she’s (finally) taking requests again—NOW IN COLOR!

HI GUYS. it’S ME. the slowest commission artist in the world!

Character Name:
Faceclaim: (Optional)
Description of appearance:
Do you want color?:
Describe the background you want:
Time period your character is from (or fantasy equivalent):
Facial expression:
Outfit description:
Special marks:
Excerpt: (this is something new. please include a short 300 word except that describes the essence of your character)

what i won’t draw: anything NSFW, probably no full-body because they just take too long. this is a portrait shop, soooo.

the fewer references the better tbh. i like room to work. also, please expect two weeks (or maybe six months, sorry, you know who you are) or so for the drawing to be finished. i’m only taking two requests right now because i work slowly. don’t complete payment until i accept your request. i may deny it for any number of reasons. it’s not you; it’s me.

what i want in return: before i start drawing, please leave a helpful critique on the first chapter of my story, Mortal Gods . like, please actually read it. please. i am desperate. the more helpful you are the more inclined i’ll be to do a good job, tbh. sorry :joy:when you’ve commented, i’ll start sketching and show you the work in progress. you can tell me what tweaks to make and i’ll fix it if there’s anything wrong. then, before i send you the FINAL FORM, you’ll read my second chapter and comment on that, too. after that i will show u the finished project and you can use it wherever you want.

btw, i’m partial to vintage settings, ‘90s and earlier, and unique characters. i’m also going to try and color these this time because i think it’s time to take the next step in my artwork. also, i want to try my hand at some backgrounds so bonus points if you have an interesting setting :ok_hand: feel free to request again if i never got around to yours!

slot 0: cjtruz (from the old thread)
slot 1: DramaticWirlwind
slot 2: AmnerisTenjo



Hi, It’s so nice of you to offer this. I would like to place a request, but I totally understand if you don’t want to accept it.

Character Name: Yvette Lawrence
Faceclaim: Can I just give you the description included in my novel and you can interpret it however you want? I can’t seem to find a photo of how I image her online.
Description of appearance: maple brown hair that lays in loose waves framing her face, soft facial features, and emerald green eyes
Age: 21
Do you want color?: If you have the time/ want to color it that would be great, but I understand if you only have time for a pencil sketch.
Describe the background you want: Could you maybe have her with a forest behind her? If that’s to difficult/ not something you want to do I am also fine with a solid colored background such a light blue or even just a solid white background.
Time period your character is from (or fantasy equivalent): Still not entirely sure, sort of 1700-1800’s. The story is set in little frontier towns where everyone cooks food over their fireplace and uses swords, so definitely not anything modern.

Map of Setting

I thought this might help give you an idea of the setting, so I attached it.

Facial expression: Maybe like a soft smile or kind of just a neutral expression, whatever you feel like.
Outfit description: Because of the time period she always has to wear floor length dresses.

Dress Inspiration

Somethig similar to this but maybe a white top with light green, blue or pink for the skirt part.

Special marks: none
Also, if you want to, could she be posed holding a bow and arrow drawn like she is about to shoot? I understand this is probably really difficult to draw, so if this doesn’t work she can just be standing.

Thanks so much for considering my request! :grin:

you are just the nicest. i’d love to read the description of her :slight_smile:


Here is the paragraph that introduced her, and the drawing could even be based off this scene too.

Yvette's Character Description

Meanwhile, in a neighboring town, there was a young woman who was leisurely picking berries in the pine forest. The trees were gently swaying in the soft breeze and the moonlight filtered through the leaves. The woman’s maple brown hair fell in loose waves framing her face with soft gentle features and emerald green eyes. She strolled with her woven basket resting on her forearm while holding up the edge of her light green dress with her other hand. She softly hummed to herself a song her mother sung to her as a child. She followed her usual path for her evening walk down along the brook.

i’ll accept your request. :heart: vintage lady + frontier is right up my alley

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Yay, thanks! :smiley: Take your time in making it. I am in no rush for the drawing, but when it is done I will probably feature it my chapter with the map. Would that be okay with you? I would credit you under it as the creator. Also, I will start completing the payment tomorrow if I have the time.

yup that’s totally fine! you can post it wherever you want! i’m mostly doing this for fun and practice honestly!

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I absolutely love your drawing of Hala! So excited to see more of your work :heart:


Character Name: Aurelia

  • Mesomorph build
  • Bronze skin
  • Golden eyes. Protruding shape
  • Rounded eyebrows
  • Bow-shaped lips
  • Golden hair. Unbound. Curled.
  • Golden swirling patterns on right side of face and body

Age: Several million years old. Looks in her 20s

Colour: If possible


Either night sky or crystals. You can decide what you think works best :blush:

Time Period: Several million years ago but a mix of medieval and futuristic times (if that makes any sense)

Facial Expression: Contempt, slight smile, calm

Outfit Description: Silver metal dress over black fabric covering her body (fabric on arms and legs visible). Dangling crystal earrings

Special Marks: Golden swirling patterns on right side of face and body


Aurelia is one of the Frozen Ones. She was one of the many warriors chosen to sleep in crystal for millions of years until the time that they would be needed to defend their homeworld.

When Aurelia was freed from crystal, she went to join the rebellion after finding out her homeworld had made an alliance with her enemies. The alliance was to bring the Dark King back from the dead (he was the old king of her homeworld)

She was never meant to become a villain but, because of a misunderstanding, she became one. She doesn’t understand the new world and is reluctant to do so, her own beliefs being the thing that stops her from understanding.

Beautiful artwork! I wish I had the patience to paint.

(psssst i paint because i don’t have your inking skills)

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duuuuude she sounds like so much fun to draw. accepted!!

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Thankyouuuuuu :smiley:

(I don’t actually ink, I just sketch and then clean up :joy:)

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honestly. whatever works :joy: could have fooled me

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@DramaticWirlwind @AmnerisTenjo hey guys, just a reminder i won’t start the sketches until the critiques are finished! sorry :grimacing:

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I’ve got 2 more people until I get to you :joy:

Thanks for the reminder! I will try to start the critiques tomorrow.

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Alright, finished yours. It was just for the first chapter, wasn’t it?

yup! thank you for the feedback! i’ll get started on your piece tomorrow!

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