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Fractured Red [Completed]

Redaliya learned quickly that the world doesn’t give second chances. After an ill-fated choice, her time is ticking; she goes in search of the only things she can’t have. A cure.
A gift given, and the balance tipped;
there is always a penalty to be paid.

Longer Summary

Redaliya wasn’t her first name. Before she changed it, what seems like a lifetime ago, she was called Opalescence Alkingsly. This is her story. One that’s been forgotten by many in the sands of time. The path she followed help build a foundation for the future.

After making a choice that leaves blood on her hands and bringing a curse upon herself, she is on the run. Travelling around to find a cure for her curse, Red stumbles upon a young shifter, Everett. Unable to leave him to fend for himself, she takes him under her protection. With even more of a reason to live she’s desperate to survive. When Everett shifts early, Red brings him to the healers to make sure he’s all right. While there she realizes her time really is ticking.

There are consequences of one’s actions; there are no second chances.

Click the title for the link

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The Art Of Awakening
Kathleen Johnson

What can you imagine, a man who fears his whole life just because of a single curse, which brings no harm to others but to himself, will LOVE to be his only cure?

“So what should I do, I don’t even know where to start or should I say I just knew what am I!!??”
“Relax, I’m here, plus I will give you a hand.”
“Ok that’s nice but why did you kidnap me like that??”
“Sorry, I thought I might lose you or I might never meet you.”
“Anyway, come with me I will show you around.”
“But you just did”
“Nah, that just was boring, come!”

Titel: Selected
Status: Ongoing

A story of Trial, Honor and Love

Rajini is on her way to become beta of her own pack when she receives a letter from the Leyum. She has been selected as a possible mate for a beta of the Ghuardian (the alpha king). A tremendous honor to any female. But not what Rajini wanted. She had to pack her bags and leave to an unknown pack, to an unknown male, just to see if they would fit together. A three month trial awaits her.

Ray is one of the betas of the Ghuardian, the highest alpha within the changeling hierarchy. As a beta he’s supposed to be mated before the age of thirty. When he’s not, the Leyum finds suitable candidates for him. Now he’s onto the third female. The two first he has send home within a matter of weeks. But this time things are different, she’s different than the previous two.

Updating every Monday and Friday.

Hope to hear from you all

User: @KitWulf
Title: Shy Walking Shadows (Mobile-Friendly Version)
Cover: Commissioned SWS Cover - Mobile - New


Sisters Kierra and Faline are about to be thrust into a world of darkness when a Vampire comes calling for the younger sibling. While Faline is being taken, Kierra tangles with a Werewolf and is left for dead. The search is on as big sister tries to deal with a new world, a new charge, new males, surprises, and secrets. Humor and heartache are in store for each side as they traverse new territory, learning about just what all goes bump in the night, as well as during the day.
A Blood Moon is just over the horizon, and shy walking shadows wont stay hidden forever.

Blurb 2:
Sisters Kierra and Faline come face to face with things they thought only fantasy.
Ripped away from each other and their lives, both have to survive the perils of having become a different species if they want to see the other alive again. While Faline finds herself trapped in a place unknown to her, Kierra is left out in the world with only an old cursed wolf to help her. Help does come from mysterious sources, however, but will it see the sisters back together at last, or dead before they can see each other again?

Comments given:
“Never thought I’d be so entranced by a Werewolf/Vampire genre. The way you describe events and actions play out so vividly in my head.”

“It’s so raw and delightful to read!”

“Your writing is almost flawless, lush and beautiful, and incredibly captivating on a level that I would say this book definitely deserves publication. Diction and grammar are flawless and the flow of the chapters is just wonderful - its one of these “flowing” reads I usually only know from traditionally published books.”

Title: The Alpha’s Moon
Genre: werewolf


“you’re forced by the mate bond to not hate me”

Life can give you the most amazing things but it can also take it away, unexpectedly and harshly.

A simple girl like Mae didn’t expect to find a mate, a loving caring mate at that so when faith decides to play a cruel game, Mae is either left at the edge of a broken heart or her happily ever after.

Artifice is the tale of Florence and her search for love and a place within her pack. As the first Beta werewolf in recorded history, she was lost in her loneliness and searching for something… anything to fill the hollow spot within her life. She’d fought hard to achieve her goals, but success had begun to taste like ash.

An excerpt…

Quickly shifting back to human, Florence rifled through the packs and found that the men had brought her a pair of hiking boots with pink neon laces, pink Daisy Duke shorts, white frilly socks, and a white cropped tee-shirt with a logo that said, ‘I do it doggy-style’.

Her head snapped around to growl at John, but he studiously ignored her gaze, as did the two Betas-though the two didn’t work as hard to hide their smirks.

Yanking her clothes on to her sweaty body, she wondered once again why she had worked so hard to impress these three idiots, as the men were unrelenting in their efforts to annoy her- never giving her a moment of peace. Not wanting to dwell on this, she swallowed her irritation at her Alpha and instead focused on work, calmly reporting the conversation of the two humans to him.

“Sorry about the clothes Flo, err… Florence. We couldn’t resist, umm… I mean that… all we could find were Beth’s clothes.”

“Tell me again why it’s wrong to kill one’s Alpha,” she snapped back sourly.

“Because I need to go talk to those two humans,” he grinned while all four wolves finished dressing. “Play the part of my girlfriend; try to look a bit vacant so they’ll ignore you as a threat.”

“Wearing Beth’s clothes, that should be easy,” she snapped again.

Sam chuckled and said, “See John, I told you… camouflage, it works every time!”

“I will get even with you two if it takes a couple hundred years,” Florence growled.

“See Tom, I told you that she would be thankful!”

We Are Monsters
We Are Monsters, But We’re Human

Its been two months since Bailey and the pack have moved into the safe town. The bruises have faded, the blood is washed off, but the scars still remain. To help with moving on, Brew has given them an assignment. Deliver some wolfbane to a local safe town. Once there, it seems like the ideal town. Humans interact with passing werewolves in peace. They have resources for shelter, food, and medicine. But, something is off. Half-eaten animal carcass has been showing up in the middle of the road. Trees have been knocked down. Strange noises have been coming during the night of a full moon. Even though the humans of the town say they feel safe, there’s still an edge of anxiety. Whether any of the werewolves in town could lose control and hurt them. It’s only a matter of time when the ground drops and blood spills

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Tricia Smith thought she was just your average Werewolf, and on her 18th birthday she lost everything. Her youth, her family, her life.

Then it all changes in the blink of an eye when something unexpected happens when meeting with a neighboring Alpha becomes so much more.

Will she except her fate or will she try to fight it and go through hell to protect what’s hers and what she wants in her life?

Justin Richards isn’t your typical alpha by any means. Most wolves find their mates around when they shift for the first time on their 16th birthday. For Justin that wasn’t the case. He is 23 years old and still hasn’t found his Luna. What happens when his mate turns out to be related to the creatures that got his parents killed?

Join them on this journey and see where the fates lead them.

The Werewolf Hunter

Werewolves were real, he’d seen one. He’s done his research on wikipedia and brought silver bullets. Now he was on the hunt in the canadian wilderness. What could go wrong.

My first story on Wattpad so please tell me what you think (Good Bad and Ugly) thanks


Twenty year old Amira spends two years hiding from her mate, despite being in the same pack. When they finally meet and Amira’s hiding spree comes to an end, will the 24 year old Beta forgive her ? Or will her actions cause a permanent strain in their relationship ?


Hi! My name is Mariah Karris! I’m new here!

Wattpad Username: MarKar92

Please check out my story:

The Fragmented Luna

Rowen Whitley is your typical seventeen year old girl and, although she has a tragic past and a fragmented memory, the only thing she wants to do before graduating high school is make it through the year unnoticed.

All those hopes of remaining unnoticed this year are tossed away in a single moment of rage when Rowen punches the most popular girl at school in the face.

Now Rowen must change her plans for a peaceful year and accept that sometimes letting people in might not be a bad idea.

After all there are other dark forces in this world, that are much scarier than a jealous bully, and they may very well be coming for her.

Check out this exciting story, filled with twists at every corner, in The Fragmented Luna by MarKar92

The Fragmented Luna: Status of Story: Completed


Some teens are just born unlucky.

For one high school nerd luck seems to always work against him. That is until one Halloween night when he dares to pet a werewolf. He thinks his luck changes for the better.

I’ll let you decide if it really did or not!

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Interesting read, short and to the point.

Title: Awakening The Storm
Author: @sdaniel325

Summary: After a year of losses and tragedies since the battle against the Alpha and his followers, the two mates are separated by Purgatory, and have to find a way out of their prisons to get back their land, and back to each other.

By unlocking the secrets of the past, they discover more about themselves and their shared destinies, making their task all the more urgent.

With alliances challenged, and skeletons rolling out of several closets, will the creatures of Raven’s Creek finally be freed? With too much to lose, the New Eclipse Pack and the Blood Moon Pack band together to fight against the Alpha and his forces to take back the land of Raven’s Creek, but will they succeed?

Or will they all die?

Book 2 of Awakening Series

Currently Being Edited (COMPLETE)

Just read it, I hope you enjoy. ; )

Read for Reading anyone? I’m new here and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to read and give honest, not mean feedback. I’ll even give your story a read and feedback if you want.

Hi! Your story looks very interesting since I’m also a werewolf writer. Would you mind doing a reading exchange? I’m also looking for friends… :sweat_smile:

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(A completed story!)


Kidnapped from his home and forced into a war he wants no part of, Shia is a young demon, and one of the worst kinds of demon at that. As such he has known prejudice and hatred since his untimely birth eighteen years ago. Yet despite that, there are whispers that the fate of the world rests solely in his claws.

He must now scour the withering world of Kaulaire, hunted by a warlord and his soldiers, in search of answers as he travels with a pack of other young and down-trodden humans, demons, and the occasional swarm of disgruntled ghosts along for the ride.

The road ahead is long and winding with death or an even worse fate at every turn.

But the question Shia keeps asking himself, the one answer he must look deep into himself to find, is is this dying and hate-filled world even worth saving? Or should Kaulaire be left to fade into oblivion?

Hi! I have two main books so far and one of them is a werewolf book so I thought I would share it here!
It is called “That Night at Coral Cove”
It follows the story of Liam and Brittany and their families as they find their mates and learn to love each other and not just be together because they are mates.
And please check out my other book “The Last Guardian” the first few chapters are pretty short and boring, but it is about to get really good.