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:mage: :mermaid: :fairy: :woman_genie: :elf: :unicorn: :dragon: :hole: Fantasies are often inspired by mythology and magic. These are worlds with a different reality. :mountain: :camping: :merman: :crown: :bow_and_arrow: :genie: :crossed_swords: :shield: :woman_mage:

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Gwyn is the only person in her village that doesnโ€™t want to be a dragon rider. Every child plays games of the Dragon Wars, wishing that they could grow up to become one of the dragon rider, the knights, the protectors of the land. When the time comes for Gwyn to be tested to see if she has dragon blood, sheโ€™s dreading it. It doesnโ€™t help that her guardian, Argus, is missing as he always does on the testing days. When Gwyn is chosen to become a dragon rider, she must travel to Dragonkeep. There, she discovers secrets that donโ€™t just change herself, but that could change the whole world.


While there is a bit of romance, the plot line of the first six stories is not focused on Romance.

The seventh story is Romance, but can be skipped if you donโ€™t like romance.


Title: The VIKING
Genre: Fantasy
Status: Completed



I woke up from the best dream I ever had to a nightmare that I hope is not reality.
Now, Iโ€™m lost, torn between two consciousnesses. Which one is the real me?


Hi! You can view my story here:

The Sleeping Beau is an LGBT twist on the original Sleeping Beauty. I just put out the first chapter today, and the title is a work-in-progress. Iโ€™ve already written the entirety of the story, and I will be periodically editing the parts and putting them up. Theyโ€™re all short little segments, and I will probably be adding a lot more to the story. Should I just put the rest up as is just to have some finished product, or should I try to put up the best version as soon as possible? Thanks.

The prince was cursed at birth that upon the arrival of his sixteenth birthday, he would prick his finger on a spinning wheel and fall into an infinite sleep until he received True Loveโ€™s Kiss. What happens when the one who wakes him up is someone totally unacceptable and unconventional? Will he get his happily ever after?

I think the ideas you have for this are great! Are they original or is this a fanfic? If itโ€™s original, you had me fooled because the premise is well thought out and creative. I think you should make this a full-fledged novel so we can get a greater glimpse of this world youโ€™ve created. Iโ€™m really into it now.

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