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I love vampires :vampire:‍♀

I Will Know Thee By The Light of The Moon

Eliane has lived countless centuries, driven forth by bloodthirsty desire and detachment. Haunted by the lives she has lived, she recalls the many she has witnessed in passing. Ruled by primal urges, she was satisfied with removing herself almost entirely from the mortal realm, that is, before meeting an influence powerful enough to stir her from her usual habits.
Her journey is painfully illuminating as she experiences loss complicated by the passing of ages thanks to the development of extrasensory abilities, immortality, and a proclivity for falling in love with women in the direst circumstances.

Queen of the (1)

Status: Ongoing


Summary: Twenty-three year old Varsha has only one thing in mind-making enough money to send her two siblings Paris and Martin to college. She has no time for romance, despite her younger siblings protests-until she meets Doctor Nikolai Romanoff, the mysterious, yet polite Russian doctor of Bloodhill. The attraction between the two grow thick, and obvious, up until Paris and Martin are kidnapped by a sinister man from Nikolai’s past. When everything Varsha thought she knew about the world turns out to be a lie, can she learn to escape her safe little bubble and discover the real meaning behind the name Bloodhill? Can she break the barriers of a broken Russian prince and claim her title?

Hope you guys enjoy the story!

Trailer For The Original “Gone From Daylight” vampire ebook series -




Monstrous Moonshine

"Sydney expected to spend his summer lounging by a pool in a glitzy hotel or reading by the fireplace at home. However, when his mother must leave to attend a summit in Germany, and with the rest of his family spread far and wide across the world, he’s sent to spend the summer with his cousin Saskia, who unfortunately booked the two of them into a group holiday for “privileged” teens like the two of them.

But things only get worse once he finds out, during a date in Saint Petersburg, that his cousin is actually a vampire and that more of his fellow travelers might conceal similar, monstrous identities. As his journey takes an unpredictable turn he could’ve never possibly imagined, he also finds out someone out there is hunting “monsters” like Saskia and the others teens, some of whom will end up being the best friends he’s ever had.

"Monsters is a very confusing word… and it might not apply to the things that go bump in the night after all, but rather, to the very people you know and love. The question remains, however…

“…is being a monster really such a bad thing?”

Inspired by the likes of Twilight, Vampire Knight, Diabolik Lovers and KLAP, but with a decidedly male demographic twist."