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:mage: :mermaid: :fairy: :woman_genie: :elf: :unicorn: :dragon: :hole: Fantasies are often inspired by mythology and magic. These are worlds with a different reality. :mountain: :camping: :merman: :crown: :bow_and_arrow: :genie: :crossed_swords: :shield: :woman_mage:

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While there is a bit of romance, the plot line of the first six stories is not focused on Romance.

The seventh story is Romance, but can be skipped if you don’t like romance.



The winds howled the day I was born.

I was born among the Kylen. Winds on the Kylen Plains are not unheard of, but not howling winds. Wind requires trees and mountains to howl. This wasn’t that kind of howling anyway. This was the howl of a keenly felt pain. It howled with the voice of one bereft. It howled with a pain I felt, and I howled with it. I howled my pain, my rage, and my loss.

I had Returned.

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A young mergirl swam endlessly through the ocean, happy and carefree. One day, she saw a fishing boat. She approached it. When she was very close, she stuck her head out of the water.

β€œHello.” The mergirl greeted the humans standing on the edge.

They then spoke for a little while. The mergirl was easily convinced to go aboard.

This would be the biggest mistake of her life.

Every universe has a single spot that connects it with every other universe. The challenge is finding it.

It’s turtles all the way down! :turtle:


In the kingdom of Therea, a criminal is given two options: Hang by the noose until death, or take the Slayer’s Pact. Most are apt to choose the noose, for the Pact is known far and wide to be a fate worse then death.

Harken chose the latter.

The Ghost of Therea is a short story of a man seeking redemption. A wandering Revenant displaced in time. A ghost of the past.

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