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Carrie doesn’t believe in mythical creatures, and she definitely doesn’t believe in werewolves. So when her Tinder Date, Jack turns into a great hunkering beast with the softest of furs in front of her, she’d decided she’s had one too many drinks and is dreaming.

The mythical world of creatures isn’t going to give up Carrie that easily. Can Jack convince her to stay by his side and accept her new reality?

A 21st Century twist on werewolves. This story will deviate from traditional expectations of werewolves mythology.

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Title: Escaping The Hidden.

Genre: Werewolf.

Status: Ongoing…



Juniper was planning an escape. She’d been constantly moving from home to home in the foster system for as long as she could remember; and, like most teens in the system, she was waiting for the right moment to escape. Just when the opportunity arose, however, another obstacle was thrown her way, and she had to come to a compromise.

o o o o o

This is the first drafting, so please bear with me on this. The first draft was completed 6/13/2019.

Featured in @/newlywrittenbooks “Werewolves Of London” list.

Featured in @/WattyWolves “Not yet 50K reads - Up and coming” reading list.

#1 IN HAUNTED PAST {3/3/2019}

#13 in 2019undiscovered1k {3/3/2019}

#22 YoungAdultRomance {3/5/2019}




Aadolf Cadman is famous as The Bastard Alpha among the wolves of whole world. Bastard because noone is aware of his parentage, his ancestors and in the world of wolves where blood, titles and ranks are all that matters, he is an abomination.

      He is powerful whose strength knows no bounds, he is merciless as he kills with no regrets, he is a mystery which is probably going to remain unsolved forever, his dreams and goals consist of revenge and bloodbaths, and his heart, they say he hasn't got one. He is slowly becoming a threat to all other alphas out there and they are praying and begging the Moon goddess for a Miracle.

   And then Alacris Valencia happens. His mate. A human. A kind-hearted, free spirit who is full of madness. But one thing  Aadolf Cadman hates is the idea of mates and another thing   he despises is the pathetic measly creatures known as humans who are  a walking disaster not only to themselves  but also others around them. So, what will happen when  Alacris  will come tumbling down in his arms, quite literally?

The first book in “The Heirs” Series

A year after Aline finally did something worthy of being admitted into hunter’s rehab, everything is better than ever. Has been trained her whole life to become the perfect killer, Aline never understood the point in murdering innocent creatures just for the plain reason that they crossed her path; a character’s trait that was always perceived as a weakness by her mother. A flaw that should be corrected under proper ‘supervision’.
And if England couldn’t handle Aline’s and her partner’s, misfit William Sappington, outrageous behaviour, Boulder appreciates the helping hand they have given in keeping the Coloradan city safe. This year is their first Halloween at work, and if Aline knows anything about this night, is that supernaturals love to hide in plain sight and wreak havoc during the All Hallows’ Night. She expected a couple of wannabe dark witches to make frogs fall from the sky at midnight, or a clan of vampires to try and fail to drain of blood some sorority throwing a costume party. But not him… he had a better reputation.
Asher Silveira is preparing for the competition for the Lycan Crown with other candidates in the quiet and peaceful Boulder Creek Pack. Hosted by the Supreme Pack of werewolves until the battles commence, he just wished to train and stay trouble-free during his stay in Boulder. But his plans have been destroyed by the appearance of a daring huntress who matches him in ways that neither of them can understand.

“I will forever love you, my only shining light.”



Not mine, but I recommend the sexy and torrid story:

With Eyes To See

By @xXBrokenRecordsXx


Omg lol, thank you :joy::kissing_closed_eyes:



After experiencing a surreal dream that seems to leave an impact on a young girl named Coral, she begins a new life that starts out like any other high school teenager’s, until she meets Heath, a handsome and mysterious young man who’s about to show her a much darker and dangerous world. What seems to be the start of a normal high school year suddenly turns into a tale of danger and romance involving entities invoked in a mortal struggle.

hi, if you decide to read, thank you so much. it means a lot and i hope you enjoy the story as much as i enjoyed writing it! love, z.


Title: Amelia’s Sight
Genre: Medieval Werewolf Romance
At fifteen, Amelia Wolfe had been lucky enough to have a successful eye transplant that completely restored her vision. She was grateful for the modern-day medicinal technologies and advancements that made it possible for her to be the only person in her family who’d conquered the Evanora curse.

With their peculiar abilities of strength and shape-shifting, the very coven of witches, the Evanora, who’d created them in the 13th century were forced to bewitch the Wolfe clan with blindness with the intent that they wouldn’t be able to harm others inferior to them.

As a token of her appreciation of her newly repaired vision, she painted very meticulous portraits of her living family members with the hope that one day the curse would be lifted and their faces wouldn’t get lost in time as had the members before them had since the beginning of time.

Now as an adult, because of her passion for painting, Amelia had acquired an eye for great artwork. So when her best friend invited her to a pop-up medieval art exhibit she couldn’t say no.

Who would’ve known that one extravagant painting of a woman-a woman identical to Amelia-would captivate her like no other. Lured into what she could only imagine is the life of the woman painted, Amelia is tempted to stay inside of this parallel universe where her family was of high-status, she could shift freely, and she even had a Mate.

Seduced and falling deeper in love with her Mate, Luca McAlister, Amelia was beginning to not be able to envision her life before him.

Do knights in shining armor truly exist?


My breath caught in my throat. This couldn’t be happening. My head was screaming at me to move forward but my feet felt frozen to the ground as my skin broke out in a cold sweat. I couldn’t take my eyes of Tessa who like me was frozen in place her face etched in fear. Her aggressor growled at her, glaring at my best friend who kept her eyes religiously on the muck at her feet.

“I said tell me your name” the voice brought chills down my back.

“T-Tessa” she whispered.

Her shaky voice snapped me out of it and finally my feet listened to my brain and shuffled forward…

Ivy is a young woman who has bared the burden of knowing she is different from her pack members since she was young. Rather than facing her differences she decides to hide from them and her pack, doing all that she can to avoid bringing attention to herself. That is until he comes and ruins everything.

An extremely powerful Alpha, Tobias Black reluctantly agrees to attend the annual pack meeting. Dreading the amount of female attention he will receive as an unmated alpha, he intends to stay only a few days before returning home. The last thing he expected however, was to meet her.

Hello~ Thanks for reading my post! This is my first attempt at writing a story so I can’t promise that it’s any good but I am having a great time writing it so fingers crossed! If you decide to read I would really appreciate it and any feedback/comments you have would be awesome. Thank you~ :blush:


I absolutely adore the cover. :bluehearts:

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I love it too, I wish my cover was that good unfortunately im not tech savvy :3

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Crissa’s Mate

Following her graduation from high school, Crissa elects to travel from Canada to the dense mountains of Eastern Germany. There she takes part on a summer expedition to study the habits and social behaviors of the Grey Wolf. Always an animal lover, this vivacious teen is the youngest of the expedition, intended for university students. Learning that several packs of the creatures have recently moved into the mountainous region from Poland—where for centuries there were folktales and legends about them, the small team of researchers wants to catalog which of the twelve sub-species of the wolf has now claimed the remote habitat. Following several unexpected and tragic events on the expedition, Crissa learns something up-close-and-personal about the large animal: That one of those species is, and historically always has been, radically unlike the others . . .

Read it here:'s-mate


I can suggest you the name of designer though if you want it. She is awsome.

Thank you so much btw :slight_smile:

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The modified Alpha - BarkBarkAlpha

Maiesta a woman who was on the run from her tragic past. A past who involved a lover and successful lifestyle. But now she was a rogue on the run from other rogues. Her biggest secret was the little girl who she cared once in her body, Riele. Riele was only 6 and as beaten and bruised as Maiesta. But she never stopped to be a tricker. Even during the worst times in her life, she was happy.

Angus was the Alpha of one of the biggest and most secretive packs out there. To the point where no one knows the true name but the pack members. Living his whole life not having anything go his way. Growing old with no mate but his “lovely” family members and pack by his side. Just being known as the Alpha on the Hill.

What happens when the rogue meets the Alpha on the Hill?


Yes please

rosedaffodils is her username :slight_smile:

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Pack Wars

“You may be my mate, but I won’t hesitate to lock you in a cell if you attempt to distract me,” his mouth was against my ear as he spoke and my stomach twisted. He smiled against my ear and his breath tickled my skin.

“Distract you from what?” I barely moved a muscle and yet I was breathless.

“From what I need to do,” he pulled away and stood up. “You’re the daughter and sister of the two men I want to hurt the most, I originally wanted to use you to get to the both of them and I suppose I’ll have to adjust some minor details, but the plan remains the same. Just don’t get in the way and I might actually grow to like you.”

From everyday life to a living nightmare, Adeline Pearl Owens never wanted things to be complicated. She was fine living her life at home in the Blood Moon Pack with her father and brother, she was okay with never finding her mate, she was happy with the life she had. Unfortunately, one persons paradise is another persons hell. Roman Jay Knight, has spent his whole life preparing for the Pack Wars, and more specifically a war against the Blood Moon pack. Since childhood, there was nothing but the “Plan”. Now, as Roman and the North Red Wood Pack gain more power, Adeline is thrown into the mix and the not-so-complicated life she once had, is turned upside down. She has to make choices, between family and her mate, between her pack and her mates pack, between the lives of others and the life of her own, but one choice she faces most is between loving and hating Roman.

As of now I’m updating daily! Hopefully if you see this you’ll keep it in mind, have a wonderful day/night!