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When Tully disappears on the night of the full moon, Kit hears his voice calling her name and has visions of him dying. But where is he? Time is running out and if Kit can’t find him, she won’t be able to save him.

Perfect for fans of Stranger Things, this short story has a Tumblr vibe and is set in Ireland in the 1990s.

Meet Camelia, the metro murderess :upside_down_face:

Then there’s the bubble man, a mysterious figure slinging soap bubbles in Paris…

I’m creating some Halloween stories for everyday of October. Now if I miss a day, bare with me. I’ll catch it up. The stories will be SHORT stories.

Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

Her Bleeding Heart

Woman’s obsession with her ex-boyfriend leads to extreme behaviors. This is a short story told through the eyes of a sociopath. This is not a love story. It isn’t even a revenge tale. This is about rejection and the total inability to accept it. You can run, but never far enough.


What’s Done in the Dark: Read it Here

What’s done in the dark will come to light …

Those words are engraved on the door and offer the only clue as to why I’m trapped in this windowless room with … a chair. The old dining chair and the overwhelming sense of someone watching begins my unsettling journey to discover who’s responsible and why. Will revealing who’s behind my imprisonment be the key to my freedom?

*A short story with an ending that will stay with you long after reading.

Tags: horror, psychological, suspense, thriller, short story

Read it here:'s-done-in-the-dark

Tales from the Northern Road


Elliot Dauterieve is on a mission. His thoughts are consumed by an overwhelming desire to murder the red-haired woman from his childhood nightmares. He tracks the woman to a luxurious home outside of Boston. The nightmares that plagued his youth will finally come to an end, whereas for the woman, her nightmare is just beginning.

Rated Mature
Read This Story Here:Homecoming

Living Monsters

genre- mystery, slow burn scares, trope deconstruction

short story, completed

synopsis- A legally separated couple faces monsters, dead and alive.

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Title: Rough Times
Description: For a century in a city called Untai, a wizard protected the living against the dead zombies, but one day something changes and the city turns upside down, and it’s up to three people to figure out what happened

  • Written for WattZombie - Magic Madness Prompt Contests

I am putting together two spine-tingling collections this month:

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A collection of short stories about the terrifying and downright bone-chilling. If you’re not wearing pants, I suggest you put them on and prepare to have them scared off of you.

New stories will be released weekly-it’s spooky season, baby!

What mischief has he for me?
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Rabbit: Who is the serial killer in Brisbane?
From Violet Laid Bare (book of short stories)
Violet Laid Bare by LesleighHart8

Schizoid Nightmares: Anthology I
The first anthology of absurd dystopian short stories from a schizoid man.