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The lycan’s secrets

When happiness finally invades her life, a bit too literally, Helena is excited to find her mate, hiding in one of the rooms in her house.
For her ordinary werewolf self, finding out her destined one is a lycan is a bit unexpected. What surprises her even more, is the fact he is a lycan and a rogue. An outlaw.
Helena’s mate is hotheaded, charming and younger than her. He’s impulsive and uncontrollable. And Keiran’s hiding secrets… things he doesn’t want her to find out. Things he’s afraid would ruin his chances of being with Helena and discovering a new, better future.

Helena’s skin prickled even more and she swiftly burst through the door. She hoped she’d be able to use the advantage of the surprise and deal faster with the intruder.
When her eyes shifted and managed to finally clearly see the room, she noticed a huge furry figure, standing between the laundry machine and the dryer. The fair light from the open window behind the creature illuminated its shape. It was huge, it was intimidating, it was… beautiful. The monster was standing on its huge hind legs and its human-like arms were hanging from its wide shoulders and torso. By the look of it, she could immediately tell it was a male. A male lycan.
His head tilted in her direction and his huge mouth showed his long teeth. Helena sucked in a breath and the creature almost mumbled something under his breath.
The young woman strained to hear it, his husky, creepy voice making her tremble and blush. It had a mixed effect on her emotions. Fear and excitement mingled into one and fought for dominance. Behind her Shawn tried to enter the room and attack the beast but Helena stopped him with her arm. Her gaze just couldn’t leave the creature in front of her.’s-secrets



The People’s Alpha

Jim lives an ordinary existence as the ordinary Alpha of the ordinary Shadow Bluff Pack, and is happy to keep it that way. He can still remember the days when he yearned for greater things, but the craziness of the world he inhabits has inured him dealing with the impasse of pack politics with practiced indifference.

As the world around him is destabilised by a series of seemingly unrelated and increasingly serious events, he becomes aware, slowly but surely, that malevolent forces are stirring beneath the surface, and that he must fight to preserve his and his compatriots’ way of life.



In Love with Another Wolves Mate

You ever get that feeling like what you want is wrong?

Deep down I know that it is so wrong because we are both destined for someone else. I just can’t help it. I want him!

Does he feel the same?

What happens when he finds his mate?

or what happens if I find mine?

This story is mature.

Please check out my story here: ‪




He was said to be one of the most dangerous Alpha’s on the face of the planet. He was said to have killed his mate and hurt those around him that go against his wishes. He was said to have killed different packs so that he could be on top.
He was ruthless and cunning, and it was said that he could outsmart the smartest Wolf, including the King. He was the one that parents warned their children about when it came to going to bed and eating their vegetables.
He was the one that made Wolves fear the dark and have packs set up curfews for all members of the pack, including the “strongest” Warriors.
His name was Xavier, and I never imagined my paths crossing with him.


I don’t even have a cover - I’m very new to the whole publishing on wattpad thing. I’ve been writing forever, though, and decided to try my hand AGAIN (for a third time) at publishing on wattpad. I exclusively write gay werewolf fiction, and have done so for just a bit over half a decade. My new book, bittersweet green apples, rejection, and the mediocre life of a human is like my favorite thing I’ve ever written, and I’m really proud of it it. It’s been edited for 6 months by over a dozen people, gone through two real-life writer’s workshops, and received multiple rounds of feedback from a (not self-published) published author.

You can guess where this is going, right? Wattpad has completely ignored it in favor of crap that reads like it was written by a middle school kid - for some reason, these kinds of stories rack up hundreds of thousands of views in the gay werewolf genre. I applied to be featured, but I don’t think wattpad is interested in promoting quality amongst gay werewolf stories given some of the crap with 900k reads I’ve seen, so I doubt it will go anywhere. So, instead, I’ve decided to try my best at self-promotion - maybe my efforts can get it off the ground! I’ve sent in a request for a cover, re-written my summary with some guidance, and came up with about a zillion tags. I’m also going to drop it here, in case any of you are looking for some gay werewolves, given that nothing in this thread so far is gay.

My story is here for anyone who wants to check it out:

Thank you so much! Please share it with your friends if you liked it - I’d be deeply appreciative :slight_smile:


Scent of silk ( Awakening the beast) by ViennaMaiora

Scent of Silk

Book 1 of the beast series

“The Moon Goddess never let us Love and be wise at the same time.”

Alpha Geatano, burdened with an inevitable destiny. Merely a pawn in a war he had not started yet had chosen to finish. Creating a beast, who appeared to be more than shadow but less than a soul.

Paying the debts of protecting his loved ones, Alpha was doomed to reject his mate. But when his wolf imprints her and rejection is no longer an option, the war endures.

Awakening the beast, a ruthless killer, awaiting his opportunity to kill its prey and reconquer it’s throne.




:warning: Mature Language
:warning:Mature Scenes

“You’re just a princess, and I’m bad for you. You don’t want a guy like me Rain. I’m going to reject you, and you’re going to get over it.” His words were venom as he spat them at me.

I could feel his breath tickling my face as he spoke, goosebumps traveled down my back and wrapped around my arms and legs. My wolf was pacing the walls of my brain, she growled lowly in warning, the vibration sounding through my chest. I felt her confusion as if it were my own, one part of her wanted him to comfort her, the other wanting his head for even speaking to us this way.

“B-but the moon doesn’t make mistakes” I whimpered out, he couldn’t reject me could he?

He snickered and turned away, leaving me all alone as the pain tore through my entire body. I crumpled to the floor allowing the sobs to come loudly as I felt my heart breaking.

How could he do this to us?

Rain Haven is a very important werewolf princess with a mission. The weight of her kingdom is on her shoulders, she’s under pressure to find her mate so that they can receive the crowns and become the new Queen & King.

Upon finding him, she questioned the moons decision. Did she truly deserve someone so cruel?

Forced from her Kingdom, she lands right in the arms of her mate. Will this be a second chance for their love?



New Blood

Averil is a shy, withdrawn teenager, interested in bugs and often quiet. He loves his mom and dad, and his baby sister Hannah. Things are overall going okay.

That is until one day, when his life is changed dramatically. He’s nearly killed by what can only be called a werewolf. After he is released from being in the hospital for the “dog attack”, the full moon starts to near. And so, it begins.

Averil can hardly control himself and his increasingly odd impulses. At first it’s little things- he becomes more irritable and territorial over his personal space. He chalks it up to teenage hormones, until his new behaviors start becoming too difficult to brush off. He wants to attack people who even mildly annoy him, and he feels an inexplicable urge to give chase after the track team kids and tear them apart with his bare teeth. His senses are heightened, he feels a pull to the woods, he wants to get on all fours and roll in the mud and scream his heart out to the moon.

Averil is fully sure he must be going insane, after he bites someone during lunch period at school. His teacher, Mr. Stendahl, however, informs Averil that he must be a werewolf- and the following night will be his first transformation.

How will Averil deal with his new violent, primal urges, when he’s got a baby sister to look after and good grades to maintain?

This is an experimental werewolf story focused on the more emotional aspects of wolf-hood. No romance here. It’s also going to be very short, with a focus on readability and cutting to the chase instead of long, flowery, boring descriptions. Things happen in quick succession- there’s no downtime, you’re never bored.

Please note this story is also being hosted on my side account!



Violet’s Tale.

Violet Heather, 16 in age, is a new student in Trafford High School who get introduced to this new life she must adapt. One word? Werewolves. When Violet gets rescued by one in the middle of night, she decides to dig deeper not knowing the consequences she might be facing in the future.

She finds love, friendships, hardships but she will be able to cater it all or will she run away from the situation? What happens when she will find herself in a middle of war between vampires and werewolves, two mortal enemies hunting each other for as long as they could remember? Will she be the solution or the cause of distruction for her loved ones?


Title: The First Lie

“The pack comes first.”

That was always something that nineteen-year-old Jillian Mortier and her two older siblings have been taught to live by. Despite her being content in her humanity, being able to serve her pack from the shadows was always the role she expected to have. The only thing that actually mattered to her was supporting her family and keeping them safe. But when she was thrust into a role she didn’t plan on taking, things started to unfold.

From the bizarre behavior of their current pack leaders including her brother to being plagued with strange visions–visions of blood, death, and destruction. It gave her no other choice. She needed to step up and take matters into her own hands because she was the only one who can.




The Guard

The Guard

When Arielle gets kidnapped by her mate, she is introduced to a completely new world that changes her life forever.

A mate that is the strongest guard werewolf alive. The one that everybody fears. The one that has Arielle as a mate. Against her will, Arielle is taken away from her world and thrown into another world. A world where everything she imagined was real. A world where people into turned into beasts that could not be controlled.

But one day Arielle meets people that she shouldn’t have; people that have been after her for years. What happens when she discovers things that she shouldn’t have? What happens when old wounds are opened, betrayal is played and love is found?

Wolf’s Curse

Wolf's Curse

Ashley Winslow has had a past that no human being should ever have. Years of a dark voice that haunts her sleep that nobody knows the cause of, well that is until she meets her mysterious roommate, Leon.

Something about Leon intrigued Ashley, something she had never felt before. Leon was different from all the other boys. There was a dark aura around him if this was another guy Ashley would have ran away from him but with Leon, all she wanted was to know him.

But what happens when secrets are unfolded and people are killed, will Ashley ever find the truth or will she always be hidden by the lies of her roommate?

“Who are you?” Ashley asked into the open space.

“Someone that will make you suffer so much that you will want to die,” the dark voice said.

“What do you want?”



When the werewolf came, Eska thought she was in trouble. Little did she know he was going to turn her world upside down. Everything she thought she knew about herself wasn’t even close to being real. Sure, she knew she was different than her parents and the people that she lived with but she didn’t know how different.

The werewolf, Shade, he was intimidating and should have scared the holy hell out of her but for some reason he didn’t. Eska knew she shouldn’t be drawn to him but she was. Being near him excited her and made her feel alive in a half dead world.

Shade kidnapping Eska was turning out to be the best thing that ever happened to her.



Aiden and Evansey are two different people. Although, he knows chemistry, but she has no clue what it is. When he becomes a tutor to her and their meetings become more often, they open each other’s hearts. But Aiden keeps a very dark secret from Eva and he isn’t quite determined to tell her.

After his dad’s murder, he is hostile and hunting the man, who took the blame of destroying his family, when Eva is eager to help Aiden.

As the time of their so-called investigation passes, they find no clues that will lead them to the murderer. But not until Eva finds something in the pack’s old library…


Sorry, but I could insert neither a link to my story nor an image. Wattpad won’t let me :frowning:



Title: Eluding The Past
Genre: Werewolf
Juniper is a sixteen-year-old girl who lives just outside of Casper Wyoming. She’s been moving from home to home constantly in the foster system as long as she can remember.
And just like most other teens in the system, she’s just waiting for the right moment for her to run.
But just when she found her window to do so, her plans had to be put on hold for another adjustment. She was stripped out of the home she had been staying in and was put into with another family in a whole other state. Washington.
She planned on sticking to her original plans of escape. But now something is stopping her and she doesn’t know what.
Little does she know how this change, will make all her plans take a turn for the worse.

o o o o o

This is the first drafting, so please bear with me on this.

Featured in @ newlywrittenbooks “Werewolves Of London” list.

#1 IN HAUNTED PAST {3/3/2019}
#13 in 2019undiscovered1k {3/3/2019}
#22 YoungAdultRomance {3/5/2019}
Table Of Contents:


Title: What We Are, We Are Hunted For
Status: Ongoing! Updates Bi-weekly!
Summary: Bailey has a new pack. It is her first pack she’s lead. Doing the best she can to lead them and help them with the struggles of the being werewolf. Always on the road, running, hiding, just to live alittle longer. After the fallout of a new pack member’s change, the pack has to go a safe town to regroup. To Recover. To hide from what is chasing them from the chaos that was made. By that Full Moon
Hope you all enjoy!



Title: The Beast in the Castle
Genre: Werewolf
Status: Ongoing

The Great War and the Takeover

The Human Girl

The Werewolf Girl

One World - Two Stories

o o o o

This is my first story and i am very excited about it. :slight_smile:


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Migas Curse
** Wattpad Editor’s Choice **
Top Rank
#20, Science
#493, Magic
#4, Disease
#60, Wolfpack

A Migás’ Monarch Novel
1️⃣: Complete
2️⃣: Sneak Peak up Now!

Hindsight is 20:20, as they say. But Madeline’s vision had never been that great.
Blind-sided by the Supernatural, Madeline finds her carefully structured and idealistic world ripped from under her after a chance encounter in the depths of the forest changes her life, forever.

Change shapes all things, and Madeline Alvarez was no exception to this rule. Set on a path towards - what some would call - her destiny. Madeline would argue with you, to the ends of the earth, about the conceptualised nature of destiny, but self-denial, can only stem so far.
After working herself towards her goal of self-actualisation, Madeline jumps at the opportunity, throwing herself into a world of danger, and chaos, destruction and death. Subject to a prophecy uttered years before her birth, Madeline must use every shred of power, and knowledge, to survive in this new-world.

Migas Connection
Migás Monarch Novel #1.5
[NaNoWriMo 2017 & 2018]

Your stereotypical romance novel just met the mythical world of Adelaide Neaera.

When Adelaide meets a man in the forest, the last thing she expects is to find love. Even further from her mind is a conspiracy that has transcended the generations of a power hungry family.