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Drake Goldwing - Tomb of the Queen :fleur_de_lis:
cover1_2_original Sticker
“Do you believe in Lady Destiny dear friend? That she sees the people walking on this measly world and gives them greater purpose?”
“Well, the lady seems to find a liking in maniacs that’s for sure.”
“Right, you liked to use that word didn’t you?”

After begrudgingly taking his vacation, Drake returned to the Organization he works for and thought that this year would be just as usual as the others. However, to his dismay the Umbra Mage was very wrong this time around.
Faraway in Egypt, an old ruin is found in the desert and the Organizations researchers can’t explain how and why it suddenly appeared nor do they have a clue about its origin. It gets especially suspicious when their head archaeologist gets attacked by a mysterious foe in the middle of his investigation, and they have to call for back up.
Concurrently, new trainees are coming in and Drake is appointed Mentor to two teenagers with big goals of becoming great Mages respectively. They become his newest headache of the week as he tries to mentor them the best way he can while they learn to hone their unique abilities without causing a havoc.
With all that on the horizon, what adventure awaits this group? Well, there is only one way you can find it out, so go for it!
Have fun delving into a world full of magic, danger, mystery and interesting new people!


Title: Plum Blossom Chronicles
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Link: Plum Blossom Chronicles
The Archives stores all the information of our the world we live in. A place where mythology of the ages progressed at the same time in parallel universes without the knowledge of the Earth’s humankind. Only the privileged ones - the archivists - are aware and their only task is to watch and document.

However as the Rebellion opening all doors of the universes within the far-eastern regions the peace slowly turns into chaos. With the patron god of the Chinese Region missing and demons coming over to Earth, Liu HongJi knows that ‘watching’ won’t be enough anymore.

Secretly going against his organization, infiltrating the universe of Diyu with the help of a demon lord on his side, who has questionable motives and connections. They try to uphold the fragile safety of the world they live in.

1st Place Adventure- Skyfall Awards
1st Place in Adventure for Cherry Blossom Awards
3rd Place in Fantasy for the Hidden Gem Awards

‘An impending war between Mermaids and Mermen is brewing, an enemy hell bent on sabotage for his own agenda and a prophecy begging to come true. Only one can fulfill it. Her name is Aquamarine and she doesn’t know it yet but her world is about to be turned upside down. Join her on her adventure of self-discovery, acceptance and friendship as she finally helps to right one the most disastrous wrongs in Merfolk history. All while keeping her magical secret even in the face of hopelessness.’

Fantasy Tales Series Book #1

This story is now completed and under editing! Have fun reading the full story! I also fully intend to make this a series, as such this is the first book in the series. Each book will about a different supernatural species.


207640924-256-k503384 (1)


There’s a monster underneath Ida’s skin and it’s getting harder and harder to keep it in.
Seventeen is rough for anyone, but when you’re half Fae with powers you don’t understand, going through ‘changes’ feels like too much of an understatement.

Desperate for answers, Ida runs away from home and the protected sphere of London only to find herself taken in by the wild, Children of the Underground - the lost and abandoned offspring of Humans and Fae. Free from rules and parents, Ida and her new friends run amok across the beach and streets of Brighton, armed with youth, beauty and the Faerie drug Bliss, they feel untouchable.

But all good things must end. When innocent people start turning up dead, apparently attacked by strange creatures, Ida might just find herself caught up the sinister games that the Fae like to play with human lives.

(Prologue and first chapter have just gone up!)



Link: Stolen Suns
Chapters: Posted up to chapter 3, weekly chapters planned!

Once a year, the Kith swarm the tunnels beneath the city-- grinning and giggling and gnashing sharp teeth --where they wait for the empress to fulfill her promise. Caught in their whispering lies are Alexis, a kind but strict officer of the law; Runa, a child who is no one; and her best friend, Briony, whose savage will to live could shatter a balance sustained for three hundred years.


Small Towns in America have a way of enforcing conformity.

High School outcast Samantha Jenkins always had a hard time fitting into the expected mold.

Quirky and opinionated with a dark sense of humor, she’s no one’s idea of a hero. Unfortunately, when orcs invade and start abducting people, she may be the only hope humanity has left.

Can one sarcastic girl and her Golden Retriever save the world … or are we all doomed to servitude.


Progress: 29 chapters so far and the first of three story arcs has been completed. Further chapters are going in regularly. I make a point of always writing my stories to completion.

One Moment in Time

WhaleCoast Academy isn’t a usual academy, taking in those born with special talents, but the truth behind the Academy’s true intention and the strange project known as Project Blue slowly resurfaces as a group of teenagers slowly uncover the truth and the menacing truth behind why they are here.

Welcome to WhaleCoast Academy

Progress One chapter uploaded currently with loads of lore and planning built behind it.

One Moment in Time legal 1c
One Moment in Time

Title: When Angels Fall
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Romance + LGBT themes
Progress: Ongoing, with 6 short chapters (Regular updates)

A misstep during an altercation with her brother, finds Sofiel plummeting down from the heavens –alongside her wayward brother. The road to recovery after her fall is a long and treacherous one. But in her time spent in the mortal realm, Sofiel has borne witness to the many atrocities of humanity that her brother so speaks of, and gradually, she loses faith.

And an angel who has lost their faith has all but one fate – to succumb and fall.

Though, it all changes when Sofiel chances upon Abigail Hope, a blessed mortal who is more to her than meets the eye. And for the first time in a long time, Sofiel allows herself to hope again.


Sofiel wheezes; an ugly, ragged sound that tears right through her being, rattling her ribs as she gasps and struggles for air. She gags, choking back on the gurgle of ichor - the blood of the angels - rising up the back of her throat, only to flood back down into her lungs, drowning her.

Being an immortal, Sofiel has always been what the mortals on Earth would deem invulnerable.

But for the very first time, she bleeds.

She hurts.


The Crown Prince

Hild is a Valkyrie, sworn to protect the interest of the gods in the nine worlds.
But there is a darkness coming …
Whispers say the enemy will die a certain death and that the royal children will do it.
That puts the Royal family of Midgard in grave danger.

The royal city of Rome is hidden with a magic dome, the dome hides the magic world from the human world. The king and queen of Rome have three sons destined to kill Surt, the enemy to the gods and magical creatures of the rest of the Nine worlds. At a visit to the royal city, Hild and her Valkyrie sisters find evidence that the enemy is a lot closer to accomplishing his goal than anyone could imagine. The question is; Will they be able to stop him before it is too late.

Every Witch Way But Up - Currently featured on the Hidden Gems list!

On a terrible blind date courtesy of her baby-crazy father, Blago encountered a dead body. As a witch with no training, no familiar, and no interest in the guy who insisted he walk her home, it seemed to Blago like the perfect out. Instead, she wound up coerced into investigating a serial killer intent on sucking the magic out of members of Toronto’s magical community, including one of Blago’s friends.

(This story is complete with new parts posted Wednesdays and Saturdays.)

Read it here!

Can’t upload the cover :frowning:

Titolo: Overtime Journey
Autore: K3yz4n
Stato: in corso
Lingua: Italian
Trama: Il mondo non esiste più.
Poche persone potevano prevederlo, ma nessuno ha fatto niente.
L’unica speranza per l’umanità è convincere il responsabile che gli esseri umani meritano di vivere.
E’ così che inizia il viaggio dei prescelti per ricostruire un pianeta sul rischio del collasso.

Ovviamente questo non è tutto, quindi conto su di voi per eventuali feedback sulla storia!

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