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Horror / Mystery / Thriller

:female_detective: :mag: Suspense is the essence here. :mag_right: :male_detective: with a side of creepy :hourglass: :zombie: :skull: :woman_zombie: :clown_face:



The chairperson of the humanities division at Winston University has disappeared, and a replacement must be appointed. Professor Michael Tremaine wants the job, and he’s the top candidate, but he doesn’t realize until it’s too late that he’s in competition with a colleague who is deadly serious.



2018 Watty’s Longlist Novel. On Evuull, the moon of Secratarion are the Emillians, a group that define themselves as rich, intelligent, and higher class people who believe they are worthy to control the world. Red is determined to change that; perhaps not for the most morally positive reasons, but wars are rarely won by optimism and friendly gestures.

The Asylum Boys are a strange mixture of criminally inclined young men with wealth, power, and the Mother of Evuull herself, to back them up. But as they hunt down a violent fire magicker, known as the Red Plague, a psychopath who appears to be destroying the lives of innocents, the secrets of the Asylum Boys begin to unravel, all of which start with a mysterious new Asylum Boy called Red.

Red follows the story of multiple teenagers who have taken it upon themselves to rewrite history. From a pair of assassins who trained to kill and are addicted to pain, a thief and con-artist who worshipped Greed himself, a gentle boy surrounded by silence with the power to destroy human and alien life as they know it, to a paper doll more fragile than glass but with the power and conviction to tear down an entire empire. You know the story of the heroes. Now it’s the villains’ turn.

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Jingle Hell,
Jingle Hell,
Jingle all the way.
Oh what fun,
It is to hide;
To slaughter and to slay…

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Excited to relax after a stressful year of school, Jingle enters the Christmas holidays happy and carefree, determined to enjoy herself.

Yet fate has other plans.

A mysterious Mass-Murderer known only as ‘The Christmas Killer’ is targeting her town, terrifying the neighbourhood. At night, Jingle has dreams in which she witnesses the murders and is horrified to discover in the morning that her dreams are true. Paranoid that people will accuse her of being the Murderer and unwilling to trust those close to her, she confides her fears about the Christmas Killer and her suspicions regarding their identity in her diary.

Digging deeper into the mystery, Jingle realises that the Christmas Killer may be closer than she initially thought.



A Thriller + Romance

Icarus, a highschool student, decides life isn’t worth living anymore. As he gets ready to jump off a bridge, a memory finds its way into his brain. It hints to him a great mystery, giving him an inkling of a life he never had, which he decides to unravel. “I’ll uncover it, then I’ll disappear”
I’m The One To Blame : A Short Story Is a story I decided to write based off of real life experiences with school, society, and life. It has an aspect of horror and mystery to it, as well as a small dose of romance which I think the average reader will enjoy.
10 Chapters
1 Story
A World Of Thoughts & Mysteries


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