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Shadowbrook: Once Hungry, Twice Bitten
Mature Read (Nothing mature as of yet)

If you like mysterious and solitude, then Shadowbrook is the town for you.
One rule, just don’t stay out after dark.
Oh, and try to not get bitten.

Erika Smith is a shy girl dealing with an illness, only to have her world turned upside down. Shadowbrook becomes her home where she finally feels she belongs. She hasn’t felt that in such a long time. Erika learns many things along the way, one being love. What she doesn’t know is what hides in the shadows when the sun goes down. It is the test of time for Erika as she battles for her life, hiding a secret that could change everything for the residents of Shadowbrook and of course, the undead.

WARNING- Marked for Mature Readers. Some parts of the story may be triggering to some readers with self-harm and those who suffer from Alcohol abuse.

Highest Rankings-
#2 Darktimes
#12 Dreamworld
#16 Solitude
#17 Full moon
#25 Bitten
#33 Bloodlust
#82 Fangs

The city of Hellwood is one of monsters. Humans live in harmony with dragons, elves, dwarves, vampires, lycans, and many other mythical humanoids. Now in its modern era, Hellwood has the convenience of technology as an asset blended with magic, which is beneficial for all involved, of course. Well, not really.

A corrupted vampire-hunter organization disguised as an important police force known as “The Preservation” are doing everything in their power to eradicate the population of vampires that live within the city. As irony would have it, they toss anyone that suspects them into a labyrinth that traps an ancient, powerful vampire. There has yet to be a survivor from his grasp.

A brave elf known as Delilah goes undercover and breaches The Preservation. All goes well until she’s ratted out and tossed right down into the labyrinth herself. However, perhaps the monster within will listen to her story and how she’s truly on his side…

Note: This story is more about action and character development. There will be sex scenes though, when it fits. Not all that many, though, since the primary focus is story development.


Warrick’s beloved brought color to a colorless world. Living in the vampyric world of black and white was underwhelming but when his wild rose made her appearance he didn’t want to go back. All Warrick wanted was to be enveloped in her vibrancy and love. Warrick thought he had ensure her safety but then the unthinkable happens.

Nesrin didn’t care for vampyres, they made her physically ill and uncomfortable. When she met Warrick things turned upside down for her. He was the first vampyre that didn’t make her feel ill and she had the strangest feeling she’d met him before. Nesrin can’t fight the urge to be around him.

They begin to explore Warrick’s painful past and Nesrin’s since of deja vu with him. Can they work through their reluctance to be with each other? Or is history set to repeat itself for Warrick?

Click on cover to read

This is NOT a romance between the main character and some hunky guy.

These are the adventures of vampire Lena as she lives her life from day to day alongside her human flatmate Carmen. Together they encounter human rights activists (not what you think), overly attached exes, vampire geeks, quarrelsome shapeshifters, some really chill people, and a boy band.

Let’s Go For A Pint is a satire/genre parody revolving around tropes associated with vampire fiction.

Season 1 is up with edits happening when they happen

Please check out my story!

PREY: The Eden Waters Series book one


My name is Eden Waters and my life is far from normal.

I’m part of the Paranormal Crime Division and my job is to punish paranormal creatures that don’t follow the law. My everyday life has always been weird but when a string of murders happen my life is turned completely upside down. Join me as I work with an infuriating master vampire and a charming alpha to solve these murders. Will we catch the killer? God, I hope so.


The village of Kirkby Norton has a dark history that residents like to ignore nowadays. A tuberculosis epidemic in 1946 made their ancestors believe it was the work of undead demons and were known to behead corpses as protection. A fun project in researching family history leads Caleb Corelli to discover that there was a supernatural threat to the village all those years ago. His twin brother, Luca, thinks it was crazy superstition.

Until Caleb is also afflicted with the same virus that killed their ancestors.

Until Caleb returns from the grave.

A late-night knock on the back door is the beginning of a whole new life for Kate Kilmer and her siblings. The siblings meet R. K. Rose, a villainous vampire from another dimension who is after their family diamonds as well as the Kilmer’s special powers. However, the Kilmer’s weren’t aware that they or the diamonds had powers. Kate has visions, her twin Jessica can control the weather, her brother Matt can jump dimensions, her sister Ashley can know everything about a person just by looking at them, and they all have the power to raise the dead. And the diamonds? They protect one from most forms of death. R. K. wants the diamonds and their powers so he can become the most powerful vampire throughout all the worlds and take back the human world for his own. The Kilmers know they need to stop him.



The Savage Forest

Genres: Post-apocalyptic, fantasy, supernatural, vampire, werewolf, horror

Summary: In the midst of post-apocalyptic earth, where supernaturals have overthrown the humans and the world continues in bloody chaos, one young woman fights for survival, battling the demons on the outside as well as the inside…

Meet Aubrey Marshall, an 20 year old with teeth as sharp as her tongue, who lives in a underground shelter built by her missing father, rejected from the newly named world, Prodigium, because of her pariah status as a Dhampir.

After injuring herself in a fight with a couple of ravenous zombies, she meets Jerrica Quincheski, a level headed, but violent when she needs to be she-wolf who is trying to find a way into The Crimson City, the primary district for elite vampires to live in solitude behind a towering wall of pale stone.

However, they must first cross the dreaded Savage Forest, where cannibalistic zombies, mutated animals and various other supernaturals run wild between it’s infamous red leaf trees rumoured to feed off of the carnage that occurs there.

With her own desire to find her father, not to mention her mysterious vampire mother (who supposedly lives in The Crimson City) and to escape the lonely wasteland she feels unfairly trapped in, Aubrey leaves the shelter behind and accepts the challenge.

The two set off on a journey of violence, friendship, disappointment and death while also finding the blessings in their curses along the way.


I’m old and not quite sure how Wattpad works, but here goes!


I spun the book rack in the shitty gas station looking for something passable to read. A trucker leaving the showers gazed at me lasciviously. He was missing several teeth. I smiled inwardly while thinking about the Ka-Bar concealed in a holster at my waist. Let him try to get something from me. Returning to the rack, I grabbed the first novel I saw with an interesting cover and flipped it over to read the description on the back: “Antoinette thought she’d never find true love until she met the vampire Renaldo at a university frat party…” With an angry huff, I slammed the book back into the wire holder, causing the flimsy metal rack to shake. Another goddamned vampire romance novel.

If only these people knew what it was really like. Real vampires were either monsters or assholes. There was no in-between. And romance with one? Ha! Maybe when hell freezes over…

*This is a draft of a few chapters from a book I’m writing . I love writing for fun and want to see if anyone is interested in reading this.
*Also, fair warning, this story contains unsavory language and depictions of mental disorders, violence, scenes of non-gratuitous romance and other not safe for works things. Oh, and there’s alcoholism, too.

Anyway, here you go…now how in the heck do I find the link to share???

Found it!: