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Fractured Red [Completed]

Redaliya learned quickly that the world doesn’t give second chances. After an ill-fated choice, her time is ticking; she goes in search of the only things she can’t have. A cure.
A gift given, and the balance tipped;
there is always a penalty to be paid.

Longer Summary

Redaliya wasn’t her first name. Before she changed it, what seems like a lifetime ago, she was called Opalescence Alkingsly. This is her story. One that’s been forgotten by many in the sands of time. The path she followed help build a foundation for the future.

After making a choice that leaves blood on her hands and bringing a curse upon herself, she is on the run. Travelling around to find a cure for her curse, Red stumbles upon a young shifter, Everett. Unable to leave him to fend for himself, she takes him under her protection. With even more of a reason to live she’s desperate to survive. When Everett shifts early, Red brings him to the healers to make sure he’s all right. While there she realizes her time really is ticking.

There are consequences of one’s actions; there are no second chances.

Click the title for the link

The Wolves of Echo Mountains: A Loner Lycan’s Quest To Outrun Her Past.

The Feral Mate. A Mystery Wrapped in a Love Story that defies reason.

final cover

Updated TWICE a WEEK

Is it just another cliché? Or is it more mature content?
Let’s be honest…it’s the latter!

Excerpt: (WARNING: SMUT)

I was self-aware he could see everything, and his hot breath between my thighs made it harder to keep my voice quiet when I spoke… I wagered if it was wise to even chance a sentence at all.
“D-Declan…p-please…” I whimpered, my body practically on fire from his teasing. His whiskey brown eyes peered up at me devilishly from his nesting place between my legs and I could see the hint of smile crinkle the edges of his intoxicating stare.
“Please what, little one?” He asked, his voice so sure. Always so sure. Always so confident. I groaned, feeling his index finger graze my aching, hot, slick entrance lightly and I shivered, throwing my head back and bit down on my lip to fight back a scream that bubble up in my throat.
Oh god…this was so humiliating…Alice, just say it and he’ll stop this taunting!

“P-Please…p-punish me…”

User: @KitWulf
Title: Wynter’s Bane
Cover: Wynter's Bane - resize recolor


Wynter Gallents isn’t the baby of her family, she’s the runt of the litter. An ‘underdog’ from the start, the teenage werewolf harbors no ill will to her family or her Pack for treating her due her station. Moving to a new town that borders the lands of a neighboring Wolf Pack, Wynter makes friends that she never thought she’d have, and life starts looking up for the submissive female. That is, until another wolf comes into town. Mysterious, cocky, and the talk of the town, her run-ins with him are hardly the highlights of her day, and the more that comes to light sheds a darker cast over her life.

No one said teenage life was easy, let alone that of a werewolf teenager, an outcast at that, so what happens when the fate of the very Pack that wants nothing to do with you, lies in your hands? Change is coming, no one can deny that, but with the threat of war looming over their heads, what will be the Packs Alpha’s decision?

The fight or flight instinct kicks in hard as the teenager gets caught in the middle, will she sacrifice herself to save everyone else? Will something good come out of it all? The only one who seems to know for sure, is Wynter’s Bane.

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Hi! If you have time, I would really appreciate it if you could check out my book! It’s a Werewolf Romance called My Lost Mate.


I stumbled into his chest and our eyes locked. He raised his hand and I winced, closing my eyes. When nothing happened, my eyes blinked open and his hand gently brushed my cheek, tingles trailing down. I sucked in a breath.

“Mine.” he growled, heat in his eyes.


S K Y • L A R
A girl who has enough secrets to drown in.

D I • M I T • R I
A boy with a lifeboat, or rather, a canoe.

Skylar Castlewood has been abused her whole life at home, only to go to school and face torment from her bullies. She trusts nobody and doesn’t plan to anytime soon. All she wants to do is keep her head down, get through high school, and get the hell out of her small town.

Dimitri Silverclaw is the soon-to-be Alpha of the Red Crescent pack, the strongest pack in North America. With rogues looking to expose any vulnerability, Dimitri needs to find his mate and find her fast.

When both of their schools send them on a camping trip, sparks fly, but what if the mate bond stopped working? What can stop an alpha from finding his mate?

A war is brewing in the were-world and Skylar and Dimitri are caught right in the middle.

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Twenty year old Amira spends two years hiding from her mate, despite being in the same pack. When they finally meet and Amira’s hiding spree comes to an end, will the 24 year old Beta forgive her ? Or will her actions cause a permanent strain in their relationship ?


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In the grounds of Allerton University, a wild animal has left a student dead and another barely alive. Riley’s friend Darren was too intoxicated to know what exactly attacked him and now he is undergoing bizarre changes that open her eyes up to an impossible reality.

Their close friendship of seven years is tested as Darren struggles to fight a new nature and becomes unrecognisable. Riley wants to be the supportive best friend but she’s starting to wonder if she’s fighting a losing battle.

Link here


Sequel to Friends with the Monster.

Lydia may or may not be dead but that’s only one small problem out of many that Riley has. As the sole human in a group of werewolves, witches and vampires, she is torn between supporting her best friend, Darren, as he continues to struggle as a werewolf or deciding to turn her back on this supernatural world for her own well-being and put herself first for a change.

Link here


“I am Blaze Moon Seora, I am a white wolf, can be shifter in my human form and smell like a normal werewolf. My father is undergoing a gene therapy to remove his ‘so called unwanted normal werewolf genes’ and want to replace it with lycan’s, which can only be done by Alpha Ronald… Alpha Ronald agreed to it on a condition, that my father have to mate me with him, and with my help, they’ll rule all the werewolf under one pack and slave all the lycans. After mating, he would have all the control on me and will be stronger, just like me. Dad wanted to mate me today i.e., after I turn 17 and way before 18, so that when I find my mate it would be too late for me and they will be kings.” My voice broke and I bowed my head down because of shame to say that ‘he’s my father’.

“But how did he have an idea of mixing genes and how could we be sure that the surgery would be successful, your father can also die?”

I chuckled at his question.----

so if you are excited to read more add this story to your library…first chap had been updated
story link:

Alpha Arranged - UPDATES DAILY - current w/c: 47,000+

An English take on an American filled Wattpad of werewolf stories

“Let’s run,” Embry breathed out, brushing my hair aside and rubbing a thumb across my cheek. He held my face and looked down at me. A shiver rippled down my spine. My heart beat quickened.

“Run where? You’re betrothed.” I muttered, shrugging him off. “That fixes nothing.”

Embry flinched and a hurt look crossed his face. “How was I supposed to stop that? That was before you.”

“Just please say no to her,” I begged. “Choose me. Pick me. I don’t want to run from everything I know and love.”

“I can’t say no!” He let out a sigh in frustration. “I have to think of the safety of my pack!”

“WHY? If you run, a war will break out anyway. You will just be a coward for not facing it!” I pushed him in the chest in frustration and he grabbed my hands to stop me.

Embry placed his hands either side of my waist and brought me close. “I just want to see if what we have, can be real. I want to get to know you away from all this mess. Come to Paris with me and be mine, Rose.”

Rose Gold has been a Rogue since as long as she can remember. After years of hiding from her old pack, Rose left for uni. As much as she’d like a peaceful life, living with her dramatic bestie Ariel, her calming friend Luke and the brooding, handsome, local hunter-werewolf Will, is far from it.

After all the pain of being part of pack life has brought her, can Rose ever accept that part of her life again?

Embry Radcliffe has always enjoyed pack life. He is at the top of his game and enjoying life as the up and coming Alpha of the Dales pack. Until his father insists on his arranged marriage to Sybil, Princess of the Moor pack, in order to take over the title. The marriage will secure a peace treaty between the two packs, constantly at war.

One fateful evening, Rose ends up serving a table at a local Italian where Embry has brought his betrothed. The stars align and fates become tangled.

I’m old and Cannot figure out how to add a photo without it yelling at me, so here is a synopsis.

Samantha was raised by wolves. Every aspect of her life has been surrounded by them. But this doesn’t mean that they are brutes. No, not one bit. They are actually quite tame. This is just the truth of her life. She was raised by wolves. But one day, her pack disappears, and the alpha wolf, her wolf is killed before her very eyes. She is then thrown into a whole new world. A world in which humans turn into wolves. A world in which Samantha knew nothing of. She soon learns the secrets of this world, as well as of the mystery of her past and how she came to live alone in the woods with nothing but a pack of wolves to protect her

lean mi libro llamado Lobo Sanguinario

no he terminado pero esta bueno

Title: Escaping The Hidden.

Genre: Werewolf.

Status: Completed!

Link: Read Here!


Juniper was planning an escape. She’d been constantly moving from home to home in the foster system for as long as she could remember; and, like most teens in the system, she was waiting for the right moment to escape. Just when the opportunity arose, however, another obstacle was thrown her way, and she had to come to a compromise.

o o o o o

First draft was completed 6/13/2019.

Second draft was completed 1/25/2020

Featured in @/newlywrittenbooks “Werewolves Of London” list.

Featured in @/WattyWolves “Not yet 50K reads - Up and coming” reading list.

Featured in @/StoriesUndiscovered “Sapphire” reading list 2019.

Featured in @/werewolf “Female Alphas” reading list.

#1 IN HAUNTED PAST {3/3/2019}

#13 in 2019undiscovered1k {3/3/2019}

#22 YoungAdultRomance {3/5/2019}

Title: The Alpha’s Moon
Genre: werewolf


“you’re forced by the mate bond to not hate me”

Life can give you the most amazing things but it can also take it away, unexpectedly and harshly.

A simple girl like Mae didn’t expect to find a mate, a loving caring mate at that so when faith decides to play a cruel game, Mae is either left at the edge of a broken heart or her happily ever after.

– This is Book I of my Werewolf trilogy –

Danielle Thomas has lost almost everything she cares about, her parents, her title, and her happiness. Her only hope to gain back what was lost is her mate. With her mate, she could be happy and respected again. Unfortunately for her, her mate doesn’t want her.

Jace North, the very soon to be Alpha, discovers that the weakling, Omega Danielle Thomas is his mate. His biases of a strong pack and how an Alpha must lead causes him to reject their bond; not literally however.

Danielle faces more hardships as she refuses to leave in order to protect the pack; an Alpha without his mate by his side is weak. Both Danielle and Jace know of this, hence, no words of rejection were spoken.

This is a different kind of rejection story. Danielle doesn’t change herself in any way and Jace doesn’t love her back. What happens to them?

© Copyrights 2018

Title Earth Howls
Plot Lilith Moonlight had finally achieved her first element. She thought her journey was over after saving the vampire community but she could not be more wrong. Now knowing there is more at stake with ‘The Elite’ coming after her, she no longer feels safe. There is a war brewing and lives will be lost; but, will she be able to save everyone in time? Supernatural lives are at stake, will she be able to save them before it’s too late?

This is the sequel book of the series “The Elemental.” I highly recommend reading the first book prior to reading this! I just published the first three chapters of this book and will be publishing every Friday!

Book-2 Cover-2

Camden. She’s confident, headstrong, and hot tempered. Her temper seems to get her in trouble, quite frequently.

Her father is obstinate and set in his ways. When his guards find tracks that are unusual, he closes the gates to their village. Leaving Camden stuck inside. But that doesn’t stop her. If anything it only makes her want to leave more.

One fateful night it seems she is rescued by a werewolf, none the less. It causes her to rethink everything she’s been taught about mythical creatures. Maybe they aren’t as bad as she’s been taught.

Hi, I’m back!! I bring my werewolf story. It’s new and it’s called

The Beta’s Mate Returns

Clink on the link below to check it out, if you dare.


If you like a badass chick with a prosthetic hand that can transform into a weapon, or a chick with the power to manipulate plant life with the stroke of a finger, Skylar is the chick for you

Skylar Price, former werewolf killer has survived much evil in her life.

Now she has one goal in mind; protecting her son.

First she much track down a witch who is transforming humans into wolves and find a child that went missing 20 years ago based on a single photograph.

They control her now, and before she can be set free, she must do what they ask

Enjoy this story of twists and turns as this she-wolf finds herself caught up in a world of darkness, with secrets too dangerous to share.

Will she get her answers, or will she get in too deep.

Find out in Part II of the Werewolf Series, where things are never quite as they seem.

Updates every Monday and Friday!!