Short Story - General


Short Story - General


:closed_book: :green_book: :computer: The place for General Fiction. In addition, any story that doesn’t seem to fit in the other threads, or if your not sure of where to put it, it can go here. This is also a good place for those collections / anthologies that have multiple genres. :open_book: :writingwin: :memo:


Flashing Thomas Weekly
A Series of Short Stories



The Kindness of T.O.P.



St. Charles & the Children From the Sun

The Race


Mother Earth

Need I say anything more?

Flashing Thomas Weekly
A Series of Short Stories

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She’s My Soulmate



The Orphan is about a young and vulnerable teen girl that lived a sheltered life in the late 1800s with an evil aunt that wants her to marry a prominent and abusive older man. She experiences tons of emotions and is forced to complete domestic duties every day in order to have a place to live.

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Title : The Distance

Summary : A train of thoughts and rambling.
The place where I write whatever I want, to share a piece of my mind.
Liberate my crowded mind.

Link : The Distance


Thank you!

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Inspiration is a funny thing. It comes and goes at random, sometimes abandoning you at the worst moments. Fear no more! I made this collection for all the inspiration-starved writers out there just like you.

As a lucid dreamer, I come up with way too many ideas to turn them all into novels. That’s why I’ve put this book together: to give all those abandoned ideas a home with you. In this book, you’ll find short stories, flash fiction, and a couple unfinished novels.

The stories are mostly fantasy or science fiction, but the writing prompts I’ve included can be used in any genre. There are all types of stories–1st person, 3rd person, medieval fantasy, romance, action, modern fantasy, futuristic science fiction–you name it.

All the ideas in this book are up for grabs, so go crazy! Take a character from one story or a magical creature from another, and put them together in your own unique story.

If you’re not a writer, you should be. JK :slight_smile: Just come in and enjoy the show. I bet there will be something interesting in this book you’ve never seen before.



“High school is harder with dragons.” - Flash Fiction 1

“I’d been worried because Derek’s Masseuse Parlor was a monsters-only establishment.” - Spa Day

“She wouldn’t have traded away her draconic features for all the gold coins in the world.” - Going Home

“Outside, a slick, black limousine was waiting by the curb–my prison transport.” - Dragon Companion

“I learned pretty early on that human blood is hard enough to get out of white carpet, but alien blood is even harder.” - Professional Symbiote

“I frowned at the bucket of amber sludge on my front porch. It was three in the morning, and it wasn’t my bucket of sludge, as far as I knew.” - Party in a Bucket

A handy index tells you what point of view the stories are written in, what genre they are, etc.

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Seven Days Of Spring
Stealing baby chicks hadn’t exactly been on Rhea’s bucket list, but there’s a first time for everything. (completed)

Finn wasn’t a believer in love at first sight. He did believe in sweaty palms and a shaky voice at first sight however, and the two seem to overlap.

Seven Days Of Spring is a collection of short stories that all take place in the same week. It’s a mixture of young adult, taboo and romance stories that aren’t published until they’re complete, ensuring frequency once they are.


Title: What am I?

Blurb: What am I? Who am I? How do I know what I am? Better yet, how do I come to terms with it?

Tags: agender, angst, angstwithhappyending, basedonatruestory, basedonreallife, gender, lgbt, nonbinary, unlimitedpride



From this raw material, enjoy the exuberance, and vicariously experience, the sensational existence of Danny O’Shea.

These stories concern a person born into poverty, an occurrence as a teenager that might be seen as a setback, a pointedly unusual new adult situation, and a job that allowed for true exercises of power. :coffee:

Featured in “Realistic Fiction” in “Short Story” [August 2019]

Find the book here -

Extraordinary Danny

"…feeling like a nest of vipers had taken up residence in my stomach, I turned and took a deep breath. Everyone was staring at me. And I mean, everyone. Their stares were like an acid spill burning holes through me.

The DJ adjusted the keys on his machine, talking softly to the girl standing next to him. Her hair had silver spikes on one side and flames of red, orange and gold on the other. A chain ran from her ear to the side of her nose. Her fingers were covered in copper metal, with fingertips sharpened into blood red points. A snake tattoo slithered up her back, weaving in and out of the silk corset laces that ended with her shoulder blades.

I looked down at my penny loafers and plaid, pleaded skirt and sighed. I took off my black-framed glasses and handed them to the woman sitting at the nearest table.

“Will you hold onto these for a minute, Ma’am?” I asked her. She shook her head and snickered silently at me.

“Yeah, sure, Honey,” she answered. “Whatever you need.” Then she turned to her man and looked at him. I could tell they were mocking me. I closed my eyes to block them out.

Then the music began…"

He pushed himself away, towards a shimmering window of 1ight. But it was not the light he had seen in the tunnel, but a colder harsher light. Yet, he needed to escape. Harder and harder he tried. He wanted to LIVE! Slowly he crept towards the beacon. " LET ME LIVE!!"

Michael was a star quarterback who lost his legs. He tried to commit suicide and now he’s fighting for his life.

They called it the Book of Death.

There was some kind of prophecy around it, something to do with a chosen one, but I never really paid any attention to that kind of thing. Why would I? They weren’t even looking for a chosen one for the whatever problem. No, they used the Book of Death as a means of “humane” corporal punishment. “Humane” it wasn’t, but I guess it at least didn’t make a murderer of anyone else.

Some people tried to resist, but the minute you were in the room with the thing, you wanted to read it. Even knowing it would make you go up in flame, or get eaten by alive by insects, or have a sudden cardiac incident, or… whatever. It was a little different for everyone. I didn’t know what it was going to be for me, I just knew I would have to face the Book of Death.

I would like feedback on this story. I will happily give you feedback in return.

The Dark Side of the Hedge [Short Story]

What we all wait to know, lurking beyond the dark side of the hedge.

. . . Philosophically in life she sought answers–in death there were no questions. . . . .

A short and comforting tale of the End.

Read it here:

Aurora (A Soldier’s diary)
A chilling four-day diary left on a soldier’s cell phone tells a tale which pushes the boundaries of our understanding of the human heart. What nineteen-year-old private Harmon was to learn about the powers of desire in the last moments of his life is a lesson for all of us. For he was to experience the rarefied gift that what we will eventually see is that which we desire most.

Read this story here:

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“A-Are you… real?..”

A guy couldn’t believe that there was a spirit girl right in front of his eyes and appeared inside his room. His name is Shifuji, a guy who didn’t know he got a special ability to see the spirits. He is in love with a female student who is inside his class for the first day of school but finds himself embarrassing to confess her. Who was the person? How did he get the special ability?

The girl spirit, Naomi, who had died and transferred to another world, has only one chance to complete one mission. What was the mission?

Iwae!!!(Rejoice!!!) Get ready for the new story!!!

Link: Help!!! Spirits Really Exist In Real Life!!!194969400-256-k696101


Hunting at night is always made following rules. Breaking the rules is a brutal reminder of why the rules exist in the first place.

A short story, an easy read, around 2k words. Enjoy and feel free to share any thoughts.


Hope you will have time to give some good/bad feedback.

How It’s Gone
Kept In Dark

A collection of short stories that add on to. I try different genres, horror, romance/friendship, drama, social, etc. Feel free to give any suggestions, feedback, and critique. I’m open to all! And enjoy.

FERAL KINGDOMS - The Pashu Valley (Chapter 1)

Hi! I’m new to this and it is my first time publishing/writing anything. This is just a very short chapter of a series of short stories that I am currently writing as a way to introduce the universe and its races.

The concept is an alternate universe where anthropomorphic races inhabit alongside humans. (Medieval themed)The series will explore the philosophies and cultures of the different races through the eyes of different characters as well as introduce the reader to the world.

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Wake (n): a track or path left behind

I wanted to help you see that the universe was immense and there was more to you than just rocks and dust.

But when people ask about you now,

All I can say is you were a black hole and I could no longer feel the warmth of the sun.

This is a story about a beautiful girl, trying to find just where she went wrong.

Thank you for reading!


It’s a hot day in July. What are the Reilly brothers up to? They’re playing Truth or Dare! But one of them doesn’t want to just dare. He wants to make the ULTIMATE DARE!!

Join Hudson and Mortimer in their hilarious games in this fun short story about when things go out of hand.