Short Story - General


Short Story - General

:closed_book: :green_book: :computer: The place for General Fiction. In addition, any story that doesn’t seem to fit in the other threads, or if your not sure of where to put it, it can go here. This is also a good place for those collections / anthologies that have multiple genres. :open_book: :writingwin: :memo:


Thin Walls

The walls between dreams and reality are often thin. Emotions, events, and epiphanies often bleed through the cracks, finding their way into dormant minds.

Two girls, figments of a dormant mind, find themselves companions on a convoluted journey. They are mysteries to one another, unconsciously linked in unrevealed ways, they are the messengers sent to a sleeper.

Sent through thin walls.

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Synopsis: A girl remembers her past during a visit to the grave of the person who shaped her life.
Warning: This story contains mature themes including, drug addiction, and implied sexual abuse.



Words In Pink

In which a guy declares his feelings for a girl through pink post-it notes.

“i’m so excited to see where the hell this is going” - hvrricvneele

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Wonderwall (n): Someone you find yourself thinking about all the time, someone you’re infatuated with.

Eli’s had more than one wonderwall. In fact, he’s had five, and this is how it happened.

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"This really brings me back to being a kid." - TheDeadPlace

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Julie’s life wasn’t perfect , for as long as she remembers, she and her father were always on the move. When they finally decide to settle in one place, secrets from her father’s past walked into her life.

Her mother.

She now has to come to terms with what her life was like and what it could be .

Will she accept the new life she is given of will she leave and start her own.

She becomes friends with a guy named Marcus,who seems to have a few secrets of his own.124794077-176-k546736



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The Permian Extinction event, beginning approximately two-hundred-and-fifty million years ago and responsible for a global special loss bordering on total, is aptly referred to today as the “Great Dying”. It comes as some surprise to up-and-coming star of the Anthropology world, Every Daniels, that it is he who is tasked with digging a bit deeper.

Installments One and Two:


The Train Over Acheron
“Who do you think will be waiting for you?”

Besides them, the last car of the train is empty. Three strangers. All going home. It can be easier to talk to someone when you know you’ll never see them again.

But who will be waiting for them at the end of the line?

Sometimes the journey is better than the destination.




The Orphan is about a young and vulnerable teen girl that lived a sheltered life in the late 1800s with an evil aunt that wants her to marry a prominent and abusive older man. She experiences tons of emotions and is forced to complete domestic duties every day in order to have a place to live.





Am open to read-for-read requests: please message me privately if interested.

Four short stories, please click the pics to read. I am a new writer and would like to hear your criticism and feedback whether in public or private.

The first is a story in an Indian context (and the only one in an Indian context so far).

The story of how an Indian woman discovers herself, from being unquestioning and accepting of the social structures around her, all the way to making her own decisions and standing on her own feet.

And is then presented with a unique dilemma. What will she decide?

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VERY SHORT STORIES is rated # 203 in the Wattpad rankings for WICKED stories! Thanks for your support and keep the comments and feedback coming in!

This is a collection of one-shots - terribly tiny tales as I call them - all under 10 sentences each and most under 5. Please do read and let me know how you like them:

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The third is a very very short tale - less than 100 words - never trust an old lady who calls you over for dinner!

This isn’t in the collection above cos it was the first I ever wrote on wattpad, so sentimentality aside, I also don’t know how to add it into the collection without losing the reads and comments! So alone it stands:

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INDIGNANT INNOCENCE He had proof of his wife’s infidelity and plotted how to leave her. It didn’t quite turn out the way he expected.

A short, one-page story with a twist in the tail that will make you gasp. Feel free to read and comment!

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Dreams of Doemare: Short Story Collection

Celebrating 50+ Shorts!

A collection of stories of different genres perfect for little escapes, mostly readable in under 10 minutes. Now including a contents page with one-sentence summaries for those of you unsure where to begin.

Need a super short story for a micro-break? Or maybe an easy binge? Check out these collections of 50-word stories, Pocket-Sized #1 (complete) and its continuation Pocket-Sized #2!


THE GUY SHE LEFT BEHIND was the nightmare of her dreams.
THE GUY SHE LEFT BEHIND was probably not worth her time and energy.
THE GUY SHE LEFT BEHIND knew nothing about what was true beauty.

dedicated to: judgemental people
inspired by: 18 things wrong with Sarah

c o m p l e t e d | can be read in one sitting


THE VEIL.#PlanetOrPlastic
A youth stumbles across a veil.

It won’t allow me to include a link, so please go to my profile and check it out? It’s my first work on Wattpad in a while (I moved accounts.)


Music to Watch Boys and Girls To

“Oh, why must you be a lie, my love?”

Saisse Remy is a heartbreaker. Her love is fraudulent, and the anguish she causes is the reality. Boys and girls alike dream of her feathery touch and cherry painted lips, enamored by her bronzed skin and loving brown eyes. Caught up in the web of lies she’s spun. So, what happens when the victims of her perjury conspire against her, and she’s the one who becomes entangled in a series of falsehoods?

Wattpad wouldn’t let me use a link or an image, but this story is on my page.


Broken Layers

Time is running out. Trapped in your mind your insanity shows. Trying to break from your mind, you search in the depths of your unconscious. Time is running out and so is your time alive.


Death of a Butterfly

Two young best friends have a meadow where they can escape from their worries. However, as time goes by, they begin to have questions about the world, others, and themselves. As the two face pain and strife, they realize that not even the place that they find to be a paradise can save them from all of the problems that they face.

(as I can not post the link to the story itself, please go to my profile if you are interested in reading it!)