sherms' cover shop: open ✨

Hello! I’m Shermaine and I like to design book covers in my free time! I mostly use Canva for my designs, so they tend to be simpler in nature.

Please fill out this form if you would like to request for a cover, and then reply to this thread so I know I’ve received a new request! I will only start on requests after payment has been made (see below).
I only accept requests made via the form.

:sparkles:Rules :sparkles:
Payment: Drop a comment on my story or permanently follow me! (You’re more than welcome to do both!) I will only start on your request AFTER payment has been made.
➵ As long as payment has been made, you are not obligated to use the story cover I design if you are not satisfied with it. We can definitely discuss changes in DMs and I’ll do my best to meet your expectations, but if I am unable to then let me know, and I am absolutely fine if you don’t want to use the design for your story in the end! So no pressure.
➵ If you DO use the cover I designed, please credit me @mysoulsings in your story description.
➵ If you want to post my cover design on social media, please mention my Wattpad username AND tag me if I have an account on that platform! :blush:
➵ If you give me permission, I will feature the cover design I did for you in the “book” i have in my profile for my cover designs as part of a portfolio for advertising my services. I will include the title of your story and tag you as the author.

:sparkles:Sample Designs: :sparkles:
Wattpad Book Covers Round n' Round (2)

Superheroes are Stupid (1) Strength Realized 2
Stolen Truth 3 Protecting Ryan 1
Spirit Dice 4 Flying Colors 1
Book Cover Requests (27) Book Cover Requests (28)
You Are Missing From Me 3 Book Cover Requests (33)

Thank you and do let me know if you have any questions at all! <3

Do you draw your own covers?

No, I use Canva and source for free pictures and graphics online :blush:

So If you’re publishing a book on a paying site you cant use them?

Since the graphics/photos are free for all uses (including commercial) I would suppose you can use the designs on a paying site as well.

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Hi, there! Submitting my payment now!

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Thanks! I’ve messaged you in DMs :blush:

How do you get Canva?

It’s a website!

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Yes, I just wanted to know how it works, but I checked it out. Thanks anyways.

I followed you and sent you some stuff, but I didn’t realize you only worked with canva so you might be only able to do one of them (Flying Colors) but yeah…

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I’ll see what I can do and get back to you on your requests via DMs!

Hi there! I’ve requested and submitted a form, about to do payment right now!

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Bumping this up! Requests are open :sparkles: New sample designs in the top post!

Bump! Requests are open :slight_smile:

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