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Writing is hard. It’s the fourth law of physics. You become a god of words when your fingers hit the keyboard – but your story doesn’t have the free will to write itself.

Luckily, this guide is here to help! These pages contain average writing advice, niche writing advice, and specific writing research. If you’ve ever wondered how to craft a subplot, write a battle scene, light a cigarette, or anything else…this is the place for you.



Yuffie Productions has to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely phenomenal.


How to Improve your Story

A rant filled book about different topics regarding writing, stories and the stuff one finds one Wattpad. Filled with wry humor and yet the heartwarming reality.

You want to read, laugh and learn how not to do things? Enjoy my little guide.



Sometimes just fixing up the basics is like polishing an old silver spoon - the more you polish, the more it will shine.
For a closer looks at numerous things you can do to improve your story, feel free to take a look.
Click here to read Tips for Writing on Wattpad (just the basics)



Does the term #NaNoWriMo mean anything to you? If you’re a writer—especially a young writer—who’s been online for the past 15 years, then it probably does.

In 2009, I first set out to finally achieve my goal of writing a novel. The premise behind National Novel Writing Month, founded in 1999 by Chris Baty, is to write 50,000 words by the end of the designated month, which is always November.

Although I won the competition (along with hundreds, if not thousands, of others), my novel was still incomplete, life happened, and I abandoned my novel as a result. Five years later, I began the journey to resurrect and complete it.

Here’s my story. (Complete with updates from my 2015 NaNoWriMo journey!)

Note: Although I’m participating in the competition again in 2018, I won’t be updating with new information because I’m actually using my own story here as a guide as well. I feel adding anything more to it would be redundant.

Click here to read How to WIN at NaNoWriMo.



Are you feeling stuck? Lost? Confused? Uninspired?

Grab some tea (or coffee), a biscuit and the start of your book (you might even find that while reading this book?).

I have tips on a number of things that I have learned while writing (btw, I am still learning). Hopefully, I will help you get you on track to finding new ideas, getting unstuck, and to improving your writing.

Dear Reader,

I sit on the train, the rumbling of the engines churned to a halt. The papers folded in my palms, the words seemed more scrambled everytime I look at them. Grabbing my pencil, I circled errors and underlined much-needed-improvements. My phone buzzed in my pocket, I swiped and got lost in my screen.

I go back to the page and flick over to a new blank set of lines. I doodle around the edges as I turn up the volume on my phone. Focusing on my pencil, I tried to get one more idea down. I decided to give up. With a deep breath, I looked out the window and closed my book.
I was stuck, I had not written anything decent for a month. I couldn’t come up with any ideas, I couldn’t edit, I couldn’t find anything. I was stuck.
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Jane’s Book of Grammar (and other Things)

Do you need help with grammar?

Do you need help with punctuation? Are you worried you don't know where to put commas and where capitals? Do you need help with dialogue? Have readers pointed out you mix up words?

Well, here you’ll help with all of that! I’ll try to explain things the best I can, providing examples as well. There seems to be a lot of demand for this, and I might as well give it a nice format too. If you there’s anything you have problems with that isn’t in the book, feel free to tell me and I’ll give it a place in there.

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I have published another article in my “Writer Tips” book here on Wattpad. This installment is about using journals to jumpstart your writing.



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A book offering advice, reads and reviews from your average, every day Wattpad user.


It’s an arduous, difficult process. Even though one of the laws of science is that you cannot create something from nothing, when it comes to artforms like writing, that is exactly what you’re doing. But writing is an art form like no other. Because unlike painting or drawing, you have to use words to potentially describe something that no other living individual has ever laid their eyes upon, or even thought about imagining.

So, about writing:

This book originated from my visits to the “Improve Your Writing” sections of the community in Wattpad and I, being the introvert I am, had no idea how to enter the conversation like a normal person, so instead I decided to write an all-out piece of advice that I couldn’t bring myself to send. As a result, I decided to publish this book to sort it all out instead of just deleting the messages I never sent forever.

Feel free to leave behind any suggestions and questions you have that you’d like me to answer!



Want to learn a new method of writing? Join me on my experience writing with tarot cards, complete with a guide, and tips and tricks!


A quick question on this. I have a published piece but it isn’t my information. It’s notes from books I’ve gotten from the library to help me. It’s on here so I can print it up.

Could I share it? If I do it’s only for others to see if it’s useful. It’s not my works so u don’t care about the popularity.


I do first-page critiques (due to time restraints), suggest grammar tips (as posts as well). If any you do not see, let me know.

Thank you,


Saving this one for NaNoWriMo prep this year! Been participating since 2016…


Lovely cover and interested…but the link didn’t lead me to the book?!..


Sounds like good writerly stuff! Adding to my “On Writing” reading list! :slight_smile:


Hey, why was this flagged? It’s okay even though it is advertising. I mean we all know about the other sites. Doesn’t mean we’ll abandon wattpad. We’re here for a reason.


The basic ins and outs of archaic pronouns (thou, thee, thine, thy, thyself) and add some antiquarian flair to their poems.

How to Write like Shakespeare:

My observations from the Wattpad and FanFiction sites on the abuses of fan fiction. My arguments in this piece can be a bit impassioned, so please excuse me rash assertions.

Essay on Fan Fiction: