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The Lycan’s Secrets


After capturing the intruder in her house, Helena is excited to find out that he is none other than her mate. He exceeds her every expectation and thought she ever had about him. He’s charming, strong, gentle and… a lycan.
No matter how much Keiran tries to win her trust and put his past behind his back, where it belongs, it comes, haunting him. It tries to ruin his relationship with the one meant for him - Helena.
When the shadows from his secrets find him and threaten their lives and peace, Keiran and Helena are forced to make decisions that could change everything. They are forced to test their relationship and their own strength. They are about to face Keiran’s worst enemies in the worst possible way.
Who knew the people that should be the closest to you could turn into your deadliest nightmare?


I shivered as I felt his breath on my neck.
“You have no idea what you do to me,” he growled, his hand moving down my body, his fingers grazing my stomach.
I leaned back into him, trying to stay upright as my knees threatened to give way.
“You belong to me now, understand?”

Kailee has just finished her university degree, and along with her younger sister, are spending the summer at their Nanna’s house whilst she waits for the end of summer so she can begin her graduate program placement. However, when she meets the mysterious Drew, all of her worries get turned on their head. Will she get dragged into a world that she’s not ready for?


Here my story :heart_eyes:

‘Persephone!’ A voice booms in the empty hall.

‘I was-- I was just wandering if I could go out for a run?’ I state lowering my head.


‘But Mother I haven’t shift for two months…’

‘I said NO Persephone’ her voice bellows. ‘Go back to your room’ she orders.

‘Yes Mother’


Amanda is looking forward to life after High School with her best friend Jane. Her life quickly takes a different course when she meets Julian.
Copyright ©2019. All Rights Reserved.

Writer: @bleu12
Status: Ongoing

I just uploaded the first chapter so go ahead and check it out. Please let me know what you think of it.


Rosalind Richards is a Fire Elemental, a weapon of destruction. When given the order to murder more wolves, she flees. Forced to uncover secrets of her past, Rosalind must find whom to trust and whom to push away.

When two worlds meet,
and collide
A Dutch civil engineer student, on a internship in NY. What happens when she decides to have a one night stand, and he turns out to be the soon-to-be Alpha of the biggest and strongest pack out there in America. Not only did she sleep with him, she’s his mate.

And he will stop at nothing to make her his. Because she is his, and only his. 

What happens when a normal human being is thrown into the world of packs, werewolves and stuff like that. And her world suddenly isn't as innocent as she thought it was.

Follow how the story of Lotte and Oliver develops, will a one night stand turn into something more, or will Lotte run away. Afraid of him, the most feared and baddest Alpha leader, Oliver Hunt. 


After having talked for about another half an hour we’re finally done. I pick up the newspaper, and I start reading it without looking at the front page picture.
James O’Donnell new love interest? Who is this mystery girl.
James is always at it a total player, I look up at the picture of James and his ‘mystery girl’. A loud growl erupts my throat, you can see James sitting at a table in a restaurant in a romantic setting, with his hand on the mystery girl’s hand. And sitting opposite James is the so called ‘mystery girl’
Lotte Heide
I throw everything around in my office that I can get my hands on, there are holes in the wall everywhere, and here I am sitting admits the rampage, with bloody and a glass off whiskey.



After experiencing a surreal dream that seams to leave an impact on a young girl named Coral, she begins a new life in Crescent Oak that starts out like any other high school teenager’s, until she meets Heath, a handsome and mysterious young man who’s about to show her a much darker and dangerous world. What seems to be the start of a normal high school year suddenly turns into a tale of danger and romance involving entities invoked in a mortal struggle.

Copyright © 2018 by Zoë Gonzalez (revansgirl on Wattpad). All rights reserved.


“Can a Commander really be a good Luna?”

Edrei has been moulded into the perfect warrior ever since she could walk.

When she participates in a ceremony called ‘the Viewing’- a tradition where both genders show their worth as warriors and mates through a display of combat skills, her path crosses with a certain violet-eyed Alpha who whisks her back to his territory.

It is through this encounter that a dangerous threat is born. She slowly realises that actions have consequences and that she may have to choose between two titles- Luna, or Commander.

Harley Smith and her family left their pack when she was thirteen years old, her father was offered a Beta position in a close friends pack and he took it. Harley left her friends behind that year, and they kept in touch but eventually they drifted apart.

Six years later and her family returns to their original pack to congratulate the new Alpha, who is also known as Harley’s old friend, Alexander. What happens when their senses heighten and they find out that they are mates? What happens when Harley finds out that her mate is being set up in an arranged marriage? What happens when Alexander tries to stop it?

Status: Ongoing…

Enjoy “The Mac Tire” within this little book of Cliches.

"…The chill of the water’s temperature spurred them together in a rush.

The Mac Tíre had but three nights to enjoy the moonspace given to them by the gods…"

None of my links are working right now, so this is the best I can do. Enjoy!!!
Title: Lunat
Status: Ongoing

Sally is used to strange. She lives in the woods. She’s never actually met her parents. Oh yeah, and she hides from the Lunats, a species of wolf/human hybrids once a month as they hunt her woods. When a mysterious Lunat shows up one day, her life seems to be changed forever.


Hailey Moore is the loving daughter of Jeremy and Whitney Moore, the Deltas of Clawthorne Pack. She and her family of four, opened a little café on one of the longest northern beaches in California. This is where they go to get away from pack drama, making lots of goodies along with money.
Everything is going great for Hailey. She’s turning seventeen soon, graduating next year, and her cousin from the Wolfefang pack is crossing territory to celebrate her birthday.

Of course what she doesn’t know, is that he’s not coming alone. Who is this attractive stranger Trevor brings with him, and why can’t he seem to leave Hailey alone?

With the sudden disappearances of children in the pack, trouble is stirring and it seems Hailey is brought into the middle of it thanks to an accident in the woods where she meets her deadly mysterious stranger.

While drawn to two very attractive guys, she suffers through the consequences of the decisions she makes that go against everything her pack has ever believed in. Everything she was taught to trust seems to break apart through further revelations.

How far is she willing to go as she discovers truths behind not only the kidnappers, her two strangers, but her whole pack?


With a deal that may go wrong. Past dramas, and high school all thrown into one. Only one question remains. Will they make it?

Noah’s an alpha that just got it handed to him…his pack of course. Its the last year of high school and Noah wants to go out with a bang.

Clayton couldn’t be dreading it more. Clayton’s a loner, With a past that haunts him daily.

when the two meet the day before school starts You could say they were more than shocked.

The kicker? They go to the same school.

The other kicker? They’re mates.

-Updates every sunday-

criticism welcomed.


Twenty year old Amira spends two years hiding from her mate, despite being in the same pack. When they finally meet and Amira’s hiding spree comes to an end, will the 24 year old Beta forgive her ? Or will her actions cause a permanent strain in their relationship ?




A strange phenomenon is taking place around the world.

Deep rooted dark soul magic has come to the surface after disappearing centuries ago. The Soul Mates bond that had once ceased to exist among the Shadow People are now making an appearance, tying together fates of those that could change the world.

A powerful enemy.

A search for the King.

Dakota Kenna’s an Omega concealing a secret blood tie.

When she gets attacked by a vampire with strange eyes, she fights hard to protect her minor pack member and nearly dies. They are saved by their pack’s ally, Alpha Blake Tao.

A powerful connection is instantly formed and much to her chagrin, he is less than friendly towards her. And with her Heat quickly approaching, Dakota has no idea what to do.

Too many secrets need to be uncovered, and an impending doom to be stopped.

A bond has been born for the first time in centuries. Now all Blake and Dakota need to figure out is why.

Crissa’s Mate

Crissas%20Mate Following her graduation from high school, Crissa elects to travel from Canada to the dense mountains of Eastern Germany. There she takes part on a summer expedition to study the habits and social behaviors of the Grey Wolf. Always an animal lover, this vivacious teen is the youngest of the expedition, intended for university students. Learning that several packs of the creatures have recently moved into the mountainous region from Poland—where for centuries there were folktales and legends about them, the small team of researchers wants to catalog which of the twelve sub-species of the wolf has now claimed the remote habitat. Following several unexpected and tragic events on the expedition, Crissa learns something up-close-and-personal about the large animal: That one of those species is, and historically always has been, radically unlike the others . . .

Read it here:'s-mate