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Short Story - General


:closed_book: :green_book: :computer: The place for General Fiction. In addition, any story that doesn’t seem to fit in the other threads, or if your not sure of where to put it, it can go here. This is also a good place for those collections / anthologies that have multiple genres. :open_book: :writingwin: :memo:

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This story is about a girl who thinks she is living a simple life with her mother until one day she finds a box while cleaning out her attic with her Mom. She finds out about a secret she never thought existed. What’s in the box? What’s so important about it?
Hey, this is a short story with only three chapters, but in the near future I plan on expanding on it. It was originally a story for a contest in my town so…

I’m just starting out for writing and I’m pretty excited >w<
Please go check it out, I really do want to see if anyone is interested in my work(s) :stuck_out_tongue: [also, if you do read, PLEASE comment and leave suggestions ^^ thx]

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This story is about this girl whose past is a secret, and based on that past, she dreams of a new future. A future where she could be powerful, brave and loved like a main character. However, no one can escape who they are, or at least who they’ve become.

A fiction short based on true life experice about gender and self-discovery.
Title: What Am I?

Blurb: What am I? Who am I? How do I know what I am? Better yet, how do I come to terms with it?


I welcome all coments and reviews! :slight_smile:

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In 1726, Mother Clap’s Coffeehouse, a notorious disorderly house, was raided by police and permanently shut down. A young and conservative professor discovers himself amongst the company of fellow disorderly hearts.
(A disorderly house was a building in the 18th century that housed ongoings that could cause public offense. This would include gambling dens, brothels, and other such illegal underground facilities. In reference to my story, a molly house is a homosexual meeting place for men, and it also classifies as a disorderly house. Highly illegal.)

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The Orphan is about a young and vulnerable teen girl that lived a sheltered life in the late 1800s with an evil aunt that wants her to marry a prominent and abusive older man. She experiences tons of emotions and is forced to complete domestic duties every day in order to have a place to live.

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“Coffee, cherry blossoms, and a calming scenery with a questionable sense of unease. (tw.: body horror)”

just a little short story i whipped up. im quite new, so i hope u enjoy the read!

Matt is an elderly man that just lost his wife of sixty six years. He’s finding out that losing someone so close to him is more than he can handle. As memories of her resurface he finds that he prefers her company to the real world he finds so cold and dark.

In a series of seventeen short, brutal shocks to the system, Swallow the Evil shows us the variety of forms horror can assume, from the sometimes destructive relationship between parent and child, to the double-edged nature of religion, to spirits who return to bedevil the living. Swallow the Evil is a journey into the strange theatre of the heart, where Man desperately searches for his place in the universe, and where Death is always a character, lurking upstage, waiting for its moment.

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Kamiccola’s FlashFiction Dumpground

A collection of shorts meant to make you laugh, cry or cringe. Which one will it be?








A man wakes up in a jail cell with no idea who brought him there…or why.



Written for @GraphicIndia’s contest. Word limit - 453.

Princess Gayatri encounters a strange man at her mansion, and what follows is a series of revelations that she thought were lost in history.


“So, what are you other intentions Mr. Hughes.”
“You are my intention, Ally. So, would you give this guy a chance?”
Harvey was taken aback by his bold confession. His heart throbbed heavily waiting for her response. What if he scared her away?

Ally Marsh is a 20-year-old college student who’s always putting other people’s needs before her own and still feeling second best to everyone around her until she met Harvey Elias Hughes, a Marine veteran who wanted a fresh start. Neither of them can deny their intense attraction, nor can they hide from it. But will moving on from their dark pasts jeopardize what they’ve found in one another?




This will be a book of one shots for fay (read the hunt).

This is where I will introduce other Characters from that universe.

For those who don’t know fay, they are creatures who live with humans. They look like humans, but have cat ears, purr, and can adjust their size to either human size or to the size of sckyscapers in an instant.

Do not own images. Was just really inspired.

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Hi Folks,

I have updated my “Thirty Second Stories” book with a new short story called - “The Soda Challenge”.

I have put it at the beginning of the book to be easier to get to upon first opening.

Enjoy Reading!

T. Ansel


If you like short reads then you will possibly enjoy, Viggies: Collection of Vignettes
Give it a try and tell me what you think.
More Stories to be added.
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This is a short story collection dealing with a lot of different topics like friendships, family, love story, breakups, inner thoughts, etc. There’s a story for everyone in this. Looking for genuine readers and feedback.