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Silverwood, Prequel of the Creatures of the Night Series by Eli Cartwright (Ongoing)


Silverwood - a simple place.

In the late 1800’s, Silverwood is a booming home of economics and trade. The family owned and operated Hallewell Textiles is sending the town into a massive surge of profit, saving them from the devastating and mysterious disappearance of the rare Silverwood Diamond. It would seem as if all is well for this apparently quaint and industrial town, but things are not always as they seem.

When a frightening attack leaves an elite member of society dead, with only two bite marks and no blood in her veins, Silverwood falls into a widespread panic of mass hysteria. While the town’s government attempts to convince the public from feeling any sense of fear or worry, some citizens take action, searching for clues as to what strange creature has attacked this poor girl, and who it might strike next.

You can read Silverwood at

Eternity, Book One of the Creatures of the Night Series by Eli Cartwright (Complete)


All Ashley’s life has ever been is normal. She’s lived in a normal house, with a normal family, in the most normal town. But there are secrets behind the normal walls of Silverwood. Strange things happen to ordinary people. Missing person reports are filed every single day. Yet the people of Silverwood are seemingly oblivious to the things around them. Everyone chooses to ignore the “creatures” that lurk the streets at night. Ashley will soon realize that she can no longer ignore the strange happenings of Silverwood, and is going to have to face them, whether she would like to or not.

You can read Eternity at

Sight, Book Two of the Creatures of the Night Series by Eli Cartwright (Complete)


It’s been four months since Ashley, James, George, and Sadie defeated Matt and his evil army of Vampires known as the Scarlet Night. But Ashley has been having dreams - strange and horrifying dreams of Matt’s return. Meanwhile, Sadie has begun to practice magic again and is learning from Mr. Williams, her new and very powerful mentor. Life in Silverwood has returned to its seemingly normal state. However, things aren’t always as they seem. Something is lurking beneath the town of Silverwood. Something big and even more powerful than Matt himself. Something that could destroy Silverwood and the world.

You can read Sight at

Fireheart, Book Three of the Creatures of the Night Series by Eli Cartwright (Complete)


Time has passed for Ashley, George, James, and Sadie. Now in the senior year, strange attacks begin to threaten the four friends. On top of that, James forms a strong bond with a new student named Liam, who also seems to be threatened by these attacks. At the same time, James knows that his relationship with Marina is falling apart but still hopes to build it back together. Meanwhile, as Ashley and George consider life after high school, they wonder if marriage is the best idea for them, and start to second guess their relationship. Sadie tries to pull her life together after her near-death experience puts things in perspective. Overall, these four friends are in for one hell of a ride and will either survive or burn up in flames…

You can read Fireheart at

<img src="" width=300 />

All Rachel Livingston wanted was a normal life but she stumbles into a world she didn’t know existed. A world where creatures of the dark and light live off the energy of other beings. A world where battles have raged over the centuries and creatures have fought for power and dominance.

Rachel has unintentionally bonded to Vlad, a creature of the darkness, a vampire. Desperate to break the bond, Vlad discovers that Rachel is the rarest creature of them all, the Aphrodite.

Lurking in the shadows is a creature so evil the world cannot hold his body. A creature who has for centuries, killed every Aphrodite that lived, the Abaddon. Desperate to find the rare Aphrodite, the Abaddon must find a way to re-materalize on earth. If Vlad cannot break the bond before the Abaddon arrives he will be forced to fight the ultimate creature of darkness.

Regular Updates



The village of Kirkby Norton has a dark history that residents like to ignore nowadays. A tuberculosis epidemic in 1946 made their ancestors believe it was the work of undead demons and were known to behead corpses as protection. A fun project in researching family history leads Caleb Corelli to discover that there was a supernatural threat to the village all those years ago. His twin brother, Luca, thinks it was crazy superstition.

Until Caleb is also afflicted with the same virus that killed their ancestors.

Until Caleb returns from the grave.

You can read the story here:


Click on cover to read

This is NOT a romance between the main character and some hunky guy.

These are the adventures of vampire Lena as she lives her life from day to day alongside her human flatmate Carmen. Together they encounter human rights activists (not what you think), overly attached exes, vampire geeks, quarrelsome shapeshifters, some really chill people, and a boy band.

Let’s Go For A Pint is a satire/genre parody revolving around tropes associated with vampire fiction.

Season 1 is up with occasional editing and bonus content being done.


And be sure look for some of my other eBooks, such as the first three books of the thrilling vampire saga, “Gone From Daylight”!!!

“Gone From Daylight” Video Trailer Here:




A young adult in clan of vampires hunters, Nikita is still in training and struggling to win the approval of her father. He wants her to carry on the family tradition, but that seems to be impossible for her. A dumb mistake has left her with a secret, one that could bring shame, exile, or even sentence her to death.

Table of Contents
First Part


Hey y’all!

After some convincing from her father’s old contacts Rhys Smith, a vampire, relocates to Los Aventis, California with her mother after the murder of her father. She starts her freshman year at the University of Los Aventis (ULA) and makes her first friend in Nicki Riqueti.

Carlisle Di Cello, the head of the Silver Syndicate, comes from an old vampire family with a penchant for their dramatic flair. His favorite saying is “It’s nothing personal, just good business…” and he uses it almost every day. When a unique opportunity presents itself, he grabs it with both hands and keeps it in a vice grip. On a rare occasion his interrogation took place in his pharmacology lab, where he made the accidental discovery of a new drug. Two businesses clash when the venom of an imprisoned vampire spills onto the lab bench and inadvertently a white powdery substance called Blitz, another drug introduced by the rival gang, Enigma.

Silver Sugar is born.

Despite the massacre of Luca and his older brother Colyn Tripoli’s family by a pack of werewolves and the fact that they were left for dead as children, they both cherished Dr. Di Cello and his wife who took them in and raised them as their own. It’s now Luca’s sophomore year in college and when a new girl rolls into town, he is seriously startled when something within him recognizes her as “the one.”

Click Here to Read Silver Sugar!

Hope y’all enjoy!

  • J. Dior


Way of the Vampire :


“You are funny, young one, and I appreciate your boldness. That is why I offer you my deal one more time-” he said too sweetly before his entire aura changed once more. His eyes flashed dangerously, pearly white fangs discending behind cracked lips and I was back against the wall once more, “before I rip you to shreds.”

The threat shook me to my very core. Waves of power beat against my skin, searing cool flesh. I would have whimpered had I not schooled myself in giving away nothing when in pain. He would kill me. I had no doubt. Just like I did not doubt that if he had decided to accept my challenge, I would have been killed in seconds. I now had only two choices; accept his offer or run…and fast.


Shylah is a young vampire, young by the ancients standards at least, yet she’s managed to gain and keep an entire city as her own. She hunts where she likes and trusts no one.

Except one night, when one of the mysterious Imprisoned appears and demands she give back what she took, his city.

But is that all he wants from her, and how much will she be willing to give…


Title: Only Human


Dayah is the lady-in-waiting to the youngest member of the royal Petrov family. She is protected from all harm and danger any vampire could inflict upon her and often forgets just how human she is. While living among the royals, Dayah must learn how to wield her power without invoking the wrath of every court member in the castle while also attempting to help her people rise above the dreaded conditions they live in. As Dayah finds herself defying death more than once, she struggles to find the motives behind these attacks all while balancing her new found duties as the first human Emissary in the Kingdom of Teyrle’s history. She’s hated now more than ever before and despite the support of her friends, she knows one wrong move can have her…peacefully removed. Through all of this Dayah constantly has to remind herself that she is only human: but is that truly her biggest weakness?




I HAVE BEEN ALIVE SINCE 1776, and have seen everything. Yet nothing can deny me the beauty that is the beauty of the judge’s daughter, Marguerite Pierre. A woman in her teens with curly dark hair and deep brown eyes, she is Creole and her family has been here for only a while now and when I had arrived in New Orleans; I had been given the opportunity to stay on their property. Tonight, to celebrate the fact that Judge Pierre had won a case so as music was in full swing – I move through the crowd to find Marguerite.

Here she was, dressed in red and a flock of men surrounds her yet she pays no attention to them. Moment her eyes meet mine, she excuses herself. I offer her my hand and the two of us move to the dance floor. Truth be told, I have been courting her in secret for a while now, and she knows what I am.

“Louis,” She says quietly, “I have decided what I want.”

“Marguerite…” I warned, “You do not want this life.”

“I know exactly what I want,” She says, her eyes piercing into mine, “and you are what I want.”

“Then meet me at the guest house at midnight,” I tell her, “tell no one where you are going.”

She smiles, as the party dies out – I find myself waiting in the night. Listening for the sound of Marguerite’s heart. Nothing, yet. Without a sound, I was at her door. I open the door to reveal Clay Laurent. Blood on his hands and my Marguerite lay dead on the ground.

“What have you done?” I ask, containing myself before thinking of ripping his throat out.

“I… I wanted her to choose me…” Clay stammers

In a speed faster than he can blink, I had him at the throat against the wall. My fangs make their appearance as I felt my rage boil over.


Tears flooded his eyes as he managed to speak, “I… didn’t… mean… to hurt her.”

“I should skin you alive,” I hissed, “or cut you from your groin to throat.”

I let him go, dropping him on the floor. He laid on the floor, muttering nonsense as he curled into a ball and sobbed.

“No… I have a better punishment for you,” I say, hovering over him.

“What… what are you going to do to me?” He asked, quivering.

“I will let you live with your mistakes, I will let you watch those you love - slowly waste away,” I said, “I will make you into what I am, a vampire.”

I grab him again and in a second, my fangs pierce is his neck. Draining him dry and then dropping his corpse before making a cut in my wrist and hovering it over his mouth. He awakes, coughing as if he had been saved from drowning. I grab him by the fabric of his shirt; a growl erupting from my throat, “You will live forever with the haunting image of Marguerite Pierre, the love of my life. It is of your selfishness, that I curse you. For eternity. To watch those you care for, wither away.”

I venture out into the night, parting from Clay and away from Louisiana.![2018-12-05|256x400](upload://hO8eR3Ux8JIvtr4VutE08xQg2LP.png)


Quinn has never known perfection. The concept wasn’t entirely foreign, but it was something she had never witnessed firsthand. Who can when perfection is only a perception? She believed that until she first laid eyes on Daniel. To Quinn, Daniel lived the perfect life. He had money, women, fast cars and appeared to never have worked a day in his life. And she hated that. When Daniel took an interest in her, she finally understood perfection, she was witnessing it in the man before her. However, despite the fact fate wants them together, the supernatural realm doesn’t.

Story can be found @Hawk_Girl


Emily, who’s a kind of a girl, that wants to chill around and have fun but shes too focused due to her studies, which is tedious and then this guy appears to her life and make vast changes. Not to mention, a hot guy ^^. *FOR YOUR INFORMATION: This is not like twilight (-_-). #ROMANCE #VAMPIRE #STRONG-WOMAN