Short Story - Horror / Mystery / Thriller




:female_detective: :mag: Suspense is the essence here. :mag_right: :male_detective: with a side of creepy :hourglass: :zombie: :skull: :woman_zombie: :clown_face:
Cassandra finds herself awake in her room. A cold breeze runs across her neck. She jolts up, terrified. She had closed and locked her windows and doors before going to bed. She hears a footstep, then another. She is not alone.


Layna cherishes her father Louis immensely and does everything she can to take care of him when he falls deathly ill. As one of the top forensic scientists in the world, she lives by two principals: Truth and Love, and helps families find closure in unsolved cases. But a shocking revelation about her father’s wicked identity faces Layna with a grave dilemma, a decision that will alter her life forever. Will she be able to make the right choice?

Title : Day One
Status : Completed (1 chapter)
Genre : Horror short story
Link :
Description : Entry for β€œβ€¦ And Then There Were Zombies!” contest (January 2020).



A collection of short stories.

In the heart of Wyoming lay the picturesque town of Sugarhills. A small town with a rich history. As the residents prepare for the annual fall fest, a sinister force awakens. Taken from it’s resting place, a small box from 1693 brings together the mostly unlikely of pairs.


A strange encounter between me and the girl who sits at the corner day in day out without anybody taking notice of her leaves me baffled. Yet, after talking to her, I suddenly feel hope again … a feeling I had forgotten a long time ago.

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