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The Marriage


Realistic / Historical / family / fiction / short story / chicklit

Two sisters, who are very close to one-another, suddenly realise that they have to get separated, when the older sister’s boyfriend proposes to marry her before he goes away to the war.
The little sister realises that they have to be countries apart, within a span of two weeks…


The time has come to confess to your crush…
But when you’re not even aware of this crush and it is on the hot infuriating boss of yours, things get complicated.
And an unsent outlet letter can quickly become a suicide letter.


The same dream, the same dark brown eyes, the same warm smile that never fail to make her heart beat faster.
She’s sure she knows him… but who is he?

My First Christmas in Hell


Sometime when fate strikes, we wish to question it forever. Unfortunately, there’s a place where it can happen—eternally! Laura experiences this, and more, as she remembers her first Christmas in Hell.

“Eternity is long time, especially near the end.” —Woody Allen

[Winner of the Weekly ChickLit Challenge. Prompt #3]

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