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Short description: A young adult in a clan of vampires hunters, Nikita is still in training to become one and struggling to win the approval of her father. He wants her to carry on the family tradition, but that seems to be impossible for her. A dumb mistake has left her with a secret, one that could bring shame, exile, or even sentence her to death.

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Longer description: In a world with telepaths and vampires, Nikita comes from a clan that have been vampire hunters for centuries. There’s a deep rift between the telepath clan and the vampire hunter clan. They have a peace treaty, but there’s still hate there for some. Nikita wants to live up to the legacy left behind by her mother, but fears she may never develop the super-human strength needed to join the ranks along her father and best friend from childhood, Daz. He’s half telepath, which has left him as an empath. He is the first hunter to lack the strength of one; instead, he uses his empathy to help find vampires and their victims during attacks. One night this includes Nikita. She tries to tell herself everything is fine, but then the nightmares start. She tries to insist her sudden dislike of food is just a stomach bug, but a new thirst develops in her.

If you give a read, I hope you enjoy it. This is still a work in progress, and I would love any feedback I can get.


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This is NOT a romance between the main character and some hunky guy.

These are the adventures of vampire Lena as she lives her life from day to day alongside her human flatmate Carmen. Together they encounter human rights activists (not what you think), overly attached exes, vampire geeks, quarrelsome shapeshifters, some really chill people, and a boy band.

Let’s Go For A Pint is a satire/genre parody revolving around tropes associated with vampire fiction.

Season 1 is up with occasional bonus content and editing being done


By Miss Anjou

Andrew is the son of a Baron, religious, has recently started his own publishing company, and is looking forward to getting married, but with the news of his fiance’s death he cascades into depression. Seeing suicide as his only relief he jumps from his balcony but he finds a new beginning instead of an end. Will Andrew be able to handle this new life of his? Or will it just continue to tear him apart?

ongoing; 13 parts published


The City of Eternity was once a harmonious city named Barewood - a city filled with human life. A city of people working to live - office jobs, construction work, healthcare, grocery shopping, all of the things that go into living.
This was until the emergence - the creatures that hid deep down below the city had risen after growing tired of fighting each other and begun to feast on the people above; both willing and unwilling (…)

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I told him to stay away.
I told him he would die if he kissed me.
But, did he listen?




“Fear cuts deeper than swords.” - George R.R Martin

Wicked, nefarious, vile, and malicious are just a few of the words used to describe a cursed. But what is a cursed? A cursed being is a mixture of both vampire and wolf DNA. They are stronger and faster than any vampire or werewolf and are feared by many. Imagine a life where everyone either eyes you in disgust, fear, or awe. A life where almost all of your decisions can make or break how you appear to your fellow townsfolk. Now add in conviving friends, princess responsibilities and fear. That is Olivia P. De’Auvergne and this is how her world fell apart.


164325679-176-k216044 Emily, who’s a kind of a girl, that wants to chill around and have fun but shes too focused due to her studies, which is tedious and then this guy appears to her life and make vast changes.
Not to mention, a hot guy ^^.

*FOR YOUR INFORMATION: This is not like TWILIGHT (-_-).


<img src="139421743-176-k620331 " width=300 />

Reality is harsh so you need to be stronger.

People use you, so if you do not want to be used use them and go to the top.

But something had happened… the life I had known was changed, my opinions had changed. Of my world and how it worked. And it was a wake-up call to many who ignored the signs that were very vibrant.

Arrogance and apathy will lead the world we know into destruction. I, we do not have regrets finding out about the serects, because then we would have always spent our days not knowing the truth. And we would never have known what that truth truly meant.


Join Ethan a 160 (16 in human years) old Vampire on his journey to save his world from power crazy vampires and see how everything changes for Ethan and his Friends when they find a Vampire that is not supposed to exist!