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:world_map: Any non-English story that does not have it’s own Language SYS may post here. New single non-English language SYS threads will be made as needed. :globe_with_meridians:


Lune de miel au pays des morts


This is my first short story collection. It’s all in French, so you can read some nice authentic language, but I’ll gladly provide translations on request. The book is about a couple’s road trip in western US. All the stories end well, except when they don’t… I’ll publish a new chapter every 100 views.

Voici mon premier recueil de nouvelles. Le fil conducteur est un voyage de noces dans l’ouest des États-Unis. Les histoires se terminent bien, mais pas toujours. Je publierai un nouveau chapitre toutes les 100 vues.

  1. Roissy - Charles de Gaulle
  2. Temple Square
  3. Old Faithful
  4. Yellowstone (PUBLISHED !)
  5. Hayden Valley
  6. Ice Lake
  7. 191 South
  8. Sunflower Hill, Moab, UT
  9. Monument Valley
  10. Lake Powell
  11. Valley of Fire
  12. Vegas

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