Short Story or Novel?


I’m writing a story (duh) but I can’t figure out if I want to write it as a series of Short Stories or as a Mid-Length novel. Each short story (I have 3) are around 9,000 words unedited. I am kind of having fun writing them as short stories so my question is: Should I keep them going as short stories and might never end them, or do a single longer novel that ultimately ends.

What are your thoughts on this and also on Short Stories Vs. Novels?


I say do whatever you’re passionate about. You seem to enjoy writing short stories, so maybe stick with that. If you want to try something new and write a novel, go for it. But make sure what you choose to do is something you truly want to do, because when you write, you commit and that drives your motivation. Which would you put more effort into and which do you actually want to do for yourself? I’d say choose what you feel is right. Heck, if you want, try both! Just remember to have fun while doing it.


I think it’s up to you. Either way, I think stories should have definitive endings. I’m not saying GO MAKE ENDING NOW because if you have more to add to the story, go for it. But I think there should be endings or at least endings to different plots you have made. (I’m assuming what you’re saying is that you are writing stories kinda like typical a TV show and they have no specific end in sight nor one set plot line, ex. This is Us, Adventure Time, etc. or maybe something like comic books.) If this is what’s being done, I say to make sure to have endings set out for different plots. You could also make a volume/one book of a series of related short stories or separate them out. It’s what ever you want to do, really.

I hope I’m making sense :sweat_smile:


I think the idea of a lot of short stories actually sounds really cool and interesting. I’ve personally never read a story like that, but sometimes when I read and even write novels I find I’m writing pointless things that don’t need to be a part of the story. Maybe when writing multiple short stories you can only include the interesting and important parts. But like your other two responses, its ultimately up to you and what you prefer. This is just my opinion :slight_smile:


First: finish them. Find out yourself what the attractive parts are. If it’s mainly “plot” and the character is less important: it’s probably a short story. If the story is about the character(s), than you might have an opening to make a novel out of it (but you’ll have to work on a better plot, though).

And also: I read a book by John Scalzi that told a novel-story with a collection of short stories. Like story 1 tells how a proud queen gets rid of a competitor, story 2 is about a hunter who has to kill an innocent girl and gets problems with his conscience, story 3 is about a miner who finds a woman in his house and decides to hire her as a maid, story 4 is about a prince who turns a corpse into a zombie by kissing her… Snow White is there, in every short story, but together they make a novel. How’s that for an idea?