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Horror / Mystery / Thriller

:female_detective: :mag: Suspense is the essence here. :mag_right: :male_detective: with a side of creepy :hourglass: :zombie: :skull: :woman_zombie: :clown_face:

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The wooden board was dilapidated and weathered, with scratch marks from branches scraping across it. But the words were as clear as if they’d been painted yesterday. Oh god no. No. No. No. She couldn’t be here. There couldn’t be one here. She felt the blood run cold under her skin and her numb fingers clutched the phone tighter. Her eyes remained glued to the board, tracing the letters as if they would change. “Ma’am?” the word filtered down the phone with a touch of concern.

“It’s a Children at Play sign.”

Would you be happy if your boss demanded you drive to his house in the middle of nowhere because he forgot some documents? No? Well neither is Cora Jenkins. Things go from bad to worse when Cora’s faithful car breaks down. But little does Cora know, she’s about to be in for the night of her life.



A short story about Lieselotte, her travelling companion, and the poison she carried with her.

“The mystery you put in it is in perfect measure, between revealing so less to revealing enough hints. This one, you already knew, the poetic writing you used in the prompt sort of added the intensity of the tragedy.”
-Hypergalactic Atom Reaction [hypergalactic]

“You kept up the mystery well. It was very easy to get into the story. Your character flowed out well - it always does if I’m honest. The formatting sort of enhanced the story. I’m not sure how but it did. Good job!”
-Veronica Hawkins [veronica-h]

The Sea of Trees:


A Final Adieu
Amidst the blood, you find a letter. You pick it up and read it.

A postcard story.


The Lost & The Fallen by Shenie Gul

A group of friends mysteriously wash up on an unknown island. However, they encounter something that changes everything. What will happen? Who and how will they survive?



Francis Trowel had everything he needed to be a private eye: the dingy office, the efficient if not pretty private secretary, a gun (neatly tucked in a drawer), and even a bottle of bourbon (filled with iced tea). The only thing he didn’t have were exciting cases. So when the elderly Mrs. Wentworth entered his office the only thing Francis wondered was what kind of pet she’d lost. But after a murder, multiple frame ups, and a cop who had it out for him, Francis realized the Wentworth case was anything but routine. There was only one problem, his first real case just might end up being his last.


The Hooded Man:

For Carmen and Jennifer, it just seemed like another ordinary day, until a mysterious man in a hood lead them into something they never expected…

If you are looking for a short story filled with lots of action, suspense and interesting plot twists, you’re at the right place!

I am still new to wattpad and am struggling to get more readers. Honest feedback would be greatly appreciated!



Title: Into the dark

At night a girl finds herself wandering in the dark. She has been partying a lot, maybe too much, and is now on the run. But little does she know that the beast will always hunt and find her.


I forgot my floaties by accident, sorry mommy

It’s Rosa’s 8th birthday at the beach and she decides to go swimming.

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