What do you guys think of ships? Like, writing a story based around a ship (not talking about fanfiction here, actual ships from OCs) but it having it’s own plot and being a seperate, thriving part of your own universe?


I don’t remember the last time I shipped characters. I don’t know, I’m very apathetic on that regard :woman_shrugging: I can hate a character easily, but ship people? I just don’t care enough.


Fair enough xD


what genre is this within? like a pirate story, or an adventure, or end of the world thing?

I can think of loads of best sellers that have been based around ships, books and movies. It makes for a great way of taking your entire set of characters from one place to another and dumping them in an entirely different scene. Also gives a claustrophobic feel if you need in which distrust comes to the fore.


Oh I love ships, but I’m not much for steam liners.

I’m a Clearith actually. Yes, I said it. I can take the Cloti storm.


@cmackay81 This is a romance-adventure. With a hint of supernatural/fantasy added. Nothing too extreme. Mostly character driven, as opposed to plot. I want to see how Losh (Luke and Josh) works out in the end.

@SarahWeaver xD


I’m still not clear if this thread is about water-going-vessels, spacecraft maybe, or relationships. :frowning:


Relationships xD

Maybe ships on a ship if you wanna be funny xD


If it works for fanfictions, it works everywhere. :sunglasses: And some really great fanfics are based on ships.


OK, then, yes, some of my works basically exist because I started to think characters existing in one of my previous works should be together.

The Empty World in some part (because there were other factors) exists because I thought Morpheus and Julien would be a ‘better’ (?) relationship than Julien and Athen, who in earlier drafts of manuscripts in the sequence had been unquestionably together.

The Iron Man is then an AU of The Empty World Sequence in which the main characters of the sequence are all human (as opposed to various faerie and angels and wolves and such) and all live in the same time period and are all much closer in age. That allowed new ships to be possible that would have been cringe-inducing in the original universe (like Athen and Thierry or Athen and Murphy being exs).


Yes, I see ships everywhere in this ocean of madness. Gay ships, straight ships, messed up ships. Colorful ships. @bangtancha

Yeah, I also didn’t intend for Josh and Luke to be a ship. I thought Josh and Lily would be an item, but it would be a missed opportunity if I didn’t try them together. @KaranSeraph


I’m reminded of Titanic for some reason.


I was going to suggest this as probably the most famous ship based romance, but then I started thinking Luke and Josh were ships.

Do you guys know “thomas the tank engine”? If you do, then that with ships.


Just don’t make the ships sink.


Becuase loose lips, especially for a WWI or WWII romance.


@SarahWeaver Yes. I will be happy as long as they don’t end up a disaster like the Titanic lol.

@cmackay81 S.S Losh is the best ship ever :slight_smile:


I like teasing ships in stories just to sink them and torture my readers.

I’m not evil, I swear. :lumi:


Yes! I need to see how far things go too. Do you?




See how far the ship goes.