Ships! Who does what?

This is how you play.

The first person will ask a question about the ship (romantic meaning, not an actual boat) for example “who hogs the blanket?” The next person will answer it, and then put another question beneath it.
For example:
Person 1: Who would survive on nothing but cereal?
Person 2: Olivia. (Explanation here, if you want.) Who would get scared after watching a horror movie?
And so on.
I’ll go first.
Which one would literally kill for the other?

Ooh! Fun. @ValKayRee come play.

This is an epic question but also kinda lame because both of them. And they’d both be really good at it too. Alex could make it disappear with a phone call. But Julian’s all doctor-y. It’d have to be in a fit of passion for Julian though. Alex would be the kind to plan it out.

Who has the sweet tooth?

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Amelie. She will eat anything sweet, she just loves it.

Who would neglect all work to be with the other?

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Totally Alex. He actually does this in the book. Yay elected government officials?

Who’s the creative one?

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Definitely Maddie, especially when it comes to baking. Justin is more of think though things type of person.

Who’s the one more prone to over thinking things?


Alex is the processor. Julian goes by instinct and heart.

Who’s more outdoorsy?

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Amelie. If Jordan had it her way, she would have never seen the sun.

Who’s the nerdy one?

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They’re both nerds, comes with the territory, but Alex has reading glasses he hides. (They’re older).

Who’s the more amorous?

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Damien definitely. He’s straightforward and not afraid to directly show his desire for Seraphine. While Seraphine is the more subtle, denies her feelings type.

Who’s the one to propose first?


Pfft. Julian. He would at least if Alex would have said yes but he wouldn’t have soooooo…

Who likes to cook?

HAH Seraphine! Damien would definitely burn the kitchen down if he tried.

Damien “HEY! That was one time…”

Who’s the coffee drinker and who’s the tea drinker?


Amelie: tea
Jordan: coffee

Who reads for fun and who reads for school/work only?

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Quinley: Fun
Tai: School only.

Which one cooks and which one doesn’t really know how?

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Julian’s husband cooks. Both Alex and Julian order out. Alex can’t be arsed to do it, and Julian burns water. Plus they both grew up in the city, so why bother?

Who’s more obsessed with their own appearance?

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Kenneth for sure. Byrd could care less XD.

Who has that one weird genre of music they love that doesn’t match their personality?

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Julian is a pretty buttoned down adult, but he was a club kid back in the day and loves any of that stuff.

Who has the most schooling?

Technically Derek.

Who says (or would say) ‘I love you’ first?

Oh damn that’s a good question!! My boys have a twenty year history but I’ve never thought of that. I am going to have to say Julian. And it took Alex a few months to catch up.

Who takes up the most closet space?

(Oooh sweet! Thanks XD. Also, Alex and Julian are a killer pair. Hehe)

Lachlan takes up the most closet space. Talia couldn’t care less what she is wearing.

Who gets way too competitive while playing Scrabble?