ships!! which one does this?

one of my favorite exercises for developing oc ships is discussing which character would do what. how this will work is that you will answer the question above you and then ask a new one, pretty simple.


q: which one gets sent to sleep on the couch during a fight?

a: ruthie 100% sends andreas to the couch

i’ll start!!

who eats the other one’s uneaten pizza crusts?


Shar, cuz no matter what, she has her crust first, so Adi has to be like, “save the soft bit cuz I can’t do crust anymore”

Who keeps a track of what the other likes?

They honestly both would, but Addy’s more likely.

After a fight, who would give their lover a glass of ice when they ask for water and tell them to “wait”?

you would think it was r’ehl but deep down, kona is the petty bitch of the two

who hogs the blankets?

chips is good only for films i guess peanuts develope good excercies.

Deffo Shar, but like in the middle of the night, she’ll roll over and wraps herself around Adi

Who is the more musical one?

I would say they’re both equally musical. They sing together in the car a lot, and I would say both of them have pretty solid voices. Dusty does like to let Fitz take the melody while she picks up the harmony, though. :heart:

Which one (if either, lol) is a better cook?

Both of them are, but Shar cooks more often

Which one takes up more than half the wardrobe?

Strangely enough, Sean. He has a LOT of plaid and hoodies whereas Finn has pretty much the same outfits. But Sean will reuse all his clothes so he doesn’t have to do laundry, whereas Finn only wears his outfits once.

Which one hogs the blankets?

Fitz. He doesn’t even really hog the blankets—he sleeps on top of them like a psychopath. But it ensures that Dusty doesn’t get any covers at all except maybe to keep her big toe warm. Maybe.

In a game of one-on-one basketball, which one would win?

Ivie would school Rev. And he’d let her.
Titus and Jules would tie at zero.

Who’s a better cook?

Dusty! She whips it up in the kitchen on the regular. Fitz likes to make fun of her and say that she’s not that good, but it’s only to make her cook more to prove her point. He can’t get enough of her cooking.

Which one is a pickier eater?

Shar, mostly cuz she has to maintain her body as she is an actor. But she totally hates doing that because “being picky” means not being able to eat her favorite food than being picky with the food she actually, genuinely likes…

Which one is more tech savvy/likes gadgets more?

for r’ehl and kona, definitely kona. andreas is the more tech savvy one over ruthie, though, because he’s kind of had to figure things out on his own all his life, while ruthie mostly had things done for him.

who talks smack during mariokart, and who wins?


Evangeline talks all the shit and invariably loses - by default, Eric wins.

Who’s more touchy-feely?

Sean for sure. Finn’s all about personal space but Sean definitely is the kind of guy who is constantly tapping your shoulder for attention.

Which one is more artistic?

I’m gonna do this, but only after I establish the relationship, because It would be a huge spoiler to my story if I did so now…

Shar and Adi are both equally artistic, but I’d say Shar is a little more cuz she is an actor so performing arts is basically her job, but she and Adi are some good a** singers

Who would freak out more about insects, small or large?

ruthie hates bugs and will insist that andreas kill any that crawls into his line of sight

who’s better at talking about emotions?