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:closed_book: :green_book: :computer: The place for General Fiction. In addition, any story that doesn’t seem to fit in the other threads, or if your not sure of where to put it, it can go here. This is also a good place for those collections / anthologies that have multiple genres. :open_book: :writingwin: :memo:


A Short to the Heart


Short Stories / Realistic

A collection of fictional and semi-fictional short stories. Some have been published separately on this profile. This book simply puts them all in one place, alongwith some newer additions.

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Baby Blues

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Baby Blues is a series of companion fics for my comic (hence the cover art) written for the Tumblr event Your OC’s Backstory.
Synopsis: Gina spends the better part of a day looking through photo albums when she SHOULD be doing her homework.

Bagatelles is a collection of short stories, all under 4,000 words, spanning genres and themes. Common to all are clean grammar, thought-provoking characters, and unexpected endings. Fans of the bizarre, beautiful, and surprising won’t be disappointed.


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Read, Write, Repeat

A collection of one-shots inspired by prompts and some real-life incidents.



The Orphan is about a young and vulnerable teen girl that lived a sheltered life in the late 1800s with an evil aunt that wants her to marry a prominent and abusive older man. She experiences tons of emotions and is forced to complete domestic duties every day in order to have a place to live.

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Genre: Short Story/Fiction


Everybody wears a mask. What’s yours?
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I’m Private Andrew Malone. I’m most likely overseas right now, but no matter. I hope you take good care of my baby. I was reluctant to let her go.

Private Andrew Malone loves his car. With bills piling up, he and his father need some extra cash to keep paying for his mother’s medical expenses. After much deliberation, Andrew makes the tough decision to sell his 1966 Corvette before his leave ends and he’s shipped back overseas.

“A Classic” is heavily inspired by the song Riding With Private Malone by David Ball. This is my first ever short story and the first original story I’ve published on Wattpad. I hope you enjoy it!

A short story of an unconventional New Year tradition built from love and loss.


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The following are a couple of flash fiction short stories. The first is less than 500 words and the second is less than 900. They both have mature ratings for their dark themes.


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Tales of Fear
Summary: Here is a collection of fears, of horrors, and of hatred. When you need a spine chilling thrill. You have come to the right spot. A specially curated book for you. Welcome to my journal, in it collections of different tales. Some contain graphic depictions of horror other may cause you to wet the bed but overall they will keep you up at night wondering and rereading each piece asking yourself is this all connected?
Welcome to Tales of Fear. Enter if you dare.

It’s a collection of flash fiction/short stories that hopefully can give you a little scare!!


Illusion is merely a thin sheet of skin; peel it off, and reality will be exposed beneath it. Police inspector Hugh follows a shadowy man from the Mayor’s party, suspecting him to be hiding something under the overcoat he dons. He’s right, the man is hiding something, but it turns out to be something more sadder than Hugh could have imagined.


Title : See You Again
Status : Completed (3 chapters)
Genre : Short story
Link :
Description : Sam’s day started like any other day but ended at the morgue.

That’s all you need to know.

Don’t look at the story tags if you don’t want to get spoilers! You’ve been warned.







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Couldn’t Help Himself

Here we have a protagonist grappling with the reality of having survived violation and dehumanization. Here we have a predator who has yet to feel the sting of retribution.
In a day and age where sexual assault continues to happen, this is the one where the rapist gets it, but not in the way one might assume.

A multipart short story I wrote relatively recently, feel free to have look. I’m also able to offer read-for-reads and review-for-reviews to anyone interested.


The perpetrator’s death didn’t satisfy me. His blood on my hands should’ve been crusted with time and not fresh."

Alex does everything she can to live a normal life, hiding her identity in order to keep those close to her safe. All her efforts crumble in one night when two of her best friends are killed.

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not a part of a balanced reading diet

This is an eclectic grouping of short stories written by me during periods of writing droughts on my main works in progress. Some of these are spin-offs of those where I explore a character, and some are humorous shorts written simply for laughs.


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Title: One Thousand Furs & Other Tales
Author: @relevy
Status: Ongoing
Link: Click me!

Folklore is a canvas layered and layered by generations of paint. Every story is touched by the voices that came before and the hands bringing it into the present.

This project aims to add yet another fresh coat with YA LGBTQ+ retellings of stories such as: Allerleirauh, The Midnight Dance, Fitcher’s Bird and many many more.


Once, Gary had everything going for him. He had a successful career, the respect of his peers, and a loving wife and daughter. But a single night turned his dreamlike life into a never ending nightmare. Now shunned by everyone he cared for, jobless, and destitute, Gary looks back on the events that changed his life forever.

Observations on the knowing of ghosts, the origins of dust and how they relate to sick people.

The Dark Side of the Hedge [Short Story]


What we all wait to know, lurking beyond the dark side of the hedge.

. . . Philosophically in life she sought answers–in death there were no questions. . . . .

A short and comforting tale of the End.

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