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Broken Layers Cover

Broken Layers

Time is running out. Trapped in your mind, your insanity shows. Trying to break from your mind, you search in the depths of your unconsciousness. Time is running out and so is your time alive.

ONE SHOT Short Story Collection / Audiobook

One Shot to get it right

One Shot to face the EX you never got over,

One Shot to confess your love,

One Shot to find your missing parents in the Land of the Dead,

One Shot to save the SOUL of the one you love,

One Shot is all you got to make things right!

Hope you enjoy this collection of winning short stories (+Audio)

by @MochaVonBee


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The Choice

What if you lived in the perfect world where every thing was wonderful; the perfect wife and child? What if you then woke up and realised you’ve been living a lie?

Taken from my short story collection: Tales Further Out

A Sister’s Gift

Blurb: Gur is a few weeks away from his initiation into adulthood, and the Paratroopers, which has only heightened his little sister’s anxiety and hostile manner. So Gur takes Krista hiking in in a last effort to resolve his sister’s fears about their changing world, and to offer her the protection of a devoted friend to cover his absence. (Set in 2013)

choose to kill cover

One decision changes everything. Your life, and someone else’s too.

Choose To Kill is a dystopian short story (less than 2,000 words).


An easy, three-minute read, flash-fiction piece with (hopefully) a hard-hitting spiritual and emotional pay-off. The narrator reunites with a lost friend on the side of a lake after a long life of separation. But who is she exactly, and why did it take a lifetime for them to find one another?

Give it a shot. It’s short.


Bibiana, born into Roman nobility, finds herself at the end of the line, execution on charges of being an non-believer in the Roman deities. This is a short story, her death re-imagined in a style that is delicate, yet doesn’t shy away from the brutality of what really happened.

Give it a shot. It’s short.
(warning: does contain mature content, not in poor taste, but it is very sensitive. Please read with caution and with a pure heart.)


Br. Gabriel is an average seminarian struggling to stay awake through his daily hour of prayer to God. An uncanny contemplation leaves him slightly shaken. He touched the divine, but was the interior impact enough to bear fruit in his actions? Can he make the spiritual real?

Give it a shot. It’s Short.


This is a short story about when I was little and my mother and I walked over a mountain.

Wattpad community SYS - Pathogen

Inspired in part by current events on a global scale, Pathogen is a contemporary story about finding companionship in unprecedented times. This epistolary story follows Jana as she tries to navigate living during an outbreak.

Need to lighten up in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic? Join Jana here:

Enjoy my WIP epistolary short story in parts!



The Orphan is about a young and vulnerable teen girl that lived a sheltered life in the late 1800s with an evil aunt that wants her to marry a prominent and abusive older man. She experiences tons of emotions and is forced to complete domestic duties every day in order to have a place to live.



Genre: Short Story/Fiction


Everybody wears a mask. What’s yours?

CHH bigger
Couldn’t Help Himself

Here we have a protagonist grappling with the reality of having survived violation and dehumanization. Here we have a predator who has yet to feel the sting of retribution.
In a day and age where sexual assault continues to happen, this is the one where the rapist gets it, but not in the way one might assume.


Paycheck: Publicity

Being a college student and a freelancer to sustain one’s daily needs isn’t the most stress-free living condition.

After receiving an eviction notice, an artist uses his final hope to create a masterpiece that will be his ticket to stay in his run-down apartment.

Check out this one-shot short story here:

Bare Bones
Bare Bones

"I didn’t know who I was. I never knew my real name, my real parents, and everything else in between. I thought I would be a misfit, a loser, a loner, someone different. Turned out I was really different…

But in the best way possible."

Adopted by a couple named Sydney and Peter who practiced military medicine, Max lives a life he never imagined the moment he stepped inside his new home.

Check out this one-shot drama here:


Title: Fallen from grace
Cover small
Description: Obrey Mills is obsessed with the idea of becoming famous. The problem is she doesn’t have any particular talents.
She is nice to everyone around her. Except when she is online and no one knows how she looks like, there she is ruthless to others.
Obrey finds a plan, on how to make herself a star and she became famous.
But what if she wasn’t so anonymous online? And her real personality could be revealed for all the fans she collected over the years.

Nothing can stop fate


How did it happen? When and how did the situation get that chaotic? Well, I have no idea!
Everything happened too quickly, faster than a wink. I didn’t even have time to realize what was going on before I was stuck like that.
You’re probably wondering what’s going on… Right? Okay, what will happen next is a bit complicated because I, myself, couldn’t understand how we got here but then it happened …
And now, we’re stuck, me and one of the boys I hate the most on the roof of the school and the building below threatens to collapse at any moment. In fact, a poisonous gas has escaped in all parts of the school and the electricity ignites inside. In addition, no help can reach us as a result of all the damage and smoke caused by the fire.
How did we end up here? Well my dear friend, I will say it again: I have no idea!!