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Short Story - General

:closed_book: :green_book: :computer: The place for General Fiction. In addition, any story that doesn’t seem to fit in the other threads, or if your not sure of where to put it, it can go here. This is also a good place for those collections / anthologies that have multiple genres. :open_book: :writingwin: :memo:

Planet OR Plastic- A Journey towards the end of earth.

Dreams of Doemare: Short Story Collection

Celebrating 50+ Shorts!

A collection of stories of different genres perfect for little escapes, mostly readable in under 10 minutes. Now including a contents page with one-sentence summaries for those of you unsure where to begin.

Need a super short story for a micro-break? Or maybe an easy binge? Check out these collections of 50-word stories, Pocket-Sized #1 (complete) and its continuation Pocket-Sized #2!



Wonderwall (n): Someone you find yourself thinking about all the time, someone you’re infatuated with.

Eli’s had more than one wonderwall. In fact, he’s had five, and this is how it happened.

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“This really brings me back to being a kid.” - TheDeadPlace

“Wow, so beautiful I almost cried [heart]” - wallflower_r



Words In Pink

In which a guy declares his feelings for a girl through pink post-it notes.

“i’m so excited to see where the hell this is going” - hvrricvneele

“I love this [hearteyed emoji]” - nienkexx1811xx


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Here’s my short story prequel, Sorcery on Ice. 200 reads and counting.

Before becoming a sorceress, Glen was a teenage girl struggling after her parents’ divorce. Her grandmother, a retired ballet dancer, forces Glen to take upon figure skating to cheer her up. Glen resisted until she meets another skater named Roni and the two become friends. Glen becomes interested in the sport, and soon the two compete against each other. Time and endurance will test their friendship.


I have two other stories so feel free to read them too. :blush:


Just uploaded my first short story:D

My Heart’s Memory**

After a tragic event, Thalia uses “forgetting pills” and a special procedure to get rid of the memories that haunt her. Her choice brings consequences, as she forgets many other details about her life and ends up feeling empty and with more questions as time passes. She’s determined to do better this time around and face her past with strength and resilience, even if the truth hurts.


My stories are all in the LGBT non-explicit category. What makes this one truly unique is that it discusses a lover who loses his partner to AIDS. It is a very sad story but the truths detailed in the writing show you the reality of life for many homosexuals at this time period in America. Before you say you don’t like LGBT books, gives this a read. My writing is very unique and twisted. You will enjoy this!


The Train Over Acheron
Three strangers, sitting in the last car of the train. Going home, back to where they all belong. But who is waiting for them?

Sometimes, the journey is better than the destination.


My first story on this site weaves a new scientific theory about the nature of time with surfing in Hawaii and human relationships. Joe, a Google engineer, has just had a painful breakup and is disillusioned with his work. He decides to clear his head during a vacation by learning to surf and meets an extraordinary trio who help him connect with both a volcanic past and his future potential.

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The universe conspired, I put a little & my mastery … & now what’s next?

This tiny little man landed in my hands and is in front of me filling up with unanswered questions. It troubles me, it divides me, it shocks me in all its versions but … it’s my child! My own child … & whenever I want to “drown” it is like putting a mirror in front of my face and I’m calling “I’m Your Own Copy!”

Silence around now … I have to endure!

I may not be an actor but Lena Ponei and this role was not given to me with a well-written script.

I just go out on the stage & improvise, and if I can with it the scene will look at … Applause of my son or daughter. What do you say;

I’m Soula.

A classic neighborhood dresser. Of those who wear these fancy clothes, dyed and always combed in the penny. I am ashamed now that I say it but I was born with a spontaneity that I often do not come to good for many times. I have a seemingly happy family. The husband struggles with the buildings, I imagine you understand perfectly what that means in a time of crisis. Why did they spend ten years and put on that crisis that does not say to us forgotten. Do not look at me half an eye. I also voted Alexis and I am not ashamed to say it. Besides, who has not taken a suicide in his life in this country, with any vote he has given generously, hoping for the best tomorrow that never dawned for this country. Let me let my chat but let’s go to ours. Come look at me it’s hard to get out of my way.

I have a daughter and a son. The daughter just came out of school and that’s my bum. Reactive to the bone. In her teens we made a huge family patience, it constantly threatened us. "To give Panhellenic to leave this house. You only love your son! You have written me! " The house was our home. Our own home. Where I put it on the balcony in the summers fruit. Where she said her first words. He stalked. Which I sneaked her lullabies … Where … Where …

And the Pan-Hellenic came.
Our girl passed philosophically in Thessaloniki. It’s time she’d live her life away from us. In a foreign town. Her announcement was like a thunderbolt hit me. Of course, I want my child’s progression, which mother is the one who does not want her any more. All the best for our children, right? But I do not know. I was not trying to pass the tightening of my stomach on the first day. Something shouted to me that my little girl did not have to leave our house. “Nonsense,” my husband told me in our evening whispers. Those we are doing behind the door of our room so that they do not listen to our children. But none of those nights did I sleep. I woke up and went to my daughter’s room. A picture is lying down there and a picture of her empty cot later. My son was a good consolation to me but I was not. Sooner or later it would come again when I would live it for the second time with him. He was not slow anyway. At least it was a consolation to sleep in the next room. Every day I got her phone and how much it stopped for seconds my blood flowing in my veins when she did not answer me. I do not know if you understand my concern. My idea was that my child was circulating alone in that huge city.

I could not ignore it. What to excuse? Actor I was born? A simple hairdresser I was. No special education. I kept my teeth tightened until the day she left to show her the least and to live once again her outbursts. He was happy to leave here. I did not want to spoil her momentarily. So I cried out that I shared her joy and locked my anxiety deep inside me. I threw the key. This for a few hours because I just left I ran like a sapwood I found it and I re-opened the worry that I could not interpret.

That day I did not find it on the phone. I thought it would be another day when she did not like to talk to me. That late in the evening she would call me to tell me that everything was good with that native style as she often told me. It was the style I was doing to her. Later I learned what this word means. The evening passed but my Life never took me back. In fact, I did not hear her vocabulary again. Only a small melody sounds in my ears all the hours of the day I think about it. The police have for years sought to resolve that crime. Crime and starring my child? My own child? Robberies told us a little further from her house, which was full of joy when she first came. Her student dream ended with this robbery. They stabbed her. So they told me.



Look up WTpattyB for some fantasy stories. Some are short, others… well, I have no clue when they will end. Please go check it out!

i dont know how to work this, so when I figure it out, I will be back.


The Despair Of A Mother


Gaia, the mother earth goddess cried an ocean as she stared down at her beloved child. She had been in a fit of despair for many moons now, so many she had lost count.

Her finest creation. Her pride and joy. The invention that the heavens had sung lavish praises for.

Even Chaos, her most bitter enemy, had agreed it was a feat.

Now, they had betrayed her.

My entry for The #PlanetOrPlastic competition
Thanks to @Jacklyn_Daniels for the awesome cover!


A Message From Us (A #PlanetOrPlastic Entry!)

I remember the dream I dreamt when I was a little girl. Dreaming of growing up and becoming a singer, the waves and my voice coalescing into one beautiful song. But now, the sound of my dreams are drowned out by trash. The trash I’m forced to call my home.


Read The Orphan


The Orphan is about a young and vulnerable teen girl that lived a sheltered life in the late 1800s with an evil aunt that wants her to marry a prominent and abusive older man. She experiences tons of emotions and is forced to complete domestic duties every day in order to have a place to live.


Am open to read-for-read requests: please message me privately if interested.

Four short stories, please click the pics to read. I am a new writer and would like to hear your criticism and feedback whether in public or private.

The first is a story in an Indian context (and the only one in an Indian context so far).

The story of how an Indian woman discovers herself, from being unquestioning and accepting of the social structures around her, all the way to making her own decisions and standing on her own feet.

And is then presented with a unique dilemma. What will she decide?

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VERY SHORT STORIES is rated # 203 in the Wattpad rankings for WICKED stories! Thanks for your support and keep the comments and feedback coming in!

This is a collection of one-shots - terribly tiny tales as I call them - all under 10 sentences each and most under 5. Please do read and let me know how you like them:

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The third is a very very short tale - less than 100 words - never trust an old lady who calls you over for dinner!

This isn’t in the collection above cos it was the first I ever wrote on wattpad, so sentimentality aside, I also don’t know how to add it into the collection without losing the reads and comments! So alone it stands:

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INDIGNANT INNOCENCE He had proof of his wife’s infidelity and plotted how to leave her. It didn’t quite turn out the way he expected.

A short, one-page story with a twist in the tail that will make you gasp. Feel free to read and comment!

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I want to share my collection book, Tiny Bites: A Collection Of Drabbles, Poems, and Two Sentence Stories. This is full of micro-fiction (or flash fiction) so anyone can read this and finish it in one sitting. Tell me how you feel about and if you like it, share and follow me.


This is a collection full of drabbles, poems, and two sentences stories I’ve written over the years. All of them are from my blog and other websites.


I would like to present a short story I have been working on for environment recognition - the sea is flooding with plastic, and we must raise awareness. Please read and help raise attention towards environmental damage. We can put an end to rubbish in the sea, you can make a difference.

Check out here -

Jelly Bag
Entered for #PlanetOrPlastic National Geo Graphics Competition.

Something is different about the stretch of the ocean. Dots of plastic soon start to fall down to the seabed.

One little fishy starts to quickly get effected by the dangerous dots of plastic. But of all, a strange Jellyfish with no tentacles - appears floating…

Things don’t seem to be safe anymore for the fish of the sea.




“You were just eye-raping me now, you know?”

“So what?” I wasn’t going to hide it.

“That wouldn’t be good for you, babe. I’d ruin your life forever,” he seriously said as a shadow covered his face.

“How would you do that?” I said getting my face closer to his. His scent was kind of sweet, but so manly and strong that shivers ran down my spine. He was too tempting.

“I’m not the one you want, girl. I’ll break you.”

“I’m already broken.”

“Not yet.”

“Try me.” I had never done that before in my life. But I was upset, and he was hot.

Explicit sex scene and strong language. Read at your own risk.