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Two parts of a whole, each belonging to a different man.

In a world where everyone has a soulmate, someone made just for you, it’s rare to be with anyone else. After unexpectedly falling in love, Marie decides to marry and settle down with the widowed Beta of East Wood Pack. After years of a simple, happy life she meets her mate in a drastic turn of events. A man so alluring she finds herself struggling to commit to the vows she made to a man she loves. What will she do? Who will she choose? Will she follow the path that fate so cruelly laid out? Or will she give up her mate for good?



In the grounds of Dorhollow University, a wild animal has left a student dead and another barely alive. Riley’s friend Darren was too intoxicated to know what exactly attacked him and now he is undergoing bizarre changes that open her eyes up to an impossible reality.

Their close friendship of seven years is tested as Darren struggles to fight a new nature and becomes unrecognisable. Riley wants to be the supportive best friend but she’s starting to wonder if she’s fighting a losing battle.

You can read the story here:



It’s a long-running tradition that the bride and groom spend their first week in a cabin.

Sounds romantic, huh? Yeah, it would be.

However. . .

Milly just turned 18, and hasn’t had a chance to enjoy it when selected to merry Zion, a beta member of the maven wolf pack.

They’ve never met before, and now they’re married.

I love snow in cabin fever romances and have been dying to write myself.

This is a short story perfect for the winter season, however, it gets pretty hot so warning if you start out reading this with a throw blanket be prepared to toss it aside. :wink:


Link to the story

Link to the trailer

The greed of her parents had always made her suffer. Brielle did what she was told even if that meant harming those she loved and killing those who were innocent. But she had her limits. When she was told to become the forced mate of Alpha Thane without his knowledge using witchcraft, she refused. She was not the little girl anymore. She knew the importance a mate held for her own kind and she did not desire to harm people anymore. So she did what she thought was right. She ran away and stayed in the shadows. She fought for those who could not protect themselves. She fought against her own blood to atone for her sins.
But no one saw it coming. She never imagined finding love, especially in the arms of the person she was supposed to hurt.



Mei Komorebi Sumire is alive thanks to her survival skills. In a pack where females are left to die on the forest and males are taken care of, she’ll find a way to survive. For as long as she can, even from herself. Because a witch with no training is like a ticking bomb with non clock attached.
Welcome to Kais, a land with shapeshifters, witches, vampires, and more. Little detail, their Leaders have died long ago, and armies are marching.



Willow has been a slave since her mother abandoned her, but at nineteen, the king announces his wife has disappeared and all eligible women must report to the palace. At first the glamour of the palace sweeps her off her feet, but the glory is quickly chased away by a furious and guarded king who claims she now belongs to him. The life that she thought was so perfect and lovely from the outside is rotten on the inside, laced with deceit, lies, and deadly secrets.



When Luna was little her mother was tragically killed in a car accident, leaving her more vulnerable than most, her father was rarely around because of working, but when he was around; He was very strict with her in a loving manner with hopes that he raises her right. He knew that one day she would be taken from his care to be forced into slavery. He wanted so desperately to keep her away from the outside world in hopes she would be forgotten, but it didn’t work out that way. Read on to find out what happens to Luna.


“No… no… no. Please Daddy help me!” She screams as she is being ripped from her family. It’s the middle of the night when I woke up screaming as tears roll down my cheeks. The last thing I remember in my dream was being taken by force from my family.

I know that this world is a tough one to live in because humans are forced to become slaves to Vampires and Werewolves. They never have a choice unless they have enough money to pay to prevent that from happening. “I am only 14 years old for 2 more weeks and I’ll be damned if this happened to me” I thought to myself.

A few hours later

“Luna are you awake, it is time for breakfast?” I heard dad saying through the door. “Yes, dad I am awake be right down.” I get up from my bed and go to the bathroom. Preparing the water to the temperature I like it, I get in to shower. Fifteen minutes later I am dressed and on my way down stairs when I heard something crash. It was a loud sound.

“WHERE IS SHE?” I heard someone screaming downstairs. I start to tiptoe, so I can hear what is going on. I get to the top of the staircase and I hear my dad almost crying. “she isn’t 15 yet, you can not take her.” I heard my dad say. “The king had changed that rule, she is only 2 weeks from being 15, eh?” the strange voice questioned my father.

I run back to my room and lock the door looking for my escape as tears fall from my eyes. “they are here to take me, I am not 15 yet, daddy doesn’t have enough money to save me” I thought as I searched for an escape route. Frantically I look to my window and rush to it, just as I was to try and escape someone grabs me from behind. “Not so fast young lady!” another strange voice said. He started to drag me away from my window as I begin to scream, -thwack- I felt a hand smack onto my mouth to keep me quiet.


“Very soon there will be an auction, and I expect there to be new ones available.” Demetri said to the auctioneer. “I assure you sir, there will be new ones available.” The auctioneer said to the King. The king laughs as the thought runs thru his mind. " so many humans, so many young ones." The king looks at the cages and back to the auctioneer. “Two weeks tops, and all those better be full of young flesh.” He growled.

“I have my men out gathering them as we speak sir, no need to fret.” He says in a small whisper. “Very well then, I will return.” The king said as he walks off. As soon as he left the auction house, he spread his wings and took flight back to the castle he will soon have more slaves in.


Feeling this huge hand covering my mouth I begin to struggle against this grip as he drags me downstairs. With my struggling, the man nearly loses his balance and throws me to the floor. “YOU WILL STOP THIS AT ONCE.” He screams at me. Seeing how upset he is I try to scoot away from him afraid of what he may do.

“No, please don’t scream at her she is only scared.” I heard my dad say. It happened so fast, the man stood up towards my father and knocked him out. “you have no say anymore.” was the last thing I heard before the rough hands grabbed me once again. I begin to struggle and scream “NO… NO… NO. PLEASE DADDY HELP ME!”

It was of no use screaming for my dad to help me, he was knocked out. This can’t be happening, not to me, I don’t want this kind of life for myself. “STOP STRUGGLING BEFORE I KNOCK YOU OUT TOO!” he yells at me. I instantly stop struggling as he carries me out of my father’s house and shoves me into the trunk of a car.


Whimpering and whining seem to be the only comfort I have while I am forced to stay in this trunk.I shout hoping I am heard. Nothing is heard from the other side. Suddenly I feel like I was jolted from my position as the car comes to a stop. I scream once again as I hear the car door slam “PLEASE LET ME OUT, LET ME GO, I WANT TO GO HOME.”

I hear laughing and chuckling coming closer to where I was forced to lay, as my cries are ignored. The trunk is popped open as the bright sunlight causes me to close my eyes. Still whimpering, I feel a rough hand grab me by a fist full of hair. “Ow…ow…please let go.” “YOU WILL DO GOOD TO SHUT YOUR MOUTH BEFORE I HAVE TO DO IT.” The mean guy growled. I immediately shut my mouth scared of what he would do to me.

I am lifted out of the trunk and roughly put onto my feet. I stumble as I am forced to start walking. Not knowing what would happen I quickly got out of this mans grasp and started running as fast as I can screaming “HELP, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!” so many people glanced at me as I was running. Without looking back, I kept running.

Needless to say, I was not fast enough, the man that kidnapped me was a vampire and he had super speed. I felt like I was running for a while, I think he gave me a head start. Next thing I knew is that I was face to face with my kidnapper, and he looked angry. “Little girl, that was a big mistake to try and run.” He growled. I whimpered as he said that, I started to back up, but he grabbed me before I could run again. “I JUST WANT TO GO HOME.” I screamed.

I yelped as he slapped me across the face. “YOU WILL NOT YELL AT YOUR SUPERIOR.” I look at him whimpering. He growled baring his fangs, which told me to stay quiet. Which I did just that. After he seen I got quiet he started to drag me with him again. We approached an old warehouse. It looked so worn down, I didn’t want to go near it. It looked so dark and scary.

As soon as we enter the warehouse it was dark and gloomy inside, and I was even more frightened. I did not want to be here. But I was shoved into a cage. I turned as quick as I can only to see the cage was locked now. I had no way out now. “You will learn your place now.” That was the last thing that mean guy said to me.


Seeing how I will be the Alpha of the pack soon, I was supposed to find my mate. I wasn’t ready for a mate yet. I am only 16 years old. When I am 18 is when I am supposed to have found my mate. Knowing that my father has called a meeting with me I had to go seeing how is the current Alpha. I walk up to his door and knock “father you wanted to see me.” I speak as I open the door.

“Ah…yes my dear boy, it is time you know of some of the pack policies since you will soon take my throne as Alpha.” “But dad that is 2 years from now.” I look at my dad with a confusion on my face. “Yes, dear boy it is, but that should not stop you from knowing and learning these policies.” “ok father what are these policies then?” I ask as I take a seat on the couch in his room.

After hearing about these policies, I didn’t think I would ever want to be the Alpha, but it is my bloodline, so that gave me no choice. The main policy that stuck out the most to me is that I must have a slave. I didn’t want a slave, I wanted my mate. A slave would never be able to be good enough. Not like my mate would be. So now I was basically forced to attend an auction house of slaves.


Sitting in this cage is terrible, they have no where to use the bathroom, or shower. I don’t like it here I want to go home so bad. Still whimpering and whining with my face buried in my lap I hear a loud bang. I looked back up with tears staining my face. I see a big buff guy standing beside my cage with a long black stick in his hand. “SHUT UP LITTLE BITCH” he screams at me. Glaring at him “DON’T CALL ME THAT, ASSHOLE” I scream back.

“What did you just say to me.” He growls at me as he starts to open the cage. Immediately I start backing away from him, because he scares me. He grabs me by my hair and forces me to stop and look in his eyes. “you will do good to watch that filthy mouth of yours, little girl.” Tears fall down my cheeks from the pain as he pulls my hair. “but I want to go home, please mister let me go.”

“oh, little girl that won’t be happening, you see I currently own you until you sell. We have 3 days left before your birthday.” My eyes widen with tears pooling in them knowing he is right, I will be 15 in 3 days. Then my life will be over. I will no longer be a free person. “but mister I don’t want to be sold, I want to go back home.”

“When you address me, you will call me Sir, is that clear?” he growls as his grip tighten on my hair. I try to nod my head to avail I give in and speak “yes, sir” I whimper. He lets go of my hair and turns to walk out the cage locking me in once more. He turns towards me again with anger in his eyes, “you are very lucky I can’t harm you due to rules of this auction house.” The auctioneer says. I look at him with worry in my eyes. “that mouth of yours will surely anger your new Master, I would hate to be you.”

Three days later

I didn’t want a master. I don’t want to become a slave to anyone. This world has become so cruel. Why must this be happening to me, or anyone else at that? There are so many of us in cages. I hope no one buys me. Today is my birthday, it is not right to have to spend my birthday locked up like some animal.

I hear footsteps coming to the room I was forced to stay in for 2 weeks. I look up to see the auctioneer’s henchman. A tall scrawny guy, long black hair. High cheek bones. I think to myself who is this. “It’s time to get you ladies ready for your big day.” He says as he starts opening cages one by one as collars and leashes are placed on our necks.

He reaches my cage and releases me “come on out little girl.” Obediently I get out of the cage, only because I couldn’t stay in it for much longer. As soon as I get out a collar is placed around my neck. I was led out to a dressing room with the other girls. There was someone at each booth to dress us in appropriate attire.


Walking into the auction house, I see so many vampires and werewolves alike. We are all here for one reason and one reason only, and that is to buy a slave. I am the king and I will make sure I am treated as such even while I am here. Everyone is taking their seats as I take my throne. I look down at the stage as I realize it is about to start.

“Here we have a spunky 15-year-old, with blonde hair down to her butt. She is a feisty one, but also can be very obedient. She is a fast learner.” The auctioneer shouts for everyone to hear. “bidding will start at $500, do I have any buyers?” looking at this specimen she doesn’t seem to be my type, but I think I can still use her in my castle maybe as a blood bank. I raise my hand “800” I shout to the auctioneer. “ah…we have 800 anyone else at 900…” someone else bids “1000” “oh we got 1000, how about 1100?” he asks I couldn’t see where it was coming from so I have to raise mine I call out “1200” pleased with my amount, I don’t hear anyone else bidding.

“1200 a great price do I hear 1300… going once…going twice…sold to the Vampire king.” I watch my specimen be taken off the stage as many more come onto the stage for bidding. I didn’t feel like getting any more.


I hate my father for making me do this. I shouldn’t need a slave, all I need is my mate. I am nearing the age that I will be able to see who my mate is. But I had to come to this stupid auction anyway. I walk into the warehouse where it is being held. I already hear a bid going on. “sold to the Vampire king.” Was all I heard. I looked up at the stage and I see a beautiful girl. As she was being led off it as another one walks out to the stage, she had long black wavy hair it went past her butt, she has a very beautiful physique to her appearance. The color of her skin looked to be shiny, like a golden color. Right away I knew I had to have her. There is just something about her and I don’t know what it is. So, I quickly take my seat before the bidding starts.


Next thing I know is that I was being dragged towards the stage. I wanted to run, but I was kind of tied up. I wouldn’t be able to get very far. I stood in the middle of the stage with lights shining in my eyes. I hear a loud sound coming from next to me. It was the auctioneer shouting to the buyers. “THIS ONE IS A BEAUTY, 15 YEARS OF AGE. SHE IS VERY DISOBEDIENT, SHE WILL PUT UP A FIGHT. THE CHALLENGE WILL BE YOURS.” After I heard that I got very angry and glared at him. I didn’t dare say anything while everyone is watching me, so I chose to stay still.

“bidding will start at 200 for this one. Do I hear any raises?” I hear one man say “400” and another say “600”. I didn’t know what to do there were so many people bidding on me I wanted to run away. Maybe if I could get this leash off or into my hand I can. Then I hear the auctioneer again “do we have anything over 600?” as they were bidding on me when the price reached 1000, I decided now was the time.

I quickly grabbed for the leash and jumped off the stage and ran towards a door I saw. I heard someone say “STOP HER” but didn’t know who it was. Suddenly, I strong pair of hands grabbed me from behind wrapping around my waist. I screamed and kicked. “LET ME GO YOU ASSHOLE” come to find out it was the vampire king himself that grabbed ahold of me. “you will pay for that mouth of yours little girl, I’m going to make sure I purchase you.” He hisses into my ear as he drags me back up the stage. “no no I don’t want to be purchased please.” This time I was tied to the stage, I couldn’t get the leash this time, I would get caught too soon, not that this time wasn’t soon.


This little girl has the audacity to call me an asshole, that is why I did not respond to her pleas. I know for sure I will be able to purchase her, and she will pay for her mouth and her actions. I can’t imagine why she would be so feisty, but I like it. At least I will be entertained while breaking her. She will be mine.

“2000” I bid on her. I will go as high as I need to in order to get this one. “2400” I heard someone else bid on her. That I cannot have, I am the King, and the king gets what he wants. “5000” I bid in hopes that this amount is just too high for that other jerk to raise it. The room got silent as soon as they heard my bid. No one countered it. This girl is now mine. “SOLD TO THE VAMPIRE KING”


“SOLD TO THE VAMPIRE KING” it’s just ringing in my head. I lost my chance to get this slave. If only my father had given me enough money. I couldn’t beat that amount without it. So now I must leave this place empty handed. What will I tell my father? Should I simply tell him the truth or lie. What should I do. I know exactly what I am going to do. Of course, I will have to tell my father the truth. But that doesn’t mean this is over. I will get her, I will make sure that she will be mine. But for now, I will get another slave so that my father doesn’t get mad that I did not abide by the pack policy.

I stayed until I was able to purchase one. She is a small petite little one, she isn’t the beauty that I wanted. But nonetheless I will still go home with something rather than empty handed. After purchasing her and signing papers for her I left with her back to my territory, with a plan in my head that will soon come out.

If you wish you continue following my story please let me know what you think of it in my comments as well. Would love to hear any advice.


Profile: LuminarGlows

An Assassin’s Heart

Emily is a trained assassin, her family have been killed when she was young and she was being brought up by the Chessity family, given a mission by her ‘father’ she had no choice but to accept and complete the mission but, what happens when the mission she is given is mouth-watering hot and can easily out smart her? She had no idea what awaits her!

Alvin, the next alpha in line, he is smart and charming, the type of guy all girls want and he knows it. He always gets what he wants and he is possessive but what happens when someone actually says no to him? Does he know what’s installed for him? Why don’t you read to find out?



Juniper Raye is on the run and plans to be for the rest of her life soon after a harrowing family secret turns her world on its head. After fleeing her Nevada home, she has no idea where she’s headed until she is drawn to mysterious energy all the way in Louisiana. There Juniper finds her destination ends in the most unlikely place- the Oxbow Bend Recreational Center.

At the center, she is welcomed by a group of suspiciously remarkable human beings. Clues lead her to believe there is more to the beloved community leaders and she is determined to learn why she is drawn to them and why they feel so strongly about keeping her close- especially Jax Silver.


heya, I hope that this works as it my first time posting. Please come over and check out my story. Im fairly new to all this and would truly love to know what people think. Please and Thankyou x

My story is about a girl named Raven. She has fallen for her best friend but what happens when he finds his mate!

<img src=“IMAGE LINK HERE” width=300 />


:black_square_button::white_square_button: ALPHA LOGAN :white_square_button::black_square_button:
His dark hazel eyes and glares could scare an entire army, Logan is the most powerful werewolf in the world, with his radiating strength to anyone that nudges him the wrong way.

But even this dangerous beast couldn’t fight the feelings that he felt towards the innocent bookstore worker…

Innocent Bella had a routine of doing the same thing everyday, until one Tuesday afternoon a man radiating power walked in the bookstore she worked at.
What happens when fate brings the possessive Logan and the innocent Bella to be together? How will she handle the change in her ordinary life?



Twenty-seven-year-old Mariah Olivia Echeverri - Moe for short - and her seven-year-old brother had been running from an organization called Chasseur since the day her parents were murdered. Seven-year-old Hunter Echeverri was only a baby when Moe was told of the most tragic event of her life.

But Moe was given a choice. Ler her brother go . . . or give up her life and raise the child on her own.

The decision was made the night she learned the Chasseur were after her family and their secret. A secret only others like them were allowed to know.

Faced with no other choice, Moe raised Hunter on the run, never living in one place longer than a year. It was a routine that worked for them, until the Chasseur managed to find the two, forcing them into a backup plan.

The small town of Stowe, Vermont.

Living in a new town, Moe thought it’d be the one. The town to hide them away from the Chasseur for at least the year. But Moe didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Small town Stowe, Vermont happened to be the hometown to a Werewolf pack who knew nothing of Moe’s family history.

Attempting to hide Hunter and herself from the Werewolf pack turned out to be one of the hardest things she’d ever done. Especially when one Werewolf, in particular, decided to take an invested interest in them.

And an intimate interest in Moe.

All Rights Reserved. Mature Content.


I’d love to share mine with you!

The story is called the Isle of Ferrick, Set on an island of my own making off the coast of midevial Ireland.

Sorcha Dunn is a seventeen year old whose life has not turned out the way she or anyone thought it would and she has forgotten the person she was born to be. All of this changes, however after a chance encounter in the forest.


Title - Queen: A Werewolf Story
She wasn’t supposed to be human, but she was.
(Was she?)

They weren’t supposed to do that but they did.
(Did they?)

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this but it did.
(Are you sure?)

Jillian Mortier was human… or she thought. Before her older brother Kane’s Alpha Trial, she was fine. She trained hard and kept to her family and friends. But after the trial, she started having weird dreams and an odd sense that her life is about to change. The need to protect her family was overwhelming and the desperation to prepare for an attack increased. Jillian had an image, a certain expectation of how her life will go. But as life continues, it wasn’t what Jillian expected… and nothing could’ve prepared her for this.



Leo Orion. The most stubborn Omega in Crimson Moon Pack. He was the only Omega who brave enough to fight Alphas and Betas . It was all because he couldn’t resists his hatred towards Alphas and Betas . Alphas and Betas had treated their mates and Omega like sex toys and slave.He want to show that Omega can offer more than give birth to pups. .He was hoping that he could change the current situation in his pack with his own powers.

Zaine Barren. The greatest Alpha and future leader of the Crimson Moon Pack. Zaine really like being the dominant and really hate when somebody defied his words and actions. He really hate Omega. He already had a girlfriend and wish to marry her.On Zaine 28th birthday he found his soulmate.

What would happen when both of them were destined by the moon goddess as mates?
Can Leo fulfill his hope and changed the law?
Will Zaine let it be and fall in love with Leo or reject him?





Mika’s life gets flipped and turned around after fate convinces her to save a wolf.

Little does she know that that wolf was the most respected, most loved and strongest Alpha of the Werewolf world, Noah.
Little does he know that she doesn’t give a flying f*ck about any of that.

“Why won’t you stay?” His arms around my waist tightened and trembled.
“Because,” I began and ripped myself from his grasp, watching his arms fall lifelessly to his sides. “You have a mate. And I sure as hell don’t want to deal with that shit.”

If you’re a sucker for a slightly cliche werewolf book with a loveable male lead and a mysteriously strong, potty-mouthed female lead, then give this book a shot! :slight_smile:

Check it out here:

*Constructive criticism and feedback is welcomed! *


Air is falling out of my lungs. I look down at my legs, they are moving but they feel numb.
My feet are aching. My head is spinning.
Are they still behind me?
The growls behind confirm that yes, Indeed they are.
I quickly glance behind me. They’re getting closer.

“Cecelia. Such a beautiful name.” My name rolled off his tongue making me shiver.
“How rude of me, I guess I forgot to introduce myself last night, I’m Ryland”
A mischievous grin took over his face.
“And don’t forget that because soon enough you’ll be screaming that name, begging for me as I take you to to the heights of pleasure.” His dark eyes now glinted with lust as his face was impossibly close to my own.

“You’re mine now, princess.”

Hello to all the future readers of this ‘Obliviously His’ and welcome to the tale of Alpha Ryland and Cece.
This somewhat cliche story involves action, adventure, comedy and most importantly: Romance.
Have I convinced you?
If so step right in and please keep your hands inside the vehicle as we embark on the rollercoaster that is Cecelia’s life.