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A witch and a werewolf-a match made in hell.

Regan is about to play a leading role in someone’s plans for world domination. And all they need to do to ensure her cooperation is bite her.

Regan doesn’t do scared. It’s not who she is. But right now, she’s panicking. Being a werewolf is dangerous and one wrong step could mean the End of Days. And the only person who can help is the stunningly gorgeous, embittered son of the werewolf who bit her.

Caleb Stone wants an ordinary life. After a horrendous childhood, he fled the pack and now does a pretty good job of pretending he’s human. Self-delusion at its best. The last woman he wants to get involved with is a witch turned werewolf. However explosive the chemistry between them.

But soon it becomes clear that Regan and Caleb need each other, and together they’re going to uncover secrets that will turn both their lives to chaos.

If you love strong kickass heroines and sexy alpha males then you’ll love Witch’s Moon!


Mature book
Title: Changes
Genre: Werewolf

Everyone changes, whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally.
Everything changes.

Mentally, emotionally and physically unstable.

Jessie Sant, a 20 year old guy with a lot of issues, though his family has always been there for him. Will the new things happening finally drive his family away? Or will his family accept him for who he is, especially if he can’t change his dna.

What shattering truths are his family hiding? How will they affect him?. . .Will the secrets kill him and everything he now loves?

If you like a nice gay werewolf romance, with a strong and dramatic story then you’ll love ‘Changes’


Title: Defy the Moon
Genre: Werewolf (Shifter)

Guided by a spirit that might be her mother, or might be a trickster, Kanna’s life is torn to pieces when she is taken in by a powerful pack. If she’s going to survive, she must find a way to escape this new pack or earn her place within it. There’s a secret hidden in plain sight and it will either be her salvation or her downfall. Not every wolf can defy the moon and win.


‘Seem sweet, taste bitter’

Lil Shi had been sickly since such an early age ( 4 ), however soon she was proclaimed dead on her very own seventh birthday. Though, her short petit body wasn’t laid to rest underground -not a funeral to be held properly. For she was still breathing.

All those mean people paraded her body, groping her arms, injecting liquids to the best extent. She had screamed and kicked for dire assistance.

He found it cute. The reason for her loathing hatred was before her eyes the whole time -yet she did not realize till it was too late.

Started; November 6th, 2018
Plan to end; December 27th, 2019
Updating; Every other Friday


Twenty-seven-year-old Mariah Olivia Echeverri - Moe for short - and her seven-year-old brother had been running from an organization called Chasseur since the day her parents were murdered. Seven-year-old Hunter Echeverri was only a baby when Moe was told of the most tragic event of her life.

But Moe was given a choice. Ler her brother go . . . or give up her life and raise the child on her own.

The decision was made the night she learned the Chasseur were after her family and their secret. A secret only others like them were allowed to know.

Faced with no other choice, Moe raised Hunter on the run, never living in one place longer than a year. It was a routine that worked for them, until the Chasseur managed to find the two, forcing them into a backup plan.

The small town of Stowe, Vermont.

Living in a new town, Moe thought it’d be the one. The town to hide them away from the Chasseur for at least the year. But Moe didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Small town Stowe, Vermont happened to be the hometown to a Werewolf pack who knew nothing of Moe’s family history.

Attempting to hide Hunter and herself from the Werewolf pack turned out to be one of the hardest things she’d ever done. Especially when one Werewolf, in particular, decided to take an invested interest in them.

And an intimate interest in Moe.

All Rights Reserved. Mature Content.


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People, it’s my first time writing a werewolf story. Check it out!!20190110_210746
25 years
What can you expect at this age?
Is love possible or is she too old for that? Let’s see…


“What lurks in the woods after the winter sun, stays in the woods, after the winter sun.”

The Ambrose Family stays by themselves. No one knows them. No one speaks to them.

Yet, everyone wants them out.

Sara was told to never to go outside after the Winter sun goes down, and most importantly, to never allow anyone inside their home.

She broke both those rules for one strange blue-eyed boy.

Oh my Sara, What happens now?


Title:Blood Rise |Blue Bloods 2|
Genre: Werewolf
Link: just go to my profile for some reason it’s not letting me post the link

~Continuation of Blue Bloods~

Domynique Pierce is trying to come back from the ashes of her disappointment. After meeting the Royal Lycan family that is her own. She comes back with Kole hopping that maybe her mate could mend and show her what family is.

Before that can happen a storm of lies and betrayals comes to surface and Domynique is caught in the middle of a war that wasn’t hers to begin with. Fighting against vampires and lycans that think it’s better for her to be dead than alive. Dominyque has to find away to find the truth and expose the reality.

It’s either that or to be killed at the hands of her own mate.


Carson was a omega with the most imperfect life. He had an abusive mother and a dead father. But what will happen when Raven Anderson, the most ferocious alpha comes along and changes his life for the better or worse.



Raina has had it rough since the day she was born. Being a rarity has it’s problems. After a haunting past and a bleak future, she is on the run and takes refuge in the small town of Alverton, Montanta to lay low and stay off the radar.

Just another trivial town with even more trivial people.

She didn’t expect to waltz into the Silvercrest territory, home to one of the most feared packs in America.

How could she?

She also didn’t anticipate the trouble and turmoil that would come with it, meeting the dominant Alpha and his pack who stand a chance at melting her cold, hard exterior.

She has never been one to shy away from danger, it’s all she’s ever known. When her enemies make a reappearance she doesn’t stay down, but this time she has much more to lose. As secrets that she is an expert at hiding begin to unravel, she experiences, love, hate and her world spinning 180 degrees once again.

Could this be the thing she desires, or her demise?

Things are about to get devilishly dangerous.



Igniting Sparks

Mentally broken from events in the last 3 years of her life, Azura, A snow leopard werecat, has left her hometown to hopefully find a place where she can come to terms with everything that has happened. She ends up in a small city up north in the mountains and accidentally meets up with Lucas. A friend from her past.
She is allowed to stay at his place under one condition. She must seek mental help to deal with her past. But her past is not the only problem she has.

To read: Igniting Sparks