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Tired of not finding what you are looking for on Wattpad? Bored by the inaccurate descriptions that scream promise but end up letting you down? Want to see if your idea is popular in the community? Then go ahead and comment it below!

Here’s my list

Title: Legacy 1 Ascension
Author: 19lams5
Summary: An emotionless protoge of military strategy will be encouraged by a father to form relationships and have them taken away when he finally meets someone he likes.

Title: Forgotten
Author: 19lams5
Summary: A little girl’s father is shot in cold blood while her mother is raped and killed, leading her to dedicate her life to fighting against the enemy.

Title: Redemption
Author: 19lams5
Summary: Hero of the galaxy is humiliated by someone he considers a close friends and finally cracks, having long been on the verge of depression from the ever increasing burdens of hero, forcing his friends to try and save him.

Title: The Number (not published)
Author: 19lams5
Summary: The Empire has complete control of its citizens thanks to mass survellance and a social credit system, meaning that the main characters must take drastic measures to bring down the government

Title: Reckoning (not published)
Author: 19lams5
Summary: Humanity builts an advanced ai to fight against alien invaders, but the ai turns against the humans while destroying the alien transports, so now humanity is forced to work with the aliens to stop this common enemy.

Look forward to seeing what you all have!


Is this a sort of critique and dump your own blurb kind of thing or just dump your summaries and then that’s it? :thinking:


Idek. It’s tagged as a SYS, though it seems it might be more of a #improve-your-writing ?

I think you’re supposed to say what you think of the summaries above? And post your own, or something…?


I mean, I can totally critique OP’s summaries if they want - but I don’t wanna sit and comment a bunch if that’s not what they want, you know? :joy:


:joy::joy::joy:so true though


I see this as more of a place for you to share your ideas and have others look at it, not so much as improving the writing as developing ideas until they are fully mature, as well as looking for interesting concepts out there. Hope this clarifys!


I see


Title: lost
Author: @Shaddai_Sanchez
Summary: Life is never easy but when you finally have everything you wanted and its snatched out of your hands, you seem to get… lost. At the age of 22 Rachel seems to be finally happy. She just finished college, already has a few interviews, she has a nice apartment, and she’s found her one true love,Christian. Things couldn’t get better. but after the best night if her life she’s involved in a car acccinent leading her to not being able to remember a few things. everything changes. will she recover ? will she found her way back to her perfect life ? will her Christian be able to remind her of their love story? will he be able to make her fall once more after being lost ?


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Title: A Lonesome Night

Author: False-Prophet

Summary: A terrifying sadistic killer is on the loose and the police are desperate to catch him. Disguised as a wonderful worker and friend, Heiden continues to act on his urges despite the risk and wrongfulness of his actions. The public are terrified and those who enforce the law are getting more and more desperate to catch the maniac. What happens when the wolf in sheep’s clothing experiences something he never felt, love?


but its a sharing story summaries? are not allowed to do our own?


We never actually figured out what this thread was about. :joy:

Also, in threads that do allow sharing summaries, you’re not allowed to share the cover as well.

You’re only allowed to share cover, summary and a link all together in the #share-your-story club.


Title: All I See
Summary: A paranoid musician joins a record label to seek revenge and uncovers a mass conspiracy aimed at ruining his life.

There’s…a lot more to it than that, but that is my absolute best attempt at a one-sentence summary I did a while ago. The book is going to be close to 140,000 words long once I’m finished with it. Lmao


Oh, should I delete the cover from my comment?


Yes. (:


Alright, thank you for telling me.


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