Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars is a group for all writers, regardless of experience, or status. This place is for everyone to meet and bond with people who have similar goals of learning, improving their writing, and shooting for the stars

This is a space to talk about what you’re working on, get advice and support, and share your goals and achievements. We bond over the good days, the bad days, and everything in between. We laugh together, cry together, and build each other back up after mental breakdowns, all in hopes of being attaining Stardom one day.

We have a Shooting Stars writing Discord server :slight_smile:


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You can share all your milestones like featured, added to an ambassador-run profile reading list, winning a contest here. Were you invited to Paid, Stars, or some other opportunity?

Meeting a read count or follower count goal, completing a story or any writing related goals count as well :slight_smile:

Add date, username and achievement here:

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I think we can post.


You should make post 3 into a wiki. In the morning, get some sleep.

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Thanks for the tag. :slight_smile:


Hullo, how’s your day going?

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A bit meh. Nothing noticeable, other than completing a chapter for my current Fantasy story.



Same although I’m trying to keep my cat off my computer.
offscreen You have a pillow. Go to the pillow.

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I’d love a cat, but we have to pay a $500 pet deposit for the apartment we live in, so can’t really happen right now.

Though maybe I’ll get lucky with Forged In Fire with an agent, makes it to bestseller, then buy a house and won’t have to worry about that lol.

Yeah right, who am I kidding? XD

What sort of books do you live to read or write?


Aww that’s frustrating

You’ll have a bestseller. Believing you can is half the battle.

Usually reading- any thing that catches my attention. Writing- fanstasy. I’m annoyed at lack of non-romance in the NA section. So that’s what I’ll be working on after my YA saga.

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Sometimes I just put my laptop on top of my cat :joy:

Also hello all, this seems like a really cool thread!!


I think Fantasy and romance go hand in hand for the most part, both on and off of Wattpad. Forged In Fire doesn’t have too much except for some time travel romance and near the end.

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:joy: She’s only about six months and squirms all the time. I’m more worried about my computer.

Glad to hear that.

Awe, so cute haha.

My chonk’s birthday is this month, so he will officially be a year old. He’s a big fella tho and tends to just flop around so I occasionally set my laptop on him for a few minutes when he’s getting in the way.

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They do but I see more of the steamy fantasy-setting romances than the fantasy with romance in it.

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Ah, okay. I’m not too much into the steamy type of romance. Basically just your average boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.

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Awww. Big cats are funny to have; especially when they want to cuddle.


I’ve always loved Main Coons.

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Yes, can we have more of those as a dessert for the main course of plot? Not the other way around.

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