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:mage: :mermaid: :fairy: :woman_genie: :elf: :unicorn: :dragon: :hole: Fantasies are often inspired by mythology and magic. These are worlds with a different reality. :mountain: :camping: :merman: :crown: :bow_and_arrow: :genie: :crossed_swords: :shield: :woman_mage:

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Serie de historias cortas, creadas por el inconsciente, que sólo se deja ver en los sueños.
¿Podemos viajar hacia otras realidades a través de ellos?
¿Te atreves a descubrir qué tan extraños pueden ser los sueños?

I have never had a dream like this one. How did I end up in a magical land, where I had a sword and fought next to magicians? It seemed so real, that I wonder if it was all dream or if it was my destiny…
It is completed with 15 part :grin:

Dragon Singer

Don’t get caught.
Don’t let anyone find you.
Don’t let them know what you really are.
The three rules of Takara’s life that had kept her and her secret safe her whole life. But one careless night, one less look over her shoulder, has left her chained and imprisoned. Believed to be a sorceress who can control dragons, she’s being forced to fight in a war that isn’t hers to fight. What the King doesn’t understand is who or what she really is, what her song really means. With the help of an unlikely ally, will Takara be able to escape the chains that bind her, and sing her Dragon Song once again, before it is too late?

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While there is a bit of romance, the plot line of the first six stories is not focused on Romance.

The seventh story is Romance, but can be skipped if you don’t like romance.



Killers, murderers, and bandits have taken innocent lives. Ruined people’s businesses, destroyed towns and cities and villages… But do they feel compassion? Or love? Maybe they deserve a second chance. Or the pointy end of a blade?

Afterall… even the worst people deserve redemption.

Have You Ever Killed?


Nes has not many dreams or wants in his young life. His day involves climbing. To explore places and houses and buildings. Of course, those places are other people’s, and he explores them to steal.

That’s what his life involves.

It all goes well, until a thieves’ guild wants blood to be spilled. Preferably Nes’.

A man, smarter, and more cunning than him is ready for Nes. Waiting for him to climb.

Will Nes prove fast enough to escape the deadly grasp of cutthroats and climb to safety?

Would he find safety and treasure at the top, or more danger?



Three chapters short story.

To Climb is to Fall

Every universe has a single spot that connects it with every other universe.

The challenge is finding it.

It’s turtles all the way down! :turtle:

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