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Horror / Mystery / Thriller

:female_detective: :mag: Suspense is the essence here. :mag_right: :male_detective: with a side of creepy :hourglass: :zombie: :skull: :woman_zombie: :clown_face:



Gothic / Short: An unusually warm late-autumn dusk, two teens having a meeting in a deserted cemetery turned playground.

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The bloody monster walked down the corridor. The prison officials and a priest were escorting. White walls and closed doors. Terrifying silence in the death house.

One step closer. Tick, tick, tick.

The warden and the doctor were already in the execution chamber. A little audience was anxiously waiting too. Tension and hatred were evident. It was time.

When the leather straps were tightly tied and the bed was in vertical position the warden spoke, “Do you have any final words?”

A creepy smile appeared on the prisoner’s face. “I wish I had more time to keep making art.”

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Tea Leaves

Elsie Harrison sees a vision of a future she must prevent. The tea leaves have never been wrong before and Elsie has no reason to doubt them this time. Doing everything she can think of, she tests the future’s obduracy and attempts to bend it’s path, hoping that some small nudges will be enough. As usual, her husband Ethan is sceptical and unbelieving… even when it is his life that is on the line.

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

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Short tales of horror from my twisted imagination. Includes previously written contest entries and poems.

Rated Everyone
Read these short stories here:Risen

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Title: The Coin Collector
Genre: Short Story - Horror
Description: “Just so we’re clear,” said Devon. He crossed his arms to make his biceps bulge. “How much did Parker owe you?”

The man tilted his chin up - an action that made him seem more eager - and said, “Fifty thousand.”

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Una gasolinera aislada y perdida en la noche. Una pareja despreocupada. Alguien al acecho en la oscuridad. Un relato de David Méndez.
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