Sherlock fanfic writers where you at?

Is is just me or is it really hard to find a Sherlock fanfiction thread here?

I need to find other Sherlock writers to talk about tropes, struggles and generally… well, Sherlock.

Hey, I’m Dana. I’ve been a fan of BBC Sherlock since about 2015 (?), and I enjoy writing Sherlock fanfic whether it is a full story or just a oneshot.

Anyone Else?


Hellooo again!

Hello! Nice to see you again. I think this thread suit us well haha

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It really does. I’ve been waiting for more Sherlock fans for a long time and they never show :joy:

Yup, I just had to take matters into my own hands

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Hey!! Just got here, although I think I might be slightly late

Hey! Welcome!
nah dw. It seems there aren’t many other sherlockians though.

I’m a bit late, but this thread doesn’t have to many replies. I’m pretty new to the Sherlock fandom, but I’m already in waist deep. I haven’t written any fanfiction for it yet, but I will eventually. I love everything Sherlock, as any of my profile’s will say.

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Hey there!

Yeah, I found out it’s so hard to find Sherlock lovers even with the immense amount of Sherlock stories!

I am so down for chatting with fellow writers, Sherlockians for the win! I agree this fandom has been shrinking desperately since season four came out! Now more than ever it’s necessary for the fanfiction authors to take the reins and steer those characters in the right direction!

I know right! I was so close to drifting away after season four tbh, it just wasn’t that good

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it’s such a shame though, like I had looked forward to that season for years! And now I’m downright praying they don’t try to make season five

YES! I remember that time, it was so weird. Especially that the episode got leaked a few days before, and it was so bad that everyone thought it was a fake, then it wasn’t. We are by far the craziest fandom for that haha. There was also a theory that there was an extra episode to fix everything and that the show that came after it was fake as well. damn

ohhh ya you know it’s bad when people start to theorize that everything was a drug trip and there’d be a redo… I actually had a dream where the writers had decided that they messed the whole series up so bad that they reshot the whole thing, and they used darling Jeremy Brett as an extra (he was still alive) and Johnlock was cannon. Best dream ever :joy:


I think you should be the new writer for season five :joy:

oh if only…if only the fanbase could take over and write a half decent episode :sweat_smile:
have you seen the jeremy brett adaptations? They’re what saved the entire sherlock holmes fanbase for me, after the BBC series collapsed I took refuge with the books and Jeremy brett, and I’m just as in love with it all as ever! perhaps even more, knowing now what an empire has been built around just a handful of short stories…

I didn’t but I might as well check it out!
But yeah season four was an absolute shock (except the lying detective, that’s my baby). Not only with the weird, poorly-executed plot, but also with cgi and generally the characters themselves. Still can’t forget my disappointment lol

i still haven’t watched it again…though i admit the lying detective was a gem. Jeremy brett is on youtube if you look it up! highly recommended :slight_smile:

I will soon! Thanks for the recommendation

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got a brilliant fanfic idea just before the 4th series aired, but it died because i couldn’t figure out the plot and fit it into the canon story. now that you’ve reminded me of it, i’m thinking i’d better get writing, then go find mark gatiss + steven moffat, slap them around with the manuscript, then proceed to make my fanfic into a redemptive 5th series :rofl: