancient legend, tinted with long-lost treasure. With her curiosity sparked Nancy goes out investigating but soon gets finds out there is more to this old legend than meets the eye. She must work quickly to unravel the age-old clues and outsmart some modern-day pirates.

Click the link below to read.


Nancy Drew has grown accustomed to the supernatural, but months of passive paranormal activity have left her believing her needs some excitement. She could be like any other 17-year-old attending parties and check out cute guys-except she discovers yet another mystery while staying at a haunted inn, a ghost named Emma shows up in the darkness of night dripping wet. Other strange things keep happening while the staff denies all. Yet another dream trip turns into a nightmare. Nancy enlists the help of a local spunky redhead, a detective much like herself. Can the girls figure out the secret of her death and why she can not pass on, or will the ocean wash them away?

Click here to read

  1. The Haunting of Castle Malloy

Nancy sets out to unveil a Ghostly Legend and to find a Vanished Groom! Touted as the most romantic event to grace the ruined halls of Ireland’s Castle Malloy, the Simmons-Mallory wedding was supposed to be a fairytale beginning, but now the groom is missing! Did a banshee crash the wedding or is this a case of cold feet? Nancy Drew, has to unravel the knot of scattered clues and scary superstitions? She will need to catch more than a bridal bouquet to make this a happily ever after!
Click here to read

Scarlet Swift, a spunky, bombshell teen is drawn into a ghostly mystery this time involving the wealthy Gray family. They contact her to help solve an old riddle left behind by a crazy dead uncle, who had hidden a fortune in the property decades before. She must hurry to find the treasure hidden on the vast haunted estate before the city can demolish the property. The more she digs into this mystery, it becomes that is a family is trying to keep something from her. What does this family have to hide that is worth killing Scarlet to keep it a secret?
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  “I Can See You Breathing”

Gumi plays guitar for The VocaLords.
And with her Vocalizer, she sings.
She also has the Power of God,
allowing her to sort Good from Evil.
The Good get to go home. The Evil go to Hell.
That is, until her whole world shatters.

To save herself, Gumi set Hell loose upon the world.
Worse than that, she sacrificed her band,
including her bass player and best friend, Miku.
All thanks to VioLinja, a violinist with a God Complex.

A very big God Complex.

On her own, Gumi must restore what Good is left in the World.

She doesn’t seem too worried. But she hasn’t met Gisella.

                            Or has she?

Find out in the Continuing Series

      On Wattpad
yn’s mom and dad were a happy couple and birthed their son yn to the world and decided to nurture him into a great fighter. yn did intense training for the last 19 years becoming the strongest Saiyan in existence.Yn becomes his own free man and explores the fairy tail universe discovering new opportunities in his life. he meets the girls in his harem along the way in his life that grows into each personal
intimate relationship. they are deeply in love with yn and would do anything for him.

yn decides to build a empire in his name called fairy tail so that he can live his dreams of getting stronger. each day is a new experience for the Saiyan


Supernatural fan fiction focusing and titular characters Sam and Dean Winchester and their relationship with the mysterious and witty hunter, Olivia. The more cases they work with her, the more questions arise as they learn the long and complicated background of their new friend.


Title: Starts With a Spin

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Summary: It started with the spin of a bottle, and now Harry and Draco have gotten themselves so far into their own game there’s almost no way out again. Except to keep playing. Posted through chapter 6, about 10 more to go.

Link: Starts With a Spin

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Leonor Scott is a bright witch with a troubled past. She moved through different countries and jobs to try her luck at Hogwarts. Leonor is curious to meet Albus Dumbledore. She worked for Gringotts and St. Mungo’s Hospital before she comes to Hogwarts and opens eventually an own apothecary in Hogsmeade. Severus Snape saves her soul from the Dementors, is the key to break an emphatic curse at Gringotts and brews the antidote for a poisoning at the Triwizard Tournament. The young woman longs for love, fights against pride and hate and conquers death. She has an interest in potions and the dark arts. Will Leonor be able to get what she wants and save herself? Is Severus going to use Leonor in exchange for Lily Evans or will he be able to start a new life? Will Trelawney’s prophecy finally come true or will both suffer from their past until they die?

Leonor Scott isn’t the hard, private person she appears to be. She has a secret; one that has made toughness necessary for her own survival. Severus Snape isn’t the unfathomable dark clad potions master. He hides a passion even stronger than the eternal love for Lily Evans. Dumbledore isn’t the omniscient professor. He gets fooled into believing that Severus just serves him alone and the Dark Lord to keep Harry Potter safe.

Book One: “A Long Way - Love, Pride, Hate, Death” starts at HP/Book 3 and continues to August 1995.

Leonor starts a job at Hogwarts to stand in for Remus Lupin at the full moon. She meets Severus Snape, and he is willing to help her with teaching. She is loyal to the Slytherins and Severus starts to trust Leonor slowly. They have both a liking for potions and are experts in the dark arts. It does not take long until they share parts of their miserable childhood and expose pieces of a vulnerable self. A year later Leonor returns to Hogwarts to support the Triwizard Tournament. It gives them the opportunity to share more time. Leonor and Severus attract each other when working together to find some remedy for the Crutiatus Curse, but Voldemort’s return brings no happy end to a secret romance. Leonor is hired by the Order of the Phoenix. She gets attacked by a werewolf because Lucius Malfoy betrays her name to the Dark Lord. In the aftermath Severus insults Leonor, and she flees the country with a broken heart.

Book Two: “A Long Way - Hope, Passion, Love, Life” starts in May 1996 and continues to the end of the Second Wizarding War and beyond.

Severus’ words bring Leonor out of balance. She disappoints the Order of the Phoenix, goes to Brazil, and a guilty conscience and grief encouraged her to bury herself in research. In the end, the witch befriends a wizard who never attracted her before. Some sense returns when Leonor meets somebody from her childhood. She meets her past and disposes the remains of her evil family. Soon enough the way forward is clear, and Leonor finds the way back to England and meets her fate. Severus and Leonor fight the Dark Lord together and create the family they both craved.


Life’s hard when you’re spending your time within dreams, but Giana doesn’t believe in this. Ever since she got her Red Crystal, her whole life took a turn once she fell asleep, every night.

After facing two dragons whom posed a threat to her and Maria, Giana finds herself entangled in another adventure. A new foe looms over a castle which lies within the Goth dreamland… a mysterious and uncharted place for the little blond to explore.

Using the tricks of his predecessors, the new evil uses Maria to lure Giana to his lair and finish the job that others couldn’t. Giana doesn’t waste a minute and rushes towards the new land where she will find new foes, obstacles and a powerful transformation that may or may not be the key to her success.

Note: This is not final. As more ideas come to me, I will add them to the story.

  • Cover edit by me -
  • Original picture by Pikomi -

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LINGUA: Italiana;
GENERE: Fan fiction (Dylan Sprouse/ Barbara Palvin)
TRAMA: Sarebbe stato facile. Sistemare tutto, intendo. Ma si può riparare qualcosa solo nel caso entrambe le parti si impegnino a raccogliere i pezzi. E lei non voleva aggiustare le cose. Se così fosse, sarebbe tornata. Non per altri; per tutti i bastardi che l’avevano ferita… Ma per me. Che l’avevo amata. Nonostante tutto.