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Hi everyone, I just wanted to start a tread where you can share what you’ve been writing, it can be anything! Your last paragraph, a conversation in between your characters, or just something you really want to share. The endings are limitless!

There’s no need to rate or provide feedback, but you are more than welcome to do so if you feel inclined.

This is just a fun and happy place, to talk and share what you’re up to.

This being said, I’m currently working on a new story and I just wrote something that made me crack right up. I don’t have a title yet, but just know that it’s somewhat of a paranormal comedy.

This is a small part from the second chapter:

It feels amazing to burst out of those two front doors, taking in the cool breeze air of the oncoming Fall even if it’s not for another few weeks. This town was made to be covered in red and orange leaves, to become the kingdom of pumpkin patches and maybe home to a cult or two. I still don’t have any answers to that though…

I’ve been writing a fanfic lately
Today I wrote a chapter where my main character is trying to fight her desire for drugs


Oh. That’s interesting. I suddenly remember Demi Lovato in her last song Sober. :frowning:

My last update was my Female MC has to kill 200 men for her to retire in their organization, and to be able to reunite with the Male MC.

If I’m not procrastinating homework, then I’m trying to finish a fanfic that I started last year and never got around to finishing before I start a new book. It tortures my thought process, but it must be done.

I love writing stories.

My last update on a chapter is when my characters goes to strange places even though they’re haunted by their memories.

I don’t know that song, will check it out later

Omg she has to kill 200 men? Good luck for her :sweat_smile:

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Yes, The song could be the soundtrack of that chapter. :blush:

Well, she already killed 100. The remaining 100 would be on the next chapter. And I can say, Action writing was really hard. :cold_sweat:

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I’m sure that I’ll have the time to write this weekend. Time to introduce:


Well, this witch- I mean, raven lady is the head of the academy’s Disciplinary Comittee and you can expect her to be fussy af.

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Yeah, action is really tuff because you have to try to make it good without being confusion and all of that… so good luck for her and for you :sweat_smile:

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I’m working on a paranormal M/M romance called Synergy. As the autumn comes on, I feel even more spooky then usual, so writing a story about a human warlock and a vampire warlock denying their love for each other while they fight demons is really taking off! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I definitely get the procrastination bug all the time :joy:

I’m writing a crime novel as of right now. My book was doing great with views when I started, then I stopped writing for a few months and that bit me in the butt. I’m trying to get some active readers right now, and I have no clue how to go about that with just 333 views.

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I wrote a short story and I just need a last chapter as a ending.
But I don’t know what to write uff

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That’s a lot of ation!
I wish I could write such interesting storys

I’m writing an idea I had a while back.
I had an idea i wanted to write soon about bugs living in the basement of a house in a big ass Lego City with “Golems” (Lego people) also being alive with them. The whole idea I have right now is that since they live in a Lego like diorama city they have one light bulb that’s always on and during the “night” someone steals it. The other settings I have for this is a mega bloks city, a duplo town and a miniature train set going to each other the other towns and cities in the basement.

Are any of you think of doing NaNoWriMo? I don’t think I could write 50 000 words, but I hope I can write a good majority of my next story.

Thanks. :relaxed:

So I’m writing this little make-out session between my two characters, and I’m wondering if I built good enough tension right before it happened

“Do you have some of our most recent accounts, so I can go over our earnings, expenses, and liabilities with the families?”

“Yes, everything is ready for you, Boss. I’ve blacked out a few of our liabilities and expenses regarding narcotics, and our retained earnings from certain political figures and organizations,” Chase said before standing up and walking up to the closet.

“Good,” she said as she unbuckled her pants.

Ashley started lifting her tank top over her head ignoring the shuffling noises behind her. She lifted her white blouse in front of her and inspected it for foreign spots. Once she deemed the button-up fit, she snaked her arms through each of her sleeves and started to button her blouse up. Ashley stopped at the button resting above her breasts and leaned on her desk to slip off her garage shoes. Chase’s scarred back caught her attention as he took off his shirt. He was wearing his black suit pants and black shoes that were perfectly shined.

She made constellations with the scars on his back as she let her pants drop to the floor. While watching his damaged skin move over his muscles, Ashley was able to recognize most of his scars. Several were from debris that had hit him during certain shootouts. Others were from her father just like the split in his left eyebrow. It was one of the oldest of Jacob’s markings.

He had turned around once her pants were snuggly resting on her hips. For a brief second, Ashley tried to crack his solid expression. Giving up, she let her eyes blanket over his bare chest as Chase started to cover up his chiseled abs with his white button-up shirt.

“Ash,” he said with a grin as he made his way towards her.

He grabbed her shirt softly and started to unbutton it. Ashley stood still looking down at his hands while they avoided her raw skin.

“We are about to go to a meeting, and your head is not in the right place,” he chuckled softly. “Look at your shirt; you skipped a button. In the small things you do, someone can easily read you,” he started to button up her shirt again and stopped below her breast. His knuckles brushed the skin underneath her bra.

“Yes, I’ll be more aware,” Ashley stated bluntly when she found Chase’s cold eyes looking down at her.

“Good,” he muttered gruffly. Chase finished what he started, then released her shirt. He stepped closer to her, and Ashley held her ground like a statue while his hand rubbed its way up her neck and into her hair. She could feel his breath hugging her bottom lip as he gradually pulled the ponytail from her thick curly hair.

Ashley placed her hand on his chest about to break the tension between them, but then his hand caressed her cheek. A small sigh escaped her, and it surprised both of them. He glided his finger along her jawline and to the bottom of her chin bringing her lips closer to his.

“The meeting…,” she said breathlessly.

“Later Ashley,” he growled before taking her lips in his.

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